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PTC residents: check your mailbox for stormwater bill

The annual stormwater utility bills have been mailed to Peachtree City residents, city officials said this week.

Residential stormwater bills range between $32 and $72 a year depending on the size of the home. Commercial entities are billed monthly based on their size, with Walmart paying $614 a month and the much smaller Ruby Tuesday restaurant paying $43 a month.

All stormwater bills are based on the amount of impervious surface on each lot. The theory is that impervious surfaces prevents rainwater from being absorbed by the ground, which drives the need for the city’s stormwater collection system.

Revenue from stormwater bills pays for the operation of the city’s stormwater department, which maintains the city’s stormwater collection system, cleaning out blocked drain pipes and replacing broken ones, for example.

In 2007 the city issued $3.7 million in bonds to fund a large-scale capital improvement program for stormwater projects. One of the most significant projects to date was the new earthen dam at Huddleston Pond, which became necessary after a major fault was detected in a drainage pipe.

Several months ago another major stormwater project was completed: the replacement of a culvert underneath Willowbend Road behind City Hall that diverts stormwater into nearby Lake Peachtree. A Peachtree City teen was killed in July 2005 when he and friends were playing in the area during a rainstorm.

Authorities said Danen Clarke was trying to rescue another person when he was sucked under the water and into the culvert that travels under the road. Clarke at the time had been wakeboarding with several friends in a pool of water that collected due to the heavy rainstorm.

Clarke was posthumously awarded the Boy Scouts of America’s extreme risk heroism award “for unusual heroism and extraordinary skill or resourcefulness in saving or attempting to save life at extreme risk to self.”



I'm pretty ticked that I'm paying more than Ruby Tuesday. I know my property is more pervious than a restaurant surrounded by parking lot. What gives?

Okay, businesses are given a break on taxes to encourage them to locate here...I get it. But stormwater bills should take into account that businesses contribute more to the problem.

What is the difference in the percentage that businesses are paying versus the homeowner?

I should read a little closer before going off the handle.

What is the status on new culverts between Pimemount and Oakmount Drives? The current ones are up hill so the water jumps the curb and spiles over. Remember water does not run up hill. This was to be fixed in 2008 but so far only a survey was run and then nothing. Why am I paying a stormwater bill?

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This money pays for a couple guys to clean out culverts and storm drains - and probably a couple more to punish builders for silt fence violations (bet they are really busy when there is no building).

Capital improvements need to be funded by city council in their annual budget.

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fee, is just another tax...... for a service no one wants.

O boy can't wait to hear from all the tree huggers on this post!

I believe it was SW money that re-routed the cart path & built the wall on S. Peachtree Parkway. I imagine it was their money that did the work on Waterwood Bend / Lakeside. Some retention ponds seemed to have been cleaned out after years of neglect. I guess sometime you have to improve in order to upkeep.

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