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Senoia man arrested for residential burglary

A Senoia man was arrested April 3 in connection with a residential burglary and is a suspect in four other residential burglaries that occurred in recent months on Senoia’s northeast side.

James A. Robinson, age 38, of Bridge Street, was charged with burglary, theft by receiving stolen property and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, according to Senoia Police Det. Jason Ercole.

Ercole said Robinson was charged in connection with the most recent of the five burglaries. The remaining four burglaries also occurred on the northeast side of the city, each involved forced entry into the homes, all occurred at homes where the victims had been away or out of town for a period of time and each incident resulted in the theft of TVs, computers and other electronics, Ercole said, adding that each of the burglaries shared additional similarities.

Ercole said information obtained during the investigation identified Robinson as a person of interest. Officers discovered that Robinson had a history of burglary and theft offenses and was currently on probation for felony theft, Ercole said.

 ”Investigators are still working to see if they can link Mr. Robinson to the other four cases,” said Ercole.

Ercole said Robinson’s probation conditions required that he submit to searches of his person, vehicle or home at any time when requested to do so by authorities, so long as reasonable suspicion existed. Based upon the information obtained during the investigation and his previous arrests and convictions for burglary and theft, officers executed such a search at Robinson’s home on April 3, said Ercole. 

“The search revealed several items taken from the most recent burglary along with some marijuana,” said Ercole. 

Ercole encouraged citizens to contact the police department when they plan on being away from their residence for an extended period. While away, officers can periodically check the homeowner’s residence during their shifts, Ercole said.

Anyone with information on these or other crimes is asked to contact Senoia Police at 770-599-3256.


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