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McIntosh cart paths may become 'no parking' areas

Students who drive their golf carts to McIntosh High School may lose the ability to park along the cart paths just off school grounds.

The Peachtree City Council will consider such a proposal Thursday, in part because the parked carts are clogging paths near the school, according to a memo from city staff.

Such a decision would represent the first-ever cart path “no parking” area in the city’s history. Thursday’s council meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The city has received complaints from residents trying to use paths near the school, and neighbors have complained about path accessibility and litter problems, officials said.

Students would still be allowed to park their golf carts along Prime Point, which runs behind the school, and the school has indicated there is sufficient room on campus for golf cart parking, according to the memo.

Also, city staff has developed a re-striping plan and a potential expansion of the existing on-campus golf cart parking area.

The city has been working with the school and the Fayette County Board of Education on the issue, according to the staff memo.

Council is also slated to discuss development of an ordinance that would require vacant homes to be registered with the city after they remain empty for 180 days.

Also on the agenda is a discussion about the possible development of zoning and other restrictions on personal care homes.



mudcat's picture

<p>Caught in traffic downtown and I just got home, but here is my 2 cents. If you want to limit the cart parking around the high school, just simply take the unleashed dogs from the cart paths and the city streets and tie them up in the area you don't want golf parts to be parked. Woof, woof, go away.</p>

PTC Observer's picture

twisted but brilliant!

Not me!
Mistreat the dogs and mistreat the young adults by treating them like "unwanted."

I know you will say "kidding," but I doubt it.

Why is it that the schools hate high school kids? They have done everything they can think of to make it difficult for them to use golf carts.

Cars being highly limited I can understand, but golf carts, the very thing to get polluting cars off the road!

Schools are never built with enough parking, never.
What about around the football field during the day. (Oh.heavens NO. Make football program look bad!

Schools are for young adults, not teachers, not administrators, not school board, not town, and not businesses who attack them for parking near their business!

the cart lot is FULL. He would occasionally like to take our cart to save on gas, etc in his car...but alas, no room at the Inn. I'm not sure where the School is coming from when they say they have room, all it takes is a quick ride by the School during the day and you can see otherwise.

The school has sold out of all passes including carts AND cars

It is all about the parking revenue. I would like to see the complaints vs the number of students who park there. McIntosh HS wants the $50.00 fee for golf cart parking (if it is still $50.00). Just another forced tax!!!! Wake up. Safety my A**

Im just sayin

I pick up litter on the paths I enjoy. Maybe they should as well. It is our community, we need to work to improve it ourselves. Lets not create another law, do it ourselves. Be an American!!! Stop complaining and do something!!!

Im just sayin

Come on leave the kids alone A couple bitchy neighbors who bought next to a school. So for a couple complaints we will punish a hundred or so kids on carts trying to get to school. The same people will bitch if you put all those kids in cars and the traffic jam is bad. As this country sinks into the sewer we need to lighten up and help, not create problems. Be grateful the kids want to go to school instead of breaking into your home for an easy buck.

I think you meant whinnying(neighing) didn't you?

I don't know what whinning means!

The funny thing is, there is maybe two houses at most effect by where we park. And there is enough room to get a cart past all the issues within the parking and isnt that all the space you need?

Dondol's picture

You know people around here wonder why as soon as the kids graduate high school they move as far away from PTC as they can, you constantly piss on them and tell them its raining. Give these kids a brake there is no extra parking at McIntosh period and with the parking across the street gone whats a kid to do. <strong>Remember one thing people, they are the ones that will decide what nursing home you end up in, piss em off now, pay for it later. Come on council don't be Stupid.<strong/>

I have a conventional idea that can solve all of these parking problems.


That's what they are there for. Whining, sniveling, snot-nosed kids have everything handed to them on a silver platter and what do they, complain that the platter isn't shiny enough. I for one hope that they cannot park there any more. Ride the bus you brats.

Ever count the carts at Macintosh? Know how many more buses would have to run to pick them up? We don't have them or the drivers or the gas or the maintenance!
With a parent like you (maybe you aren't one) they need something to get away from the house in as often as possible. Then they act like you!

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The city has placed no parking signs along aprox. 75' on the east end of the cart path across from McIntosh. I hope this means it's ok to park on the rest of the path because its going to be wall to wall golf carts on the section of the path that was not used for parking previously.

SPQR's picture

Oh well. PW moved the signs so now the whole length of the cart path is NO PARKING. I still don't understand the logic of permitting parking on the path next to the school but not on the one across the street. Could it be the result of another survey?

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