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Commission votes 3-to-2 to leave West F’ville Bypass as is

UPDATED April 6 for online — A bid to fully fund construction of the East Fayetteville Bypass, at the expense of more than a dozen other transportation projects, fell flat on a 3-2 vote by the Fayette County Commission.

Commissioner Steve Brown has argued that the East Fayetteville Bypass was always considered to be the top priority for the entire county, while the West Fayetteville Bypass, now under construction, was chiefly for future development.

But Commissioner Robert Horgan said that since he was elected, he has “never heard” any talk of the East Fayetteville Bypass being the number-one priority for the entire county.

“I just don’t agree with saying the East Fayetteville Bypass is the number-one project,” Horgan said. “I never heard that until Steve was on the board.”

Brown referenced a 2004 memo that listed the East bypass as “priority #1” but Horgan noted that some of the other projects on that list have already been accomplished, such as the widening of Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard between Ga. Highway 92 and Hwy. 54 in Fayetteville.

Brown's motion to fully fund the East Fayetteville Bypass at the expense of other projects failed on a 3-2 vote, with Brown and Commissioner Allen McCarty in favor and Commissioners Horgan, Herb Frady and Lee Hearn against.

Brown also chided the county for doing a number of “smaller” transportation projects with the SPLOST instead of pursuing the high-dollar bypass instead.
“Critical SPLOST funds have been wasted on many low priority projects, not just the West Fayetteville Bypass,” Brown said.

Commissioner Lee Hearn took an exception to the allegation that SPLOST money was “wasted” by the county.

Hearn challenged Brown to bring back a list of projects that Brown feels the county “wasted or squandered money.”

“I’d like him to bring that list of projects where we wasted or squandered money,” Hearn said, noting that intersection improvements all over the county and projects such as the widening of Jimmie Mayfield have impacted a number of residents and motorists who travel through Fayette County.

The East Fayetteville Bypass has been criticized because it does not fully circumnavigate downtown Fayetteville since it does not reach Ga. Highways 92 and 85 south of the city. Instead, the bypass’s southern terminus is at the rural intersection of County Line, Inman and South Jeff Davis roads.

The West Fayetteville Bypass, in contrast, goes from Ga. Highway 85 south of Fayetteville at the southern end and reaches Ga. Highway 92 north of Fayetteville, though it too falls short of completely circumnavigating the downtown area.



Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown will be asking his fellow commissioners this Wednesday (April 6) to support a re-engineering of the spending priorities for the remaining dollars from the county’s 2003 Transportation SPLOST.

Specifically, Brown wants the county to build the East Fayetteville Bypass first, which could halt the West Fayetteville Bypass project, along with numerous other transportation projects.

The East Fayetteville Bypass has drawn some criticism since it does not completely circumnavigate downtown Fayetteville. Instead, the southern terminus ends at the rural intersection of South Jeff Davis Drive, County Line Road and Inman Road. That’s well short of Ga. Highways 92 and 85 south of Fayetteville.

While the East Bypass would end at the south in a rural area of Fayette County, it is in a more urbanized area of Clayton County, and proponents are hopeful that it will be used by a number of Clayton residents to avoid downtown Fayetteville, particularly during morning and evening commutes.

The East Bypass, as proposed, would start north of Fayetteville at Ga. Highway 85 and Corinth Road, following Corinth Road to Ga. Highway 54 and then picking up a new road that would link to County Line Road, leading to the southern terminus.

Currently, the county is building the West Bypass first, as the first of three phases is complete and the second phase is in the middle of the land acquisition process. Until earlier this year, county officials hadn’t planned to proceed with the East Bypass due to cost concerns.

That changed at the Feb. 24 commission meeting when a $39.4 million funding plan was unanimously approved for the East Bypass. This plan, however, depends on $21.1 million in state and federal funds, with the remaining $18.3 million coming from the 2003 transportation SPLOST funds.

Which means if the state and federal funds fall through, the project almost certainly will languish.

Brown’s push to fund the East Fayetteville Bypass first is rooted in part at the suggestion of opponents of the West Fayetteville Bypass, which Brown has pledged to stop. Several opponents of the West Bypass have quoted chapter and verse from minutes of a 2002 meeting of all county governments in which it was decided that the top priority project for the county was the East Fayetteville Bypass.

Brown is asking the other commissioners to restore the top priority status to the East Bypass. He has acknowledged this would have a negative impact on other smaller SPLOST projects.

The county has approved a preliminary route for the East Bypass but will be looking at a final alignment at a future date. Also, county staff will be working with their counterparts in Clayton County on the project, since a good portion of the road will be built in Clayton’s jurisdiction.

Although the road path for the East Fayetteville Bypass will be two lanes in many sections, the county will buy enough right of way to upgrade the road to four lanes if such is needed in the future, officials have said.

There will also be sections of the bypass that will have three lanes, particularly at intersections and also along areas of road where there are multiple existing access points for motorists getting onto the road.

Although the discussion on Brown’s proposal is taking place during the commission’s workshop meeting, the commission may vote on the matter. Typically the commission does not vote on matters at its workshop meeting, which are the first Wednesday of each month starting at 3:30 p.m.



I especially want them to stop the horrid west bypass.

If you really mean that, come to the next commissioners meeting and join the many who are speaking out against the project.

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for the EFB. The geography has changed since the first studies. There is really nothing to do at Hwy 85 and Corinth Rd. It has just been improved very well and was not part of the original plan.

The main thing that needs to be done is to get traffic from Corinth Rd to McDonough Rd. If that section can be completed and nothing else this progect will be worth while.

There is a way to get this done without cutting through the middle of the treasured golf course.

There is a route that dump trucks used during the work on Hwy 54 years ago that follows along the east side of Morning Creek from Simpson Rd at Hwy 54 to somewhere behind the golf course at which point it could cross the creek further north than Dixon Rd and take a route through a newer and stagnant development that never built a house (between the church and county line Rd)and needs redeveloping in some other way.

If only this section were built it would serve the community very well. Taking the new route down Simpson Rd and across Hwy 54 in this way would disturb no residences (or precious golf course property) and accomplish a great deal toward freeing traffic flow in the area.


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I found this in the Fayette County News 2/05/11;
"The first option calls for the bypass to have two lanes in each direction. The second option, on the other hand, consists of one lane in each direction. Both of these options would include building a new road between County Line Circle and Corinth Road so the bypass could intersect with Corinth Road at Ga. Highway 54. One lane will go in each direction in the third option, but rather than using a new road route, it would follow McDonough Road and McElroy Road to reach Hwy. 54 to Corinth Road for the northern section of the bypass."

What is the plan??

If anyone is considering this "third option" it seems foolish and does nothing to solve the current problem of traffic on Hwy 54 and McElroy Rd.

Creating an illusion of a new bypass is not going to fool any voters or solve traffic problems.


We all know what the priorities were and commissioners need to follow them - PERIOD.

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Just curious, how is it that the voters are all knowing in this case and and those surveyed in PTC don't know their elbows from a hole in the ground. I would imagine at least a few of them responded to both "polls".

There's a reason Ben Franklin said "A republic if you can keep it."

If the people took the time to cast a ballot no matter how small the number then the people's vote should carry the day. Like Mike King rightly said it's not rocket science so it's sad to see he wants to jump ship on the people's vote too.

The people voted those priorities in and Brown is right in saying they need to be kept in place. I'm sick of the whining Frady, Hearn and pot smoking Horgan.

As Commission Chairman Frady said at the April 6 workshop, "priorities change." It's one thing for the county to agree on priority items. In this case, the three enforcers don't like them. So it becomes a power issue. The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.

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The voters elected Steve Brown to stop the West Fayette Bypass, but to do so he is placing it on a 'back burner' in favor of an East Fayette Bypass. Common sense dictates that neither does much regarding traffic diversion and are little more than subjects for endless debates.

So why not stop both projects where they are and divert the money already collected to road projects in Fayette that make a little more sense? I'm sure that the individual city councils could provide their priorities, and if someone was smart, they might consider asking the sheriff about rural roadways.

Do our elected officials think this is rocket science? This way farmers won't split their family farms, other country folk can live in relative peace, land speculators will simply have to wait for another chance, traffic will be no better or worse, and whichever Commissioner gets this done will likely be our next Lieutenant Governor!

Steve, are you listening?

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Haven't you heard that we no longer live in the State of Georgia? We are actually residents of the State of Atlanta.

I truly believe that if the ARC folks told Mayor Ken Steele, Jack Smith, Herb Frady and Lee Hearn to cut off their right hands, they would willingly oblige.

Fayette County can't make a move or have an independent thought unless the Atlanta Regional Commission gives their permission to do so.

I have read so many quotes about what the ARC says, sometimes I feel as if I, too, have been brainwashed. It is as if we have all traveled back in time and are once again playing the childhood game of "Mother, May I."

The ARC sent the Mother Ship out to Fayette County one night, beamed up a bunch of folks as they peacefully slept, quietly lobotomized them, beamed them back down to run amuck throughout the County causing widespread destruction.

We have been listening to the ARC for so long that when someone dares to speak with intelligence, they are perceived as "making waves," and dismissed.

Neither bypass is really needed. If the East Bypass were to run all the way to State 85 South, it would qualify as a real bypass and have possibilities. As it is, it's not much better than the West Bypass.

Those previous commissioners did one smart thing. They left the 3 "Enforcers" in control of county government transparency. Some jobs you can sit in fat, dumb and happy. But who knows? Someday their Achilles Heel might make its debut.

Yes, can them both where they are now! The only sensible solution. Although, I've never driven on that recently opened section of the WFB, but it does like like a pretty drive!

Also, we have to build the EFB and WFB to keep traffic out of downtown Fayetteville, but we gotta float some bonds to redevelop some run-down shopping centers in downtown Fayetteville to attract more shoppers. HUH?

I bet Mike King likes and watches the Braves!

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All in favor of the WFB, please raise your hand.

We need to know who to un-elect.

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would be to just postpone WFB and EFB for another 5 to 20 years and see if the economy improves enough to warrant new construction.

Traffic has lightened since the fuel prices skyrocketed and prices are very likely to keep climbing which will continue to lighten personal driving loads on traffic. Another spike could be detrimental to personal driving habits.

How hard would it be to just put both projects on hold and concentrate the funds on other needs like bridge replacement and intersection realignments.

I know money was wasted on crosswalks in areas where there is never a pedestrian.

Corinth Rd was reconstructed instead of using the funds to improve it toward the plan for the EFB.

Palmeto Rd seems to be under reconstruction right now instead of the widening that is planned.

Why waste the money on reconstruction of roads that are planned for complete re-engineering as wider multi-lane roads in the near future?

Who the heck is making these decisions anyway?


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Some folks just refuse to entertain anything that is simple and sensible.

Your comments are very sensible.

A while back, our previous commission discussed the deplorable state of the bridge on Westbridge Rd. It was said that the bridge needed to be replaced. However, construction on that bridge has been stalled in hopes of incorporating the bridge and other needed improvements on Westbridge with the West Bypass. But, our three majority commissioners think it is more important to build a $30,000,000 road they can't justify before they replace a dangerously dilapidated bridge.

After the March 24th, 2011, commission meeting, chairman Frady and a citizen became engaged in a very heated discussion concerning when and where the well established #1 priority was shifted from the East Bypass to the West Bypass. During that conversation, it was established that shifting the priority from the East to the West Bypass was a topic of discussion at the Jan. 22-23, 2009, Commission Retreat that was held at the Old Historic Courthouse. THAT MEETING WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. HOWEVER, IT WAS REFERRED TO AS A COMMISSION RETREAT. The County Website does not display any "Minutes" for that TWO DAY meeting but the 8 sentence "Action Agenda" says, "No official actions were taken. Members of the local press attended portions of the meeting."

Citizen Reporter, John Munford attended that meeting and wrote an article based upon information presented during the meeting. In that article, Munford says, "The East Fayetteville Bypass project may fall by the wayside as $7 million in state funding projected for the effort has come into question."

"The Fayette County Commission last week discussed the possibility of abandoning the project, at least for now, and redirecting funds so other projects can be finished despite a downturn in sales tax receipts."

At one point during the meeting, County Public Works Director Phil Mallon pointed out that "design and construction" was already underway on the West Bypass. The article then says, "Mallon suggested the county divert $5 million more in SPLOST funds to make sure the West Bypass is built even if the state and federal funds don't come through."

"Commission Chairman Jack Smith said he also worried whether the state would approve funding for the west bypass. The state's issue is they don't see enough congestion mitigation data to require funding...."

"County Administrator Jack Krakeel said it's possible the county could increase the scope of the West Fayetteville Bypass to include a realignment of Westbridge Road where the bypass will terminate."

"Commissioner Lee Hearn argued that the county should proceed with at least right of way acquisition on the East Fayetteville Bypass on the theory that perhaps much of the work could be done by county crews to save money on the project."

"I do not intend to spend another dime on the East Fayetteville Bypass," said Commissioner Eric Maxwell."

"Commissioner Herb Frady agreed."

"Mallon said he would be getting updated cost information and other background data on both projects before the commission makes a final decision."

"Right now they're not saying no but they're sure not saying it's their highest priority now, Mallon said."

All of that boils down to the fact that at that point the Commissioners had not shifted the priority for SPLOST funds from the East to the West Bypass.

So it still appears as though someone at some point in time shifted funds from the #1 priority SPLOST East Bypass project to the lesser priority West Bypass. However, to date we have not been able to find PUBLIC RECORDS to substantiate that move.

Fayetteville Mayor, Ken Steele once said that the West Fayetteville Bypass was for future development. Wouldn't it be the sensible thing to do to fix, repair, and maintain what we already have instead of letting those projects further deteriorate and build a $30 million road for future development that might never happen due to the economy? Should our Commissioners just let our bridges collapse while they twiddle their thumbs trying to manipulate funds to build a road for future development?

The operative word here is "development."

Fayette County, we have a problem. For three years now, the voters have been complaining about the West Bypass. On Jan. 22-23, 2009, Commissioners Smith, Maxwell, Horgan, Hearn and Frady discussed "not putting another dime" into the #1 priority East Bypass, and instead building the West Bypass. The matter was never put to a vote, and the retreat was not attended by the public. The retreat was covered by The Citizen, which appears to be the only source I've found indicating what actually went on.

Commission Chairman Jack Smith was quoted by The Citizen as stating that "he also worried whether or not the state would approve funding for the West Bypass. The state's issue is they don't see enough congestion mitigation data
to require funding". The Atlanta Regional Commission also found that the West Bypass did not score highly enough for outside funding. That being said, why did the commissioners determine that the project was of such an urgent public exigency to condemn property under eminent domain procedures?

The West Bypass became such a hot issue that commissioner candidates Steve Brown and Allen McCarty campaigned against Commissioners Maxwell and Smith and won. They both won by overwhelming majorities, which would lead a reasonably intelligent person to conclude that the West Bypass lacked public support. After the new commissioners were sworn in, they attempted to fulfill their campaign promises and fight the road. The article above references a gallant and eloquent attempt by Commissioner Brown to represent the majority who voted him in.

At the last Commissioners meeting, Mr. Hearn specifically pointed out that affected landowners had the right to complain. He told of when he had been heartbroken as a youngster, when his family property was condemned because the county needed water. He went on to say that he was responsible for 106,000 people in Fayette county, and they had voted for the West Bypass. As far as responding to the hundreds and hundreds of negative public comments, Mr. Hearn opined that it was better just to let them vent without response in order to avoid extended arguments.

There's a big difference in serving the public interest where water is needed versus spending millions on a road that goes nowhere. The West Bypass cannot qualify for state funding because it lacks supporting traffic data. As the previous Public Works Director, it seems strange indeed that Commissioner Hearn would make an all-out push for a road to nowhere. The Public Works Department conducted an "Open House" on the West Bypass on September 16, 2008, where almost all written comments were negative. Insofar as representing 106,000 people, these same people spoke loudly and clearly when they elected Brown and McCarty to fight the road.

This is how the county commissioners keep the windows of transparent government painted black. They develop an agenda for supporting a project, and then insult our intelligence when they try to justify it.

Insofar as priorities go, Commissioner Brown reminded his peers that the East Bypass was voted the number 1 priority for a reason, and it was documented in the minutes of a 2003 countywide transportation meeting. Commission Chairman Frady stated at the April 6, 2011 workshop that "priorities change." Commissioner Horgan stated that since he had been a commissioner, "he had never heard of the East Bypass being the #1 priority for the entire county." All this illustrates the real power that three commissioners can have on what's going to happen.

It is abundantly clear that regardless of what the people want, we have a majority group of public officials so tightly bound to seeing the West Bypass through, they will not reconsider wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. They're doing this for a reason.

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You running? Come on now, you can't complaint unless you are willing to get in and fight the good fight.

Let's un-elect them.

I appreciate the support. In the meantime what do we do with them for the next 21 months?

PTC Observer's picture

hold their feet to the fire and make them take positions. Those positions will get them un-elected.

Run pips1414, run. Do it now so you can do the above.

Not many complaining! Just those effected.

Even if all voters were complaining, it wouldn't make any difference legally!

Fact is, both will be built since studies showed that Fayetteville had to be by-passed when needed in just a few years!
They will be working on those two by-passes for 5-10 more years at least.

Those public officials who want one before the other are simply garnering votes! They know nothing they can do either. Roads have always been too important for localities to decdie upon them.
Not one mile of Interstate would have been built if left up to local electees. Juts like collecting taxes and fighting wars!

It is called a republic, think. Citizens as a whole cannot decide squat!

ginga1414's picture

Roundabout, there are 49 parcels of land that will be impacted by the West Bypass. If those 49 parcels are represented by 98 voters that wouldn't have been nearly enough votes to oust Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell from office. To my knowledge, Pips and I are the only two impacted property owners complaining here, today.

All these other folks who are complaining don't live along the route of the West Bypass. These folks are complaining because they don't want to fall to the same fate we have. They don't want to pay any more SPLOST taxes so that a handful of developers will profit at the expense of the taxpayers. They are complaining because they want our officials to be held accountable for their words and actions. They are complaining because they are sick and tired of shelling out hard earned money while our officials play games with the public's money.

All of our county officials VOTED in favor of the East Bypass being the #1 priority project to receive our SPLOST tax money. You paid for, I paid for and all Fayette County citizens paid for the studies to determine which project would do the most to relieve traffic in downtown Fayetteville. It was decided by ALL county officials that the best project for relieving traffic in downtown Fayetteville was the East Fayetteville Bypass. When a new set of commissioners came into office they decided to change the priority which THEY SAID the voters voted in favor of. They changed that priority without any public notification or any public documentation to show when, how, and who changed the priority.

All the while our previous County Officials were playing fast and loose with our money, the Atlanta Regional Commission, State Officials and Federal Officials decided that neither the East Bypass nor the West Bypass was worthy of State or Federals funds.

IF "Citizens as a whole cannot decide squat," we had better do something about it real quick.

Personally speaking, I'm certainly not going to sit around, throw up my hands and say, "Oh, well. I can't do anything so why even try!"

Are there any people on the EFB that would have their land taken? Do they want more money?

My experience with road right-of-ways has always shown that the real problem is the amount of money offered.

I noticed the sob-sister politicians moaning about wonderful old families land being taken! Isn't that how ALL roads have been built to some extent?

Just how are roads supposed to be built? In a zig-zag pattern?

Mind saying what you will be offered and for what?

ginga1414's picture

Roundabout, we don't want any amount of money for our property. You may not understand this concept, but some people value their property, homes, heritage, wildlife, peace and quiet far more than any amount of money. And, believe it or not, that statement is usually more true of folks who are not wealthy than those who are. There are just some things more important to some people than money. There are some things money can't buy.

Having said all that, I also have to say that this isn't just about my property. It is about everyone along Phases II and III of the Bypass. It is about all the folks along the East Bypass. And, believe it or not, it is about any property you might own in Fayette County.

We don't want to sell our property to anyone.

We want to pass along our property to our children and grandchildren.

We haven't been offered anything for our property because we sent a registered letter to the County and to the right-of-way agent telling them to stay off our property. They haven't done final surveying, that we know of.

The plan shows them taking a portion of our road frontage and a hundred foot wide strip that travels the entire length of the 20 acres plus another strip that will be left unusable. It appears as though they will take approximately 4 acres, give or take. So our property will be impacted on the Lee's Mill side as well as the entire back portion.

Roundabout, all we have ever asked for is to be shown facts and figures. As far as figures are concerned, all we have been given are figures that were taken from a vehicle counting device placed along Lee's Mill Rd. That is not a detailed traffic study. No traffic study that we know of concludes that Fayette County will experience congestion problems if the road isn't built. The traffic studies we've seen simply give the layout of the road and how much traffic it can handle.

We are not the kind of people who are more than willing to give up what we have worked so hard for just because some Jack, Eric, Herb, Robert, or Lee says that we should. If the County wanted to take a goodly portion of your property and you discovered that the Regional, State, and Federal Governments didn't feel the project was worthy of building would you say "sure" take it?

PTC Observer's picture

But what about the common good ginga1414? Aren't you concerned about the general welfare?

Shouldn't we be able to force you to give up your property for that? Sadly, you must.

The act of government to seize private property was envisioned by our founders, but only under the most extreme conditions; for example, to provide for a common defense against our enemies. The Constitution has been so perverted as to be almost unrecognizable in its application. This all started early in our history with the Federalist, Chief Justice John Marshall.

Your chances of winning in court are slim to none; your only hope is to delay implementation of these civil works until we can remove the three commissioners that support them. Then we must vote to stop these projects in a referendum.

Forget the Constitution, it won’t protect you or your property any longer.

ginga1414's picture

With regards to the "common good" and the "general welfare," those are two of the main reasons we are fighting this thing. How does it benefit anyone if we all just sit around and allow politicians to run this country into the ground?

You are absolutely right!!!

It is all very sad but true. However, if we don't take any stance, that just leaves the door wide open. Isn't there a saying that goes, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything?" I am afraid the attitude that none of us can make a difference has slowly become an epidemic. Or, it could be that folks are so busy trying to make ends meet they don't have the time or energy to make themselves aware of all that goes on within our local government.

While I am writing, I would like to encourage everyone in Fayette County to take a ride along Tillman Rd. Tillman runs off of Sandy Creek. As you are riding along Tillman, please take a good look at the old oak trees that line that little dirt road. Please observe the metal tags that have been nailed to those old trees. I'm no tree expert, but I would say those trees have to be well over a hundred years old. They might be two hundred years old. Those trees will be destroyed when Phase II of the West Bypass goes through. Every last homeowner along Tillman has expressed their sadness over losing the old oak trees.

I hope folks will try to imagine the difference in how Tillman Rd. looks today and how it will look when the Bypass goes through. I don't live on Tillman but whenever I ride along there, I get an instant feeling of calm and peace. As I said before, there are some things that money can't buy and there are none so blind as those who will not see.


Any chance those Oaks lined the road to TARA where slaveholders lived?
Was cotton ever grown there?

Plant some Oak seedlings when they get cut!

East is good and West is bad, or is the other way around? I get confused. TDK or not? Which way is the wind blowing in your world. That's what comes to mind.

grassroots's picture

Ok Horgan...Hearn....Frady....Krackheel...are you listening? For the 100th time...Where is the traffic study?? Show us the traffic study that justifies and warrants 53 million dollars and will "positively" divert 100,'s of thousands of cars and trucks per week. Not a recent cartoon, but the original. The WFBC came up with the truth. According to Mallon and ARC there hasn't been a traffic study. I say before even an EFB there should be a professional, objective, full detailed study before any more $ is spent and one more casualty falls to Eminent Domain. And then, show us who and where is the benefit. The Citizen benefits the most because this topic sells a lot of papers. See Eminent Domain being abused.

Plenty more at SPLOSTOPINION

ginga1414's picture

While reading the link you sent, I started thinking about our own Paul and James Bowlden who live along Phase III of the West Bypass. Those folks are farming land that has been in their family since 1828.

Now Fayette County wants to take their land and deprive them of their lively hood. Our County Officials say it is for the Public Good. I can't see as how any member of the public would be better served by taking away Paul and James Bowlden's heritage, not to mention their way of supporting their families.

Stretched along the route for Phase II of the West Bypass there are 1200 acres that a few years ago were devoted to farming. Now, the developers are itching to build houses, apartments, and offices within those 1200 acres. Some Fayette Officials are itching to get their hands on all that tax money the developers will bring into our county. However, what our officials fail to say is that all that development comes with a price. All that development means more roads, more water, more sewage, more police and fire protection, more schools, more teachers, more school buses, and the list goes on and on.

When my family received notice that the West Bypass Phase II would go through our property, we talked to the County Engineer about the possibility of running the Bypass along our private dirt road so that it wouldn't have to cut through our front yard. We were told, "Oh, no, we can't do that because it would run into that NEW MILLION DOLLAR HOUSING DEVELOPMENT!"

They were willing to compromise well cared for established neighborhoods for NEW MILLION DOLLAR HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS!

My husband and I own 20 acres. We inherited some of our property from my mother. Our land adjoins 91 acres owned by Green Development and Fayette Builders. The West Bypass Phase II that runs through our property will take out the entire back portion of our property and leave an unusable strip so the County will have to pay for that strip, also. The developer already has paved road frontage along Lee's Mill Rd. but he will also receive Bypass road frontage when the County takes the back portion of our land.

Thanks, Grassroots, for sending along the link. Maybe some folks will see that this is happening to people all over this country. And, maybe it will make them see that it can happen to them, too. Maybe it will motivate other people get involved.

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