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Software soldiers pay in blood for foreign adventures

They say that, in the Bible, it states that there will be wars, and rumors of wars. Now, the Bible is older than old; but those words have been validated for centuries. And it seems that religion is somewhere meandered along the front lines of some of those battles.

Many a mother has gone to bed every night, with thoughts of a loved one lost in battle. And many a father has awakened each day, wondering if his son will ever return home.

Did the writer, or writers, of those biblical words, have a vision, or perhaps were they writing about their everyday lives?

When I was in the military service, we only got paid once a month; and so, just before the next payday, with no money to spend, and nowhere to go, we would all lie in bed after lights out, arguing about different things. And for no reason whatsoever, it seemed that religion would sometimes be the subject of the night.

But no one opinion ever won those arguments, and each of us drifted off to sleep, with the same beliefs we had last payday, and the payday before, and before that, back to our ages as a child, when our parents would give us a weekly allowance.

Computers have entered into these arguments, making it all a triangle of theories. Parts of North Africa have been the target for these theories lately, and blended in with this mixture is the black gold that the world depends on, and without it, even the word “software” may have never been inducted into the halls of everyday words.

Targets of terrorists as seen only via the eyes of software have been destroyed again and again. But within the bullseye of those targets, software would have to rely on the computer jargon of ones and zeros to select the option of Edit/Situation/Troops Needed/Send Now.

And so, the end results have been, and always will be, that the first cousins of all software soldiers will have to enter into this equation; and no relatives of those ever so brave troops will ever get a good night’s sleep until all the military personnel have come home.

An old folk song ends with these words: “When will we ever learn?”

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City, Ga.


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