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Assisted living facility pitched for east PTC

A 52-unit assisted living facility is being proposed for a 4.7-acre lot off Walt Banks Road and Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City at the Lexington Circle commercial development.

That’s the area just east of McIntosh High School and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Because such a development is considered a multifamily project under the city’s zoning ordinance, the city council has been asked to lift the city’s moratorium on multi-family housing.

The moratorium forbids city staff from working on the proposal, but if the moratorium is lifted, staff could get more information from developer The LaSalle Group of Duluth. Once prepared by city development staff, the project could then advance for consideration by the planning commission and ultimately the city council for a final vote.

Although the request is on the agenda for Thursday night’s city council meeting, the vote will be postponed to a later date due to a problem with the on-site sign advertising the moratorium, according to city staff. Such a problem would not likely forbid council from discussing the matter, however.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.

The multi-family zoning moratorium was designed in part to prevent city staff from being overloaded with requests for multifamily rezonings.

The site is directly off Walt Banks Road and LaSalle is asking for a second driveway to be added on Walt Banks to accommodate traffic flow on the parcel in addition to the existing entry from Lexington Circle.

LaSalle regional director Ilde Robles said the facility would house up to 52 senior adult residents in a one-story building of approximately 34,000 square feet.

LaSalle expects to have around 30 employees once the community is up and running, according to Robles.

Lexington Circle is zoned for limited use commercial and while assisted living is allowed per the development agreement for the property, it is not listed as a permitted use in the zoning district.


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