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Kedron water levels make big comeback

Lake Kedron in Peachtree City is full, thanks to recent rains, and the water level at Lake Horton in south Fayette County also is making a comeback.

Lake Horton was down as much as 16 feet, but much of that deficit has been erased by rains and the ability to pump more water from the adjacent Flint River, said Water System Director Tony Parrott. Lake Horton as of Monday stood 2.3 feet short of full pool.

“We anticipate it coming up some more,” Parrott said. “We’re excited. We started off the season last year six feet low, and right now we’re better than that. We’ve got a chance of filling it up.”

Although from the naked eye, Lake Horton appears to be full, that is an illusion because grass has grown along the edge of the lake where the water used to be when it was last at full levels.

Along with Lake Kedron, the county’s newest reservoir, Lake McIntosh, is also full. Straddling Line Creek and the Fayette-Coweta county line, Lake McIntosh opened last fall. The lake’s recreation area is expected to be open in roughly 60 days as the landscaping contractor finishes up the project, Parrott said.

The site will feature a playground, a gazebo, two walking trails, a picnic pavilion, docks and parking for boat trailers. It also will feature a gate at the entrance so the park can be closed from dusk until dawn.

The plan is similar to the recreation amenities at Lake Horton, the county reservoir in south Fayette County.

Lake McIntosh was supposed to be the county’s first reservoir back in the 1970s, but regulatory hurdles and other issues put it on the back burner as Lake Kedron and Lake Horton were built instead.


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