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PTC may send voice control to doghouse

A proposal to require pets to be leashed on city streets and cart paths will be discussed

by the Peachtree City Council Monday night.

No formal vote is anticipated, but council will accept public comment on the proposal. Currently the city allows pets to be under voice control instead of leash control.

The workshop meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark has said the voice control option is impossible to enforce. The city had a total of eight dog bite cases reported last year.

Mayor Don Haddix said Wednesday that the majority of the input he has received from the public is to approve the leash proposal.

“I want to hear all the sides because to me we have to balance concerns,” Haddix said. “A lot of dog owners have really fine animals. We want them to be able to enjoy their pets. But on the flip side, we have also had people attacked by dogs.”

Former Mayor Steve Brown, who is president of the Peachtree City Dog Park Association, told council in January that voice control should remain an option for residents.

“Hundreds of people have dogs under excellent voice command every day on the paths,” Brown said.
Brown suggested that a course could be developed to certify residents who demonstrate voice command of their dogs.



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