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PTC may send voice control to doghouse

A proposal to require pets to be leashed on city streets and cart paths will be discussed

by the Peachtree City Council Monday night.

No formal vote is anticipated, but council will accept public comment on the proposal. Currently the city allows pets to be under voice control instead of leash control.

The workshop meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark has said the voice control option is impossible to enforce. The city had a total of eight dog bite cases reported last year.

Mayor Don Haddix said Wednesday that the majority of the input he has received from the public is to approve the leash proposal.

“I want to hear all the sides because to me we have to balance concerns,” Haddix said. “A lot of dog owners have really fine animals. We want them to be able to enjoy their pets. But on the flip side, we have also had people attacked by dogs.”

Former Mayor Steve Brown, who is president of the Peachtree City Dog Park Association, told council in January that voice control should remain an option for residents.

“Hundreds of people have dogs under excellent voice command every day on the paths,” Brown said.
Brown suggested that a course could be developed to certify residents who demonstrate voice command of their dogs.



<strong>“Hundreds of people have dogs under excellent voice command every day on the paths,” Brown said.</strong>

Come on, Steve. How did you come up with this little tidbit?

mudcat's picture

There can be no rational basis for stating that "hundreds" of people have or do anything unless you have observed the behavior of many hundreds of people over a long period of time. No one has time to sit on the cart paths doing a dog survey. Using the term "hundreds" is the brown clown's way of intimidating the council members. Thinly veiled message is "Vote against voice control (meaning for the leash law) and hundreds of angry dog owners will vote you out of office next time".
Really, Mr. Brown?

An accurate and intelligent statement is that some people do in fact have their dog under voice control 100% of the time. Many more (most) dog owners do not, but having the dogs on a leash compensates for a dog's lack of training. Even well-trained dogs have moments when they are startled and perceive a threat to themselves or their owner and they act in such a way that can be a danger to others. Again having them on a leash partially mitigates inappropriate behavior. But even with a leash, stuff happens. And a little animal secret here - well-trained dogs are directly connected to a well-trained and responsible owner. Remember that as you watch people discuss their dog in front of city council.

Any sensible leader realizes you can't recognize "voice control" so it is impossible to cite someone for violation of the law - which means you don't really have a law at all. Everyone, including the police, can see that a dog is on a leash - or not on a leash. Good law, good boy, sit, stay.

"No one has time to sit on the cart paths doing a dog survey."

I would like to point out that Steve Brown does, in fact, have time to sit on the golf cart paths and conduct a survey. This is because he has no job and frankly has nothing else to do with his time.

Other than that, I agree with you completely.

mudcat's picture

I didn't think of that, but you are right - he is perfect for that.

What is it you like so much about Steve Brown? He is perfect, you say!
I know some don't like him because you don't know what he does with his private time away from the city.
Well, I doubt that very many on here are contributing very much to the work force with their manual labor! Does Lennox now work at Diary Queen? He may "sit" on a board or two!

Maybe you don't particularly like his family?

By the way our Secretary of State would like a copy of that picture you have of her. Isn't she brilliant?
Sarah is very jealous of her.

Hundreds of people may have their dogs under excellent voice control but what about that time when dog does not obey and attacks a pedestrian or worse yet a child. I have witnessed some dogs respond rather well to their owners voice control but I've also seen some owners having to repeat themselves as well several times before the dog responds. I'm sorry but that one chance a dog could attack someone, cause an accident, or be hurt is reason enough to start requiring leashes..
There also has to be limit on the length of the leash as we really are not accomplishing anything if we allow owners to have their dogs on 25 or 50 foot leashes

Steve Brown's picture

Jevank, mudcat and abc1234... are back to their old antics: kill the messenger. Go look at the video of the council meeting and you will see that I covered both sides of the issue. Yes, I have seen hundreds of dogs over 15 years who behaved very well for their owners. I have seen hundreds in the Dog Park over the last year. The problem with voice command is there is no definition of the term in the ordinance and no way to officially display competency. I offered a solution at the council meeting. Go see the video.

hutch866's picture

Well Steve, I believe your quote said you saw hundreds of dogs under under voice command EVERY DAY, now if you're going to change what you said that's another story, in fact it's downright Bonkers-ish. Reminds me of when you complained that the people in Fayetteville never voted in elections but in the same column blamed Fayetteville for voting in the SPLOST. Can't have it both ways little Stevie.

I yam what I yam

Nice to see you back on.

At first, I didn't think I ever said anything derogatory against you, but then I remembered some not-so-nice things I have said. (In all fairness, you are an easy target.)

I will try, in the future, to limit my comments to facts. That being said, the comment about your quote stands.

As for abc1234, I believe this was his/her only comment about you. If you expect bloggers to be nicer to you, then you owe this person an apology. This is another comment you made up. Think about what you say first, then write. If your facts are based on the little world inside your head, then they may not be correct. ( promise didn't last very long...Okay, from now on I will try to be nice.)

As for Mudcat, I will probably continue to laugh at the comments he/she writes about you. Crabby people tend to stick together.

how do you enforce it? How do you determine if the dog is actually under control or not? With a leash, there is no debate.

Even you yourself stated, in a nice article about the Dog Park, that you have run into many folks who have no idea as how to control a dog. What has changed? Obviously the problem is not going away.

Voice command is a wonderful thing. I've seen an older gentleman practice with his spaniel on the path south of Lake Peachtree, before the lakeside subdivision. His dog was absolutely wonderful. Then I've seen others who let their dogs wander about, and run up to golf carts or pedestrians, and when chided to control their dogs or leash them, claim the dogs are under voice control, as the dog ignores the owner's attempts to call them back. Since we are on the issue about dogs and their lack of obedience, is there anything to be done about the dogs that are unaccompanied while they wander around streets to defecate as their owners sit inside their homes? Or an enforced ruling for dogs who are left outside to bark late into the night?

Here is how it is: There is more than one dog owner or family who lets their dogs rip about, smelling and licking and biting and growling.

Most of them do that!

Never heard so much BS about dog obedience. Do you really think every one in the family will take the time to learn how to handle a dog without a leash? No!

I had many dogs as a youngster--all outside dogs on a farm. We ended up shooting most of them for killing sheep, or fighting or biting.

Just hurt one in anyway and he will bite the nearest person or thing. Trained or not.

However, I am disgusted with those who "walk" them with a golf cart and a leash!
It wears out their nails and pads and in the summer burns their feet.

There is simply too much work to keep a dog or cat very long for the average family. They leave them for vacations, mis-feed them and serve them dirty water in dirty bowls. Some even never check their collars for tightness.

This is not something I would brag about. Your family obviously spent little time training your animals

You have no concept as to what is involved in training a farm dog! Ours would on command go herd the milk cows from the high pastures to the barn for milking. They could sort the beef and breed stock from the milk cows.

They were the best watch dogs available. At night if you came too close to the home or the barn, you would get bit.

They also kept scores of stray cats at bay or up a tree. They killed huge rats at the corn cribs.

I could go on, but working dogs sometimes banded together in packs and killed sheep---not to eat but for the blood taste. Rabies also was a problem.
Shooting them was the only cure once they started.

I assume you never go to the pound on gassing or needle day?

Just do it. I have a dog, she's well trained...and I'm all for it.

I always keep my dog on a leash because I don't trust her. But of the 8 dog bites how many were from leashed dogs?

Aren't many of the dog bites from animals who escaped their yards, not from escorted animals on voice command from their masters walking the paths. I know I dog-sitted for a friend whose dog is on voice command and when walking never needed a leash regardless of the animals or people who passed.

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