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Senoia council takes no action on street vendors

The Senoia City Council at the April 5 meeting took no action after a discussion on establishing regulations allowing street vendors. The council was opposed to those operations competing with the city’s established businesses.

City Administrator Richard Ferry said the topic surfaced when the city began receiving inquiries about having food vendors and horse-drawn carriages in and around the downtown area. Ferry said that, as a consequence of those inquiries, he needed guidance from the council on the matter.

City attorney Drew Whalen said current city codes neither actually address nor eliminate the topic, adding that such activities should not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Mayor Robert Belisle during the discussion noted the city’s prerogative and responsibility to set any needed guidelines pertaining to vendor activities if the council decided to move ahead with the idea.

The consensus of the council, including Belisle, what that they did not want direct competition with existing city businesses.

Suzanne Helfman with the Downtown Development Authority agreed, saying, “I think temporary vendors and tents would not be what we want to accomplish.”

The brief discussion ended with no action taken.



PTC golf cart rides by PTC Tourism Ambassadors, also? They can bring hotel flyers with them to hand out. And The Fred flyers. And discount coupons....

Senoia is gonna be a tourist destination this summer and fall and PTC tourism needs to strut our stuff that will complement, not compete, with what they have there. This can be beneficial to both communities and I sure hope that plans are in the works for a PTC presence there.

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The EPA guy who stopped hubby from building his dream project?
I think it is.

If it is, I'm going to try and interview him tomorrow and see what he has to say.

I believe Richard was a skool teacher before he got this job 4 or so years ago. He's done a pretty good job w/ what elected officials he's been given. What did he want to build.. a coal fired electric generator?

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Ferry (if this is actually him) blocked the permit after he or someone dug up some Indian artifacts. Took 3 years to prove the artifacts were bogus, but the Ferry guy laughed all the way through it. And we had to take on even more debt because of his interference.

Enviornmental fools.

Uh, wouldn't your debt problems have been caused by the recession and not an inspector? Maybe a fellow named Bush? Or Paulson? Or Cheney? Sometimes you make a lot, sometimes you lose!
Ask the Enron employees. The Trading Towers people all got about a million each, why not Enron employees instead of the bankers absconding with personal millions.

Love Canal and Asbestos makers were calling people fools also! Oak Ridge and radiation denying moneygrubbers were also calling people fools!

Bogus artifacts---I never heard of that one, just the peach pit one. That does sound regrettable.

They plow up graveyards in Atlanta! Why not after say 200 years?

Trillions have been lost out of our economy which went somewhere to a few people who are now living in the Bahamas or Mexico. Go see them about the artifact losses.

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We are working together with Senoia.

In a general organizational meeting I was there along with Tourism and DAPC to meet with the Senoia Mayor, Southern Living committee, Coweta CVB, etc. As well I had a police representative attend to set up coordination for traffic control through PTC and onto Rockaway.

There will be brochures, coordination, reciprocal promotions, web links, etc.

In addition Historical Concepts did the design work on this project. Recently they won a national award for the continued excellence of their product. Todd Strickland, the managing partner of this superb company is a dedicated DAPC director.

As well I had a discussion with their Mayor about future joint goals and cooperation to benefit both our cities. We both were very satisfied with how that went.

My hope is this is a start to good things well beyond this event.

The Dogwood Festival has opportunities as well. The Airport and other entities from here will be offering prizes and such that should entice more than a handful of people to come here. The event organizers asked me to award the prize for the best decorated golf cart among the foreign consulates taking part in the event on Sunday.

Changes in Tourism and DAPC, among other things, have long been goals of Councilman Sturbaum and mine. They are now happening with the new Council.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Looks like they are going to work for their money next week @ The Dogwood Festival... work if they don't git to collect comp time for the weekend. I guess they might entice a person or 2 to come on down & have a nice lunch. Maybe spend the night & visit Senoia.

please, if it's still available on your post. Todd Strickland.

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Per your request, PTCGOIL.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Sorry, Mr. Mayor. I see your edit. I meant just the spelling of Strickland,(you first posted as Strictland).
Guess the pollen has screwed up my telepathic skills, too, and I didn't elaborate well enough. If you wish, you can add him back to your post and give him the credit he deserves.
I just know people get a little squidgy when their name is misspelled.

On another topic, I almost had heart palpitations when I went by the CSX bridge on 54 and saw (drum roll please).....blacktop down on the paths there....maybe there is a Santa Claus after all! :)

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Sorry. I was flying low to get to several meetings. Todd does deserve a lot of credit and his name spelled correctly.

On the bridge and path no one could be happier than Stubaum and me after two years of emails and pushing on this project. That blacktop looks great.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

"Stubaum" heh heh. Today doesn't seem to be a good name-spelling day for you.

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You are so right. Been too long of a day.

Good night.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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