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PTC might keep voice control for pets

It looks like Peachtree City’s voice control option for animal control just might stay after all.

City staff has withdrawn a recommendation to adopt a leash requirement, in part because it would have prevented a small percentage of dog bites and incidents.

The recommendation will be discussed by City Council tonight at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Also on the agenda is a review of potential cell phone tower sites in the city. Council is expected to receive public comments on both issues.

Of the seven dog bite cases in the city last year, none of them would have been prevented had leash restrictions been in place, according to the staff memo circulated to the City Council in advance of the meeting.

Previously, Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark recommended the city adopt a leash law because the current voice control rule is unenforceable.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

City Hall really needs to stand up and have a spine. Adopt a leash law whether we need it or not; whether the citizens want it or not.

Take a page out of PrezBO's play book - government knows best! Citizens be damned.

Hpefully the new councilpeople will take this on and adopt a leash law. They don't have to follow staff's reccomendations.

Live free or die!

Not passing a leash law in my opinion would be a terrible mistake..

If we can prevent one single dog bite from occurring because of this law then it's a law well worth it. I have seen dogs in my 40+ years that behave quite well with voice commands but I also have seen those same dogs on rare occasions not respond.

If the city insists on keeping the voice command law then maybe they need to enhance it in which only those owners who can reasonably demonstrate they can control their dogs via voice command be allowed. Have owners pay a $5.00 registration fee (every 6 months) and go to the police department for a voice command test. Owners who pass the test will be given a license for 6 months and those who don't or refuse to have to use a leash. Let's also mandate that owners have some kind of proof of insurance in case there dog bites someone.

Demonstrate voice command!!!
How many people who walk the dog at various times have to have a license?

It is one thing for a dog to mind once with no reason not to do so, and another when he has a reason to do so!

Is the town staff (who would that be?) basing their recommendation on how many have had to go to the doctor or catch rabies? There are hundreds of incidents that do not reported---maybe 25% of them dog dooo.

Is it possible for the elected officials to act without "staff" recommendations?

You don't suppose dog owners called some of them do you?

Just how many tickets has the town issued for bad dogs?
Better yet, how many will they issue any other way the law is set? NONE.

Don't touch my dog or cat! Don't speak to my children when they are being destructive either!

Quite simple, just align the city ordinance with the county ordinance concerning animal restraint (on property and off property). How hard is that?

shame you did not read my entire response (as usual) otherwise you would have noticed that I favor a leash law and said that if the city insists on keeping voice command that we should do more to ensure only responsible owners are allowed to use voice commands. Sadly, this is not the answer but in the event city officials waffle, it something and that's better then doing nothing. There are far to many owners out there who can not control their dogs by voice and are allowed to be on our path system.
Personally I would like to see the idiot council who voted against a leash law have to pay for the medical bills of those who are injured as a result of uncontrolled dogs from their own pockets. Maybe then they would think twice before voting down another leash law.
The cities failure to pass a leash law only means that I will have to start think about carrying something with me on the path system to permanently incapacitate a dog comes at me or a member of my family.

Bonk, if I caught your kids being destructive I would give them the sternest butt chewing they've ever gotten and because their your kids I might smack their butts hard enough for you to feel it.

Well, one of my sons is a Navy Seal and the other one is a paratrooper. Have at it!
My two daughters are black belts. and carry.

Anyway "butt chewing" instead of normal peaceful actions, would get you into severe trouble. "Butt chewing" and whooping, the thing! (When you haven't done the job earlier)

Dog owners who take their animals on public property should be required to have them physically restrained. I don't understand how the city can ignore the laws of the county and permit dogs to go unrestrained when off the owners property. What is so wrong with dogs being on a leash when off the owner's property? Must be a PTC thing.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the meeting this evening but did send Mayor Haddix an email explaining a stiuation I had while attending the dog park in Peachtree City. In short form, my small dog was attacked by the entire lot of dogs attendiing the park that afternoon. Owners screamed for their dogs to stop the chase with no avail. The speed of my cockapoo saved her time while fleeing approx. 15 large breed dogs. A pet owner eventually scooped her up as she ran past in desparation. If not for that particular pet owner whose clutch was able to grab my pet while ours could not, no doubt, my dog would be dead. I think the dog park is a great idea and was naive to any dangerous situations for my pet. No matter how well behaved the dog may be,(my dog went thru obedience training) they are still animals, animals with instincts. It only takes one mishap to lose your pet and one time is too much and too late. Former Mayor Steve Brown witnessed this event. I hope the vote sways to save even one animals life. Voice control will not always control the situation at hand.

I thought a cokapoo was a parrot!

That is like taking a Chiwauwawa (or whatever) to a pit bull fight to try and win!

Want a special park?

Hey idiot, why did you have your little, under 30 pound dog in the large dog area of the dog park. Also, I was there and it was not an attack it just seemed that way due to the size of the dogs. Had your dog been a larger dog in that situation it would have just been an aggressive run in the park.

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