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F'ville Rite-Aid hit by snatch-and-grab robber

Fayetteville Police are searching for a man in connection with an April 4 snatch-and-grab robbery at the Rite-Aid drug store on South Glynn Street.

Department spokesperson Mike Whitlow said the man, described as wearing a dark t-shirt and sunglasses and in his 40s, entered the store at approximately 8 p.m.

The man brought a candy bar to the cash register and grabbed an undisclosed amount of cash when the cashier opened the register.

The man then fled the scene, Whitlow said.



Do any of the other old timers remember that we didn't have these kind of problems 20 years ago. I wonder what changed???

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Twenty years ago we had a very different economy. Go buy a very nice defensive weapon, get trained on it, and keep it close to you.

This has everything to do with an economy that will simply get worse not better, you are either prepared for it or you aren't.

If you aren't then I will pray for you, if you are good luck.

you got that right-it's not due to the law enforcement in Fayette County being soft, or the D.A. I think for the most part they are doing great in a tough job. I'm most disappointed in finding out the morals of the judges who retired-that has hurt Fayette County on so many levels-and they still get to collect a big pension.

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Yes, indeed, things have changed. With Randall (the Emperor who wore no clothes) criminals metro wide did in fact fear Fayette County. The narcs would do controlled buys at the Greenway on 314 and 138. Most people think that's Clayton--- it's not---it's Fayette. When told they were being transported to Fayetteville, many criminals broke down in fear. No more. Randall had his issues, Greg Dunn raised some of them but for the most part it was a bad ass place for criminals to be----"they treat you good in the jail house and bad in the court house". Things have changed. I was talking to the guys at Awtrey's yesterday. I bought a small safe for a bedside handgun (have kids). They agreed--- it was unthinkable 20 years ago. Now they are robbing ice cream parlors and houses in Brooks. Part of it is that our courthouse gang has gotten tremendously soft. Lawyer steals $750,000 and gets about 18 months in jail. Unbelieveably we have a DA who used to represent child molesters as a lawyer and six months in to office testified as a character witness for one of his molester cilents. Also, our juries are getting a tad more liberal with an occasional acquittal. Let's not even get in to the judges with the velcro flys and the multiple divorces.

Time to lock and load---- Fayette is a changing.

Can you tell me how to "lock" first, and then "load?" Lock what?

Snatching and grabbing has been around forever!

Millions of women's purses have been snatched and grabbed!

Bullies in school have always snatched and grabbed what they wanted!

Caesar's armies snatched and grabbed everything they saw!

The double entendre "snatch and grab it," seems to not apply very well to a robbery from a cash register!
Did he snatch it, or did he grab it? Maybe he just took it?

Do the cops have a written definition of "snatch and grab?" Bet it says pick it up and run!

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