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Metzger preaches at Youth Day

Thomas Stearnes Fretwell Metzger, 14, recently was the guest preacher during Youth Day at The Cathedral of Christ the King in Sharpsburg. Metzger, of Peachtree City, will be 15 years old on May 4.

Thomas began public school in New York where he skipped first grade after the first 6 weeks. By third grade it had become too big a challenge to stay ahead of him academically and he was quite bored in school. He has been home schooled since that time.

By age 6, Thomas had read books by almost every prominent paleontologist known. He was able to articulate dinosaur names, their periods of existence, their strengths and challenges and what part of the world they had lived in. It was only in the recent years that he has come to be involved with The Institute for Creation Research which is a group of scientists proving that creation happened exactly as the Bible says it did.

Thomas sings with the Joyful Praise Home School Choir and is planning to attend Youth Cue along with some other members of the ensemble from the Joyful Praise Choir in July. He attended Youth Cue last year also, in Tennessee. Youth Cue does mission work for the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home and then brings together a 250 member choir from all across the country.

Thomas was named as 2009’s “Boy Bishop” in the Diocese of the Mid-South Diocese by Bishop David Epps and preached on St. Nicholas Sunday two years ago at Christ the King.

At Christ the King, he serves as an acolyte and as a member of the church’s prayer team and is involved in youth ministry. Metzger says he doesn’t know what the future holds but trusts God to lead him. His interests are psychology and ministry.


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