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Neighbor saves sleeping family from PTC fire

A quick-acting neighbor helped rescue a slumbering Peachtree City family from their Lanyard Bend home after a fire broke out in their garage just after midnight, fire officials said.

An in-depth story about the neighbor is here.

The good samaritan had to enter the home to wake up the family so they could escape to safety, fire officials said.

Homeowner Chris Baker said he was incredibly thankful for the neighbor’s intervention, which saved the lives of his wife and three children: 3, 4 and 16 years old. Baker recalled hearing a loud banging noise outside, and then hearing a voice inside his home, which startled him awake.

As fire crews arrived to put out the fire, neighbors came by to offer whatever help for the family. A police officer provided the family socks to help keep them warm. The fire department brought by child car seats provided by the Fayette County Safe Kids Coalition, as the family’s minivan was destroyed in the blaze.

The fire, which started in the garage area, was mostly contained in that area largely due to the way it was constructed, said Peachtree City Assistant Fire Chief Joe O’Conor. The first 911 call was reported shortly before 12:15 a.m., he said.

The home’s smoke detector didn’t work because it was powered by electricity and the fire shorted out power to the house, O’Conor said. But the sheetrock and the garage door construction helped limit the flames mostly to the garage, though some spread to the attic, he added.

Baker said he has been overwhelmed by the support of not just the fire department and police, but also from his neighbors. It’s that spirit of “coming together” that makes Peachtree City great, he said.

A family friend is coordinating the donation of personal items and household belongings. Anyone wishing to contribute should send an email to



I'm so glad no one was harmed. Great job by the neighbor.

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