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Super Sand Professional Topdressing makes healthy lawns

Super Sand Professional Topdressing is the only full service topdressing service provider on the south side of Atlanta. They started topdressing as an add on service five years ago to a full service landscape company. Since then, they have turned their focus to professional topdressing.

“After 12 years in the landscaping industry, I noticed a lack of attention to soil conditions,” said owner Matthew Robinson. “We decided to concentrate on helping customers revitalize the health of their soil and turfgrass.”

Super Sand Professional Topdressing utilizes a custom organic topdressing mixture to renovate lawns.

“We combine our topdressing practice with a number of services that your lawn may need to thrive,” said Robinson. “We offer scalping, dethatching, reel mowing, core aeration and seeding in combination with topdressing.”

“Our custom topdressing sand is a blend of fortified soils, sand and compost. We also offer other sand and soil options such as USGA certified putting green sand,” Robinson added. “We have recently partnered with a new compost provider. Greenco Environmental provides us with the best compost available in the area. We mix their compost with our topdressing sand to boost the organic content in your soil.”

Microorganisms in the compost feed on thatch and grass clippings on your lawn turning the debris into nutrients. Greenco compost is derived from a major recycling process starting at local farmer’s markets, schools and grocery retailers. Waste produce and organic material is mixed with natural lawn and tree debris and composted before being sold retail.

“Super Sand is proud to be the end of the recycling chain and provide our customer with a high quality recycled product,” Robinson said.

Super Sand stays on the cutting edge by following the latest techniques being used by golf course superintendents to maintain a healthy turf.

“We focus on what we can do organically and mechanically to provide the optimum growing conditions for local turfgrasses,” Robinson said. “We leave the chemicals to the guys that do that full time. We keep it simple by building our customer a healthy soil.”

Robinson discussed a recent experience with a customer.

“Last summer we topdressed a zoysia lawn in Newnan that was in very poor condition. The entire property was built on a spring and the wet conditions were ruining the turf that was only two years old,” said Robinson. “We topdressed with Super Sand and seeded the really bad areas and the lawn is in great shape now. We renovated and repaired his lawn at a fraction of the price it had cost him to resod it twice before. The customer told me it was the best money he had ever spent on his yard.”

Super Sand offers topdressing year round but spring is the best time top topdress because arm season turf grasses respond to topdressing and renovation best at this time of year.

Super Sand also offers a 10 percent discount to church affiliated sporting fields.

“Our work and results speak for themselves,” Robinson said of his company. “What we do is simple in theory but involves a lot of knowledge, experience, science, logistics and back breaking work.”

For more information on Super Sand Professional Topdressing, phone 404-370-2999 or visit

Super Sand Professional Topdressing sells their professional topdressing in bulk but only by delivery at this time.



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