Fayetteville author’s military background aided new book

Fayetteville author’s military background aided new book

As a college recruiter, Quinn Cooper saw the country. Traveling the country, along with a military intelligence background, has now catapulted Cooper into the growing class of published Fayette authors.

Cooper will launch his thriller “Who’s Watching the Watcher?: A Ted Teagan Thiller” at the New Writers Night at the Barnes & Noble in the Ashley Park shopping center in Newnan April 25.

But the publication of his book is not an overnight success story. Instead, it’s a story that had a near-fatal beginning, before the book was finally published.

Cooper explained that he had started writing his thriller in 2001, when he was traveling the county for 48 to 50 weeks a year as a college admissions officer. He had starting writing the novel, but the early writing for of story was wiped out when his computer crashed on an airplane fight, He tried everything to get the manuscript back, but it was lost.

It took Cooper nearly 11 years to finish the book. During that time, he also worked part-time for the government in intelligence, but retired in 2010 after health issues cropped up. He moved to Fayetteville in 2009 and continued work on his novel.

“I had always been flying through Atlanta and decided it would be a good place to live,” he said.

His book features Ted Teagan, who is an Army Military Intelligence veteran, and works as a college recruiter and part-time surveillance specialist for the National Security Agency. Teagan lives in Arizona, and no one knows where he is or what he does on a daily basis.

Cooper explains on his web site that while Teagan’s career is taking off and family life failing, he spends most of his time traveling alone down endless desert floors and barren, vibrantly colored mountains, with only his conscience examining his past and present lives, trying to discover who he really is.

After 9/11, Teagan decides to keep his intelligence skills sharp and starts picking ordinary people to watch in the hope that, one day, he will get called back into the surveillance game.

But when the people he is watching start to perish, who can he turn to? Is he innocent? If so, who would ever believe him? Ted spends his long days and lonely nights in ‘nowhere’ Arizona and southern Nevada, weaving his way through a tangled web of deception and lies, trying to uncover what has happened, Cooper explained.

He also said the book is based upon some of myriad of life experiences.

Cooper is currently working on the sequel and said he hopes to complete a seven-book series.