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PTC Rec makes best of budget cuts

With about $1 million in recreation cuts since 2009, Peachtree City has had to do more with less.

The recreation department’s maintenance crews is down from 16 to eight people. And key maintenance projects have been deferred and will have to be addressed in the coming year, Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo told the City Council last week at its annual retreat.

The good news is that the department is using its in-house capabilities to do more than before, such as the interior re-painting of the entire Gathering Place, Gaddo said. Just that one effort saved $4,000.

Under the deferred maintenance topic, the city has needed to replace the fencing at the Kedron pools at a cost of $25,000, but this year that project was delayed again and repairs were done in-house.

The city is also facing a significant bill to repair damage done by winter storms to the city’s various tennis courts. The city has 12 such courts and it costs $2,500 each for the necessary repairs.

Also, the city’s premier play facility, the All Children’s Playground, is in need of repairs to its special rubberized surface, Gaddo said. That will cost an estimated $50,000, and the city’s other playgrounds need attention too as they have not been upgraded in recent years as the city had become accustomed to doing in the past.

The city is also needing to replace the irrigation equipment at the Baseball and Soccer Complex, as the existing equipment is so outdated it’s becoming hard to find parts, Gaddo said.

Also at the sports fields around town, a significant cost is looming as Coca-Cola is ending its scoreboard program. That leaves the city having to foot the bill to have them repaired or replaced, at a cost of $3,500 each.

The city is currently using some 30 such scoreboards, half of which are 15 years old or older, Gaddo said.

In a bid to reduce maintenance problems with water fountains, the city is looking at purchasing newer models that don’t clog up, but the catch is they cost about $2,500 each, Gaddo said.

The department also has turned to volunteers more to host special events, whereas in previous years the staffing was sufficient to cover them, Gaddo said. The department hosts more than 15 such special events throughout the year, the largest being the city’s annual July 4 celebration.

The department already uses a host of volunteers at the city library, and those helpers have been crucial in keeping the day to day operations going, Gaddo said.



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Something simply doesn't add up. The following comes off the 2011 Approved Budget for Leisure Services:

$4,382,659 2009 (Actual)
$4,256,151 2010 (Amended)
$4,135,486 2010 (Estimated)
$4,058,709 2011 (Adopted)

"With about $1 million in recreation cuts since 2009, Peachtree City has had to do more with less." Now did this quote come directly from a city official, or was it a guess by someone?

Granted $323,950 is a princely sum, but I wouldn't characterize it as "about $1 million". Perhaps the mayor would chime in since he claims to be an expert in all things Peachtree City.

Don Haddix's picture

You need to talk to Randy Gaddo. These were his numbers.

The only comment I will make here is you need to begin your math with 2008, not 2009, since 09 would reflect cuts from 2008 levels.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Is this the way a CEO responds to a budget issue? Shifting blame/responsibility to another employee.

Mr. Mayor, why don't you stand up for a budget you voted on? You voted to spend this money on this department.

I seriously question your ability to manage people or a budget. I'd wager you never managed a budget other than your own personal life if this is the way you respond to a simply querry.

Mike King's picture

...the article says 2009. Further, the numbers are extracted from YOUR budget on the PTC website. Do you not remember approving them?

Now is this "about a $1 Million" a wild guess (my original question), or are you now saying Randy Gaddo submitted false numbers?

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I doubt our Mayor likes him too much since he didn't consult The Don and Council before denying the gun show request at the Kedron Fieldhouse and The Don made a point of mentioning that here.

Whether one agrees/disagrees with Gaddo's decision on the gun show, I know him personally and he'd be a helluva lot better Mayor than what we are stuck with right now. The man's character is unimpeachable, he's intelligent and very experienced, and he knows how to achieve results and work well with others to do so. He's also the one person in PTC who had the guts to blow-up the giant Public Works(not his dept at the time) scandal years ago where a bunch of employees were running their own little empire of corruption while the PW Director/now ex-Asst City Manager Colin Halterman was taking a nap somewhere for years while it happened right under his nose.

Gaddo is a solid person and PTC is fortunate to have him. Unfortunately, he's also in charge of areas that have been getting cut out of necessity and probably will in the future. He's had everything from the Library to Public Works to the stupid Tourism Bureau of Steve Brown dumped on him since starting with the city and doesn't complain about anything and just focuses on whatever he has to do to get results.

Getting all upset at govt employees of any kind is trendy these days, but Gaddo is one where the citizens receive more in value than what they pay him. If every local or federal govt worker was like Gaddo, no one would be griping.

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I agree 100% on your assesment of Gaddo, but must admit that I do not know of his relationship with the mayor.

Reality is that governments at all levels are going to make do with less and less, and exclamations of "about $1 million" are nothing more than headlines designed to create the atmosphere for more funding or less service at current levels. The fact is that since the city's growth since 2008 has remained stagnant other departments have grown (police and fire) leaving behind the one department that most accurately attracts new residents and businesses.

Don't get me wrong for there is a need for law enforcement and fire protection, but they keep growing beyond what I consider an appropriate level for this town (A major difference of opinion between the mayor and myself).

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Sacred cows. Any time someone brings up the crazy idea of keeping their costs in line with everything else in a local government's budget anywhere in this country, mass hysteria, especially from Fire Dept personnel who are a big drain on the budget.

One big problem I had with Gov. Walker's plan in Wisconsin was crying about what a big budget crisis the state has and yet he totally exempts Public Safety personnel from anything that he wanted from the other unions/personnel. That's in no way a shared sacrifice across the board and is also pure populism when he had a chance to reign in the biggest problem on the pension issue.

I have nothing but total respect for Public Safety personnel, but the model we are used to in government is broken in terms of their compensation, needs, and pensions.

Supposedly the GOP has included 'sacred cows' in their budget proposal. (Medicare ,Social Security, Medicaide etc.). There are millions of Americans who benefit from these entitlements. I wish we had a chance to study this proposal before the media pundits instruct us how to react to it. Interesting.

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The million was Randy Gaddo's number and statement. When your talking actual numbers that made the final Budget those are different from the City Manager's Proposed Budget and even the numbers that didn't make the Proposed Budget. So you have to ask him exactly what numbers he is including because he didn't present that kind of detail at the Retreat.

Saying cuts in 2009 means cuts from the prior year spending. So you have to post the 2008 numbers and look at the changes thereafter in 2009-2011. Not a baseline of 2009 then minus 10 and 11.

Just looking at final Budgets is not going to give you the full picture.

Nothing more to add here. You need to ask Gaddo which numbers he was referring to, not your assumptions.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

"Just looking at final Budgets is not going to give you the full picture." Don, again, the figures I gave came from YOUR approved 2011 approved budget. Are you saying they are incorrect? The numbers are there for all to see, that's why you make them public. The "top lines" don't lie, it's the allocation of the total pie that's worrysome.

Do yourself a favor and ask Councilman Imker to explain the process for you again for he seems to have a handle on it.

Welcome back...
Sorry for the delay.

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Do your best, it will be enough.


Mayor Haddix
PTC Rec Dept may already know this, but maybe its time to call Pepsi about replacing the scoreboards. Below is Pepsi's scoreboard supplier.

Possibly when Coke finds out, they won't be too happy.

REC should be able to find a sponsor OR sell sponsorships to 15 local companies who do business in PTC on a sign by sign basis.

Feel free to pass this along to Randy.


fund what makes PTC a great place to live: Recreation, cart paths, and education. Chief Haddix, how about working up a SPLOST for cart paths and rec facilities?

Swift Death to Falling Apart-Rec Facilities and Bumpy Cart Paths!

Go Braves!

Hey! I have an idea where we can save a ton of money! CUT THE POLICE FORCE! Has any of you looked at all the cop cars laying around behind the station on 54? This town has twice the police of any other city its size. They are hassling everyone, for absolutely nothing!

the station on 54...surely you mean the parking lot at The Fresh Market? Those aren't police cars, they're shoppers. I think you need to just keep movin on.

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