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Fayette Commission to vote on West F'ville Bypass projects

The Fayette County Commission will vote Wednesday afternoon on three bid awards for work on the first phase of the west Fayetteville bypass.

A bid for $624,529 is expected to be awarded to American Contractors, Inc. for installation of a traffic signal where the bypass crosses Ga. Highway 54.

Also on tap are a $112,421 bid for storm drain installation to Southern Crescent Site Development and a $92,645 bid for concrete work, including curb and gutter installation.

The bid recommendations are on the agenda for the county’s workshop meeting Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Normally the commission doesn’t vote on items discussed in the workshop meetings but an exception is being made this month because the commission is canceling its first regular meeting of the month, which would have occurred Thursday night.

The meeting will take place in the commission’s conference room and will be open to the public.

The first phase of the bypass, when completed, will stretch from Huiet Road to Sandy Creek Road. Once all three phases are complete the bypass will stretch from Ga. Highway 85 south at Harp Road to Ga. Highway 92 north at Westbridge Road.



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The Bypass will be named after them.

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Just in case the voters in Fayette County don't know, our Commissioners Bypass to Nowhere doesn't stop at Westbridge Road. What the Commissioners have failed to speak about in a PUBLIC FORUM is they intend to make Lee's Mill Rd. 3 lanes from the Bypass to Hwy. 92. New Hope Rd. will become 3 lanes to Kenwood Rd. and then portions of Kenwood Rd. will become 3 lanes to State Hwy. 85. And, those extensions of the West Fayetteville Bypass will be called Lee's Mill Operational Corridor, New Hope Opertational Corridor and Kenwood Operational Corridor. So, all you folks who have homes along those roads get ready for our County Right of Way Agent to contact you with a deal to purchase some of your property. To be more exact, they will want a goodly portion of your front yard. Hold out folks. Talk to a lawyer. You can do better.

Better yet, if anyone with a home or property on those three sections of roads wants to know exactly what is going on, attend the April 13th West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition meeting at 7 pm at the Hopeful Community Center.

In the County's latest transportation plan (Fayette Forward) those three sections of road have been listed as part of the connection of the West Fayetteville Bypass. That's how our County officials work. They have split up the Bypass into sections to try and avoid Federal Permits. They try to make the road look as if it will have less environmental impact by splitting it into smaller sections. I've got news for them. Folks in Fayette County are smarter than that. If it quacks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK. However, in this case, it is a SNAKE. Yep, if you see a road touted to be a Bypass and it doesn't go anywhere, you had better start looking for the rest of the road. This snake winds its' way through peaceful country dirt roads, beautiful homes, property and pastures. It slithers its' way through cool pristine forests that provide homes for wildlife. And, all the while, our Commissioners and their Atlanta Regional Commission consulting cronies stand in front of the public and absolutely declare they only want to preserve and maintain Fayette's Rural Character. Be ashamed Fayette County Commissioners. Be ashamed Fayette Forward consulting firm. Be ashamed for the lies and deceit. BE ASHAMED!

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