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PTC planners to discuss junior box plans

A proposal to build a 134,000 square foot shopping center at the southwest intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Planterra Way will be discussed Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The proposal from Trinity Development is to build four “junior box” retail stores ranging from 20,000 to 28,000 square feet each on the 14.3 acre site.

There is also a plan for a restaurant that would have an outdoor dining area overlooking a picturesque view of the Line Creek Nature Area.

The commission is slated to talk about the project in a workshop format, meaning that no vote is expected on the development. The commission meeting starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

To pull off the development, Trinity is asking the city to sell it Line Creek Court, a stub-out road that runs off Line Creek Drive. The City Council has formally agreed to consider that sale, but it has not committed to the actual transaction.

Without Line Creek Court, the city’s road setback rules would trim down Trinity’s ability to make the development happen as proposed.

The property is zoned for general commercial use.

This is the same 14.3 acre site that won approval for a larger shopping center, which never came to fruition, and that approval has since expired.

The property is zoned for general commercial development and is currently owned by a bank, city officials said.

Trinity has agreed to building berms along the rear of the development with landscaping on top to help screen the stores from the adjacent Cardiff Park subdivision.

Cardiff Park would also be protected by a 75-foot undisturbed buffer under the city’s relatively new “transition yard” ordinance that is designed to protect residential property from adjacent commercial development.

The plan includes 510 parking spaces, the minimum allowed by the city’s parking ordinance, which requires one space for every 250 square feet of gross floor area.




Are you serious?

land. It was a mistake the first time around. Also, I wonder about the small number of parking spots. Are we going to know before hand what "Jr" box stores will be going in or are we going to be in for some surprises? Hope this is seriously taken under consideration and all aspects looked into thoroughly. We don't want to hear later that something was overlooked. If it is as presented in the article I would say a big "No" should be the answer.

Mike King's picture

Ok, let's say we say no to the road sale, now the city is obligated to maintain it which really isn't a big deal until someone from the bank sells the property and the buyers decide to build a Quick Trip and a Hooters. Since the property is zoned commercial, the council has no say in the matter as long as the construction meets city code.

All will be fine with the world until it's your daughter who is pushing the wings!

some obviously don't want to acknowledge the fact that the property is ZONED COMMERCIAL right now.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Go ahead and say no to the road and you have backed the bank up against the wall and their response will be to cut the price even more than the 50% of the loan amount that Trinity is paying. Then they will sell it to some bottom feeder like XXXXXXXXXXXXXX whoops, no names, and then you'll be praying for something as nice as a Hooters. Remember all the rules about highest and best use and density go out the window when you can buy property at a fire sale.

That's also the area where apartments were allowed in commercial zoning and the city could not prevent it - Exhibit A is right across the street. Not sure if this parcel was grandfathered in like the other, but it might be and 14 acres is plenty of room for 200 apartments. So, ask yourself - does the city want to maintain ownership (and have liability) of a street that bisects Harmony Village North? The buffer between these apartments and Cardiff Park would then be reduced to 35 feet and there would be a required cart path connection between the two.

This is not a transaction we need handled by a bunch of rookies on city council or God forbid, planning commission. Let the staff and the city attorney take the lead on this and do some decent research. Or just fumble around with it and some attorney or judge will tell you what you can and can't do.

Live free or die!

What bank do you suppose that is who made that original loan without checking to see if the city was allowing such construction upon it?

I suppose the city helping bail out the bank by selling a useless road to either Trinity (who dey?)or the bank is hoping to avoid a horror like KOHLS?

Do I smell a lawsuit from the guy who lost 50%?

I still say let Dar run an ize rank some where on something we build for him. Is he building a sky scraper with a smelly exercise place somewhere? Wouldn't want to ride that elevator! Can you put an ize rank on the sixth floor? Wouldn't want to live on the fifth floor.

Planterra now lives within their own city and future industry on one end!

Peachtree City, the planned City. It is also right near Lenox Junction.

mudcat's picture

Very little of what you say makes sense. What's Dar have to do with this? Anyway, on with the 50% guy story.

Seems there was 2 guys - let's call them Doug and Vince who formed a partnership to develop shopping centers in Peachtree City. They did all the right things including making a huge contribution to Steve Brown's campaign fund and using a logo and name lifted from a condom package. Picked up some land from the Huddleston family for $35,000 per acre that was already zoned commercial and today there sits Walmart and Home Depot. Then since that is built commercial, the land next door should be commercial and so on and so on and there you have a vastly overbuilt commercial area. Then the developer-owned bank that loaned them all this money to build said commercial goes bust and is taken over by another bank who gets nervous about all this overbuilding and they try to collect from Doug (who has moved to Colorado) and Vince (who has been left behind to do all the dirty work). Since they are losing tenants (and money) they don't pay the bank on time and the bank forecloses on the shopping center and land.

Then the funny part. The bank puts the shopping center and land on the market for about 30% of its original value (which happens to be 50% of the loan amount) just to get rid of it and sure enough a guy named Vince comes along and buys it all. Surely Doug knows about this, but he's not involved in any way. Good partnership.

then the city should buy it to make a walking sign park like the dog walking park over by the BMX track! That way, the eye-sore and driver distraction problems are confined to a small area and drivers entering PTC from the Sharpsburg side can get an eye-full off all the small businesses that we have to offer in one full swoop! No limiting to 4-5 days a year! They can even combine it with an outdoor public/private joint-venture ice skating rink! The walking sign bearers can skate around rather than walk around! We would be the only city in the nation with such a facility! It could be enough to catapult PTC into the top 5 best cities to live in, or sink us to number 2,346, depending on how it went over with the Money Magazine people! On Saturday nights, the sign carriers could wrestle! The first wrestling on ice show in Georgia and North Alabama! PTCO could be the referee and Mike King the announcer! Roundabout could sell popcorn and soft drinks spiked with whatever he drinks! Larry Sussberg can park the cars! Chief Haddix can be the greeter! David's Mom can console the losers of each match with a big hug! Georgia Patriot and OOFU can hang out in parking lot across the street and glare! Have I left anyone out. Claim you stake in this endeavor before its too late.

I think Yogi Berra said it best when he said,

'If they say it can't be done, it doesn't always work out that way.'

mudcat's picture

I like the idea a lot. Celebrity wrestling would be a big hit. Imker and Haddix seems like a good start.
Maybe we can confine the political walking signs to this rink as well. Then we could settle runoffs with a wrestling match or a skate race instead of another boring runoff election.
Only addition would be some tents set up near the rink so vendors could come in and sell food and adult beverages and fruit to throw at the pols..

Good ninja thinking.

Oh yea, let's have a camera set up so we can stream this activity over the city website for those who can't get to that part of the city.

I never knew you had a well-developed sense of humor! I may bestow upon you the first ever Citizen blogger honorary Ninja award, just as soon as I can get over the the couples store over at Thomas Crossroads to pick up a shiny souvenir sword to present to you!

I think this slogan on some cheap T-shirt advertised on

said it best when it said,

"Mimes, Ninjas, and Cholesterol: The Silent Killers"

mudcat's picture

if you get my drift. I don't need a sword but I'm going to the "couples" store tonight about 8:30. I'll be the one in a burka - I think I'll wear the burgundy one tonight. Pick something out for me and I will do it, use it or abuse it.

You da man!

....on here, isn't it?

mudcat's picture

put some ice in your rag. I'm dressing now. Be at Thomas Crossroads in 20.

PTC Observer's picture

I am already tied up as a referee for the girl mud wrestling contests in Fayetteville next to the bowling alley. You should come over sometime, Thursday’s at 9:30PM. ;-)

And something the Council surely is considering (I made a funny right there).

Hopefully, our new City Manager can talk some sense into them.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Not you spyglass, your point is valid and would be funny if the stakes were not so high. We need to pay attention to stuff like this and it wouldn't hurt if someone at the city would recognize that we have entered an era (eras last at least 7 years) where banks are going to own almost all of the commercial property and some of the residential and they are not going to respond to city rules and regulations as a normal developer would. These banks are in panic mode and will do anything to unload foreclosed property quickly and the Peachtree City standards are not on their top 10 list of things they are concerned about.

All you people posted under this are not taking this seriously. I'm serious.

Live free or die!

Unless it comes to arguing about what's going on in DC. Then they seem to get all worked up.

You are correct about Banks not giving two sheckles about our standards of development.

most foreclosed properties in PTC? Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Just ask city staff how much of their time is wasted trying to get those two to take care of those homes.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

If those banks don't respect PTC, don't patronize them.

More to the point, cut the grass on the foreclosed houses and then put a lien on it. The silly little peoples at the bank are rookies and don't know how to do anything. Wells Fargo is on the edge. Out of business by 2012. Go ask Nashobi or Kwanzi at the help desk a banking question.

Live free or die!

on here, do not insult my brothers. They are not stupid, they are stooges. Is this how it is to be on here? Name calling to every poster? Go take a happy pill or beverage and lower your bp, then my other two will help me honor you with a reply. Till then, knock yourself out. Yourself.

Robert W. Morgan's picture


knock knock yourself

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

The facts are those that you outline above I agree but what's the solution?

Potential Solution Process:

Step #1 - Good citizens are encouraged to report code violations to the city
Step #2 - The city cuts their grass and sends them a bill that includes a fine. Make it worthwhile lets say $500 for grass cutting and a $1,500 fine.
Step #3 - Post their company name in the local paper as a code violator for not keeping up their property.
Step #4 - Repeat violations go to court for a minimum mandatory fine to be set by city council. Let's say $10,000.

This seems pretty straight forward to me.

Of course this would require leadership by our Mayor, think there is any hope for this? I think he is too busy caught up with walking signs.

Yes, that makes very good, logical sense. A place is in foreclosure, the former inhabitants are completely broke and the owner, a bank, will loose at least 50% to get rid of it.
So, let us send them a bill for a couple of grand to mow a lawn worth $50!

Then if they don't pay the first fine, let us bill them for $10,000!
If we keep that up, soon we can balance the PTC budget by getting up to maybe 200,000 dollars each for a $50 mow job!

I can see our Mayor collecting all of that by touring the lawns every week and billing them!

Wouldn't it be better to fine shopping centers up to a quarter million if they didn't keep their spaces at least 95% full at all times?

Also, if our banks had too many bad loans still on their books, let us fine them enormous sums.

Pretty soon, we could lower our taxes!

Now as to good citizens reporting code violations about their neighbors (snitching) I'll bet that might work if you paid them say 50$ per report!

There are enough violations currently that city employees can see and report that would make it unnecessary for neighbors to do it!

I know of several people who park 2-3 autos and golf carts, plus trailers, on their lawn (naked) all of the time. Do the patrolling employees and cops say, "not my yob man"? Everyone breaks the watering ban--right there is several more hundred thousand in fines.

Get onto it Mayor. Oh, I forgot he is only ceremonial!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

And yes all of that does take organizational skills and leadership, so I would say the city manager is the one to handle it. One small detail is that some of the banks that own property are not going to be local and in that case it will be difficult to collect fines or get someone in court from a bank in California, for example.

Solution is twofold. 1. Lien the property after cutting the grass or assessing a fine in abstenia and we will get paid when the property changes hands. 2. Make the real agent agent (who is in fact the bank's agent) responsible for the grass cutting and maintenance and if it comes to that - the fines. They can get reimbursed OR if a particular bank is really troublesome, no reputable agent will take their listings.

Now my #2 i going to give Pretty Woman on council the vapors just thinking about it, but she can put on a showy protest and 3 others can do the actual voting to adopt this plan.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

We have a plan, now if we can just get the council to focus.

BTW, the idea of a lien on propety is a good one, but cash out of their pockets I think is a better motivator whether they are in or out of state. Bankers hate to get bills from the government.

City Holds Bank Presidents Criminally Liable For Foreclosed Property Upkeep

Google, "City holds bank presidents criminally liable for foreclosed property upkeep"

"These lenders speak one language -- money," says Doug Leeper, the Chula Vista code-enforcement manager, who says he has issued around $1.4 million in fines against lenders. So far, he's collected half the fines and has plans to wrangle the rest through tax liens when the homes are eventually resold.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

out to Chula Vista for a mini how-to-do-it seminar. $1.4 million would help and it would give council someone to pick on that doesn't live or work in Peachtree City.

How about Jerry Stapleton or Jack Bowdin or someone like that doing a perp walk because they couldn't cut the grass at a bank-owned house.? Huh?

Live free or die!

mudcat's picture

You have a good plan, but insulting the ladies is going to hurt your cause. Next election we will have 3 ladies on council and the election after that one of the ladies will be mayor. Haddix is not up to the job of even understanding this idea, but city manager may pull it off. Kim may have to take a leadership role.

Robert, I'm glad that someone can see the big picture.

For example: I presented a proposal to the city to donate (a small group of us) 3.2 million dollars to the city. This happened almost a month ago and I have not had any follow-up by the city, UNBELIEVABLE!. Maybe Cowetta has an interest.

PTC Observer's picture

Is this donation for a particular purpose?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Could you elaborate a bit? This is news to me. I do think that the new city manager would be the one to contact. He seems to be a professional and I doubt he would be one to not follow up on something like that.

Live free or die!

I agree with you on the new "city manager". I plan to follow-up at some point very soon.

I'm sure we can make something positive happen.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Sorry, just having some fun at your double post.

Anyhow, do indeed go to the city manager and explain your plan. He can't ignore it and he's a professional, so your plan will get an airing.

Live free or die!

I agree with you on the new "city manager". I plan to follow-up at some point very soon.

I'm sure we can make something positive happen.

When you visit the city manager just hand him the check for the 4.5 million and ask him to deposit it into the city account (don't know which bank that is). If you don't want anything for the money there is no need to keep holding out on the money! Make it out to he city manager and the city.

That way the city manager (genius that he is I am told) can hold that over the Mayor's head until he resigns!

Could we see the stipulations on this donation? Mayor Lenox wanted to donate a million once but never did!

would be a little long in the tooth to be serving wings, as well as being over educated for that type employment. But, someone's daughter has to do it--to keep all the old goats who go there happy- and really, there is nothing to stop the developer from putting in a QuipTrip or Hooters, even with the sale of the land.

mudcat's picture

When the 4 "mini boxes" decide to take down the demising walls (look it up ) or open the doors between the "mini" spaces and have a 134,000 Big Lots or Lowes or something else big take over all 4 spaces -willl you be surprised? I won't. Will council? Will the chief?

Let's just hope that they all have sense enough to make sure things are spelled out to make sure that doesn't happen.

I can't determine why a few here do not want any big buildings built? However, multitudes of small buildings OK!

Is it because big bildings run small buildings out of business, maybe?

Do you dislike large libraries, museums, etc. Skyscrapers? What if a Hooters was in a large building? What if a "snob" place was in a small building?

I did finally visit "Fresh Foods." They hae about 60 more days of curiosty seekers and then it is down hill! The aisles are too narrow, the food way too high.
It is however a talking point for snob parties.

mudcat's picture

I could care less about big buildings or small ones, but some surely do have fits about anything over a certain size. I do not know why. Maybe they are afraid of the Walmart syndrome. Maybe the parking lots are too large to suit them. Maybe they are afraid of the tax revenue - as in if we are financially sound, we can't cater to the enviornmentalists.

Just what do you plan to do with that little narrow short street if we kep it?

I'll bet I know---build a teenage center right on it with Gym, Swimmin, basketball, IT center, Library, sandwichs and all! Dar could put his ize rank right in it!

Roundabout, Bonkers, Dollars, and all your other entities. Then at least twice a day several of us from this site would feed the pigeons as we sat at the base, drank coffee or alcoholic beverages of choice and discuss fishing, restaurants, streets, merits of different bar-b-que sauce and all the other things we blog about that you love to read. Then we would leave the pigeons to do what they do best.

You forgot: section 8; those of little money; welfare, food stamps; lazy no good non-workers (jobs are plentiful); ILLEGALS; ALIENS; too many kids; (Catholics OK); but not Hispanic Catholics--Oh, there aren't any other kind of Hispanics); Brown; Hogan; judges; (no, the are republicans); fear of Hooters and sex toy stores; Muslims; Islamic religion; Episcopalians; Churches of God; people voting without jobs; Palin haters; Cheney haters; Bush haters; Nixon haters; Reagan haters; Westmoreland haters; on an on.

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