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Qualifying starts April 26 for local BOE, county seats

Qualifying begins the week of April 26 for two positions on the Fayette County School Board and two positions on the Fayette County Commission. Candidates must qualify with their respective party starting a 9 a.m. Monday, April 26. Qualifying ends at noon on Friday, April 30.

Up for election are the school board post 4 seat held by Bob Todd; the post 5 school board seat held by Lee Wright; the county commission post 4 seat held by Jack Smith; and the county commission post 5 seat held by Eric Maxwell.0

Candidates for the board of education posts are required to live in the district in which they are running for office. Candidates for the county commission posts may reside anywhere in the county because both are at-large positions.

The primary election is slated for July 20 and the general election is Nov. 2.

To start raising money, candidates do not have to wait until qualifying begins, said Fayette County Board of Elections chief Tom Sawyer. They may begin fund-raising after filing a “declaration of intent” form with the elections office.

The board of education and county commission seats are voted on at-large, meaning that every resident in the county may vote in each race, regardless of the district the voter resides in.

Also up for grabs this year are offices from local state legislators to state constitutional officers including the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general.

Up for re-election this year is the state school superintendent seat currently held by Peachtree City resident Kathy Cox. Another Peachtree City resident, Gary Horlacher, has announced his intention to run for secretary of state. And former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon is running for insurance commissioner.

Local voters will choose legislators in House districts 66 (currently held by Virgil Fludd) 72 (currently held by Matt Ramsey), 73 (currently held by John Yates), 74 (currently held by Roberta Abdul-Salaam) and 77 (held by Darryl Jordan) along with Senate district 16 (currently held by Ronnie Chance of Tyrone) and district 34 (currently held by Valencia Seay).

Also up for re-election this year at the federal level is U.S. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland’s third district seat.



"Vote {your name here} for School Board. I probably can't do much worse"
"Vote {your name here} for County Commissioner, I don't know any developers"

Come on, Mr Munford, how about some real information for the general public. Save them some time.
How much does it cost to register to run?
What is the process?
How does one go about getting started?

I guess if you are needing John to explain all may not be qualified to deal w/ the complex issues. My problem w/ most local reporting is that they slept thru that 1st class of Who, What, When, Where, Why. Please, please, someone run against Westmoron. Even a Teabagger would at least be an intellectual foil w/ no change in the vote. The only 1 worser than him (well, it's a draw) is Paul Broun, Jr (10th).

So we are stuck w/ the worst of the worst for a time longer. Can they be shamed into resigning so we can have a "Special" election in Nov?

I agree totally with your analysis of the new "journalism" that we are inundated with regularly.

The article started down a road of explanation of the system with a date for fund raising, but then stopped short. Why even mention that without clarifying what was required for "qualification" by each of the parties?

I personally DO know what is required, was commenting on the writing.

For the BOE, the "complex issues" are "don't spend money you don't have".
We have successful business folks in this county that probably KNOW that but DON'T know the political system. That doesn't mean they are not qualified. Educate them.

I am somewhat confused by this article.
What does candidates must qualify with their "respective party" mean?
For School Board and Commissioner? Tea Party OK?

What is the O after Erick's name? Typo, I hope.

Article says" board of education and commission seats are voted "at large," but at another place it says, "candidates for the education board are requires to live in the district." I'm confused by "voting" and "living." I thought we eliminated such drivel in the 60s!

Is Harold Logston the only candidate for Insurance Commissioner? Only one mentioned! Others haven't signed up yet maybe?

Is a candidate possible to run against Westmoreland?

Sorry to be so thick! Or am I?

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