Brown: We should not trust gov’t.

Conflict avoidance is something we should not be teaching our children. Trusting government is also something we should warn our children not to do.

We are at a point where we are forced to engage the public conscience to argue for what we believe in lest we lose it all.

By conflict I do not mean physical struggles or war. Rather, I am referring to ideological argument and public deliberation over how to preserve our liberty and independence as individuals and as a community.

Many of our local citizens used meaningful political and ideological conflict in a healthy way to build the opposition for the Transportation Investment Act (also known as T-SPLOST) referendum last summer.

By the time the votes were cast, over 70 percent of the voters in our county turned the referendum down. We kept our independence and defeated regional taxation and loss of local control.

Conflict is necessary for effective problem solving and for effective development. We are a country largely built on ideological stands that have, for the most part, survived the tests of time.

It is incredibly disappointing that we send our children to university campuses that literally clamp down on free speech. Our children leave these campuses years later with a constricted point of view, devoid of openness and debate.

At Valdosta State University, student Hayden Barnes spoke out in 2007 regarding his displeasure of a decision made by university president Ronald Zaccari to build more parking decks. Instead of taking on Mr. Barnes in the public forum and allowing students to deliberate the merits of each side, President Zaccari manufactured a way to throw Mr. Barnes out of the university without any due process.

Mr. Barnes filed a lawsuit and this year a federal grand jury found President Zaccari guilty of violating Mr. Barnes’ First Amendment rights. We, the taxpayers of Georgia, are now paying the $50,000 in compensatory damages, President Zaccari’s (who retired) legal fees and Mr. Barnes’ legal fees.

Think about how many students choose to give up their freedom with the damage resulting in a loss of values and a view that government is our warden, being taught their ideas and beliefs are inferior. We fund that damage with our tax dollars!

Your Fayette County Board of Commissioners recently sent an official request to the regional government to be removed from the confines of the Concept 3 regional mass transit plan. The Board does not believe we should be told what we can do in our county.

The board also sent our legislative delegation a resolution asking that we preserve “home-rule” (or self-government) as cited in the Georgia Constitution.

It was sad to see Fulton County’s legislative delegation attempting to micromanage their county government through local legislation. The delegation’s Republican majority decided to leave their conservative principles at the door of the Gold Dome and wreak havoc in the state’s largest county, abandoning home rule.

The Board of Commissioners also sent a resolution asking for meaningful ethics reform at the state level. Unfortunately, the citizens of our state got more special interest garbage.

Locally, the Fayette County Republican Party has been dominated by a small cabal comprised of the Watts Family, former county politicians Greg Dunn and Peter Pfeifer as well as former mayor Harold Logsdon.

Lane and Marilyn Watts ruled things with an iron fist, but the locals got tired of it all and overwhelmingly voted the mob out at the county convention. There is a complaint pending with the District Attorney against Mr. Watts originating from the county’s Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

We are already beginning to see people coming back to the local Republican Party and the new leadership is open, transparent and inclusive.

I am proud to be part of a movement that actually stands for something. I hope you will consider becoming active as well. Our liberty is worth protecting.

Remember what Alexander Hamilton said, “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Steve Brown, Chairman

Fayette County Board of Commissioners

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Why is it always life or death ?

It seems that for commisioner Brown, it is always a matter of life or death.

Why? It is either angles in the heaven above (something he wants) or the devil incarnate (something he is against).

Isn't it Comisisoner Brown and his junta that meet ins secret just prior to the term of the new crop of disciples took office.

You can tell good ethics and priniples because people hold to them when it is convenient and also, when it is not.

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Trust - ?

Trust no one that quotes Alexander Hamilton, the "Father of Federalism".

First and foremost Mr. Brown, be careful your principles, be true to your word, be honorable and above all guard against the sin of vanity. The rest will take care of itself.

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Mr. Brown. Stop bringing

Mr. Brown. Stop bringing local political issues into the commission chambers. As Chairman, Mr. Brown, you are suppose to govern on issues concerning citizens of Fayette County. Local party issues are personal and should be separated from commission issues. Please grow up and quit embarrasing Fayette County. We need a leader not a complainer.

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I am sorry, Steve, but I

I am sorry, Steve, but I doubt I will ever vote for you again. I was one of your most loyal supporters. Your changes and shifts on issues have been depressing. Naturegrl said it well: "You guys are suppose to be REPUBLICANS and REPUBLICANS are suppose to believe in less taxation. Are you Democrats in Republicans clothing?". More road constuction--- BAD. New taxes--- BAD.

I continue to believe that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats. From what I seen here at the local level, however, Hilary Clinton could qualify as a "Republican leader".

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He can't stop talking

Mr. Brown seems to have an obsession to see his picture and opinions published everywhere in his futile attempt to impress. Once he gets started, he turns a deaf ear and just can not edit himself.

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you are right. He is a flip

you are right. He is a flip flopper who has an ego the size of Turner Field. He must see his name in the paper every week. His flip flopping means nothing to him, just get my name in the paper.

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Look up attention ho' and you'll see Brown

The relentless desire to feed his own ego is pretty unmatched by even most of Washington.

His EFB is a horrible idea and I can't wait to how he squirms around and tries to make it sound like a good idea as opposed to the WFB that he hated. Same kind of road that goes nowhere, but at least the WFB accidentally brought some real benefit to FC. What would the EFB bring? Totally unnecessary.

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That's like asking your dog not to lick himself

Railing against the "old guard" is in this guy's DNA. He gets up in the morning wondering who has power and unfair connections and how they can be undone. The fact that he says you can't trust government (while he is government) is just a reversion to his natural role - gadfly. It is like Obama constantly campaigning against how awful things are in Washington, all the while ignoring the fact that he is President.

Odd, but it is hard for some to suppress their inner child.

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Brown Clown and Trusting Government

"Trusting government is also something we should warn our children not to do." - Steve Brown

Okay, as a general rule, I buy into that statement.

However, I'm confused. You say don't trust government.

Last time I checked, you serve on and are the Fayette County Commission Chair. Last time I checked, the County Commissioners is government.

So, since you are government, are you saying we should not trust you? (Easy enough for most PTC residents.)

Or is the megalomania kicking in strong and you are saying don't trust government....well, except for me?

Enlighten us please Oh Knighted One!

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I was thinking the same


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Trusting Govt

It's not the Govt as an entity but the individuals who make up the Govt--and WE ELECT THEM! The ballot box is a cleansing mechanism--if we only use it wisely. For Borntorun: You do no one a service by using disparaging titles like "Brown Clown' and in fact it is an attempt to discredit our Comission Chairman--fine, if you don't like him, don't vote for him but he, like the other commissioners, need our support to make things happen in our county. You can help or you can hinder, your choice.