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Are we headed toward civil war?

One hundred and fifty years ago on Tuesday half of America went to war with the other half.

The men on both sides were incredibly similar. Both armies were largely made up of conservative, white, Protestant, males. Both sides believed in capitalism, gun ownership and the military, individual responsibility for one’s station in life, manifest destiny, being engaged in politics, extremely limited government power and spending, and government power being concentrated at the local and state level. They only really disagreed about one issue, slavery.

Fast forward to 2011: Today we also live in a divided nation. Our current division is over absolutely every issue. The right believes in capitalism, small government, the rule of law, individual responsibility, the end of entitlements, sealing the borders from illegal immigration, and patriotism.

The left believes in socialism to varying degrees, government solutions to every problem, rule by the whim of the majority, rights without responsibility, redistribution of wealth through entitlements, letting in unlimited numbers of illegals (a.k.a. undocumented Democrats), and powerful world government and international law.

The conservatives live in the suburbs and the country while the leftists mainly live in the cities. The two sides hold opposite opinions on social issues, bedroom issues, and education issues as well.

I don’t think the left and the rights could agree on the color of rice. There is no middle ground. The right, by and large, holds the traditional American view point on most issues. To be honest, the left is the side that has changed radically over time.

It is difficult to be to be slightly leftist (slightly socialist) and not move further to the left as time goes on. Many on the left are not true believers in Marxism, but they have a vested financial interest in using the democratic process to loot wealth from the successful citizens in our society.

Whether the Democrat leaders are buying votes with tax-funded transfer payments or their loser constituents are selling their vote for a Treasury check, it is still looting and bribery.

On the right some lobby for corporate welfare, military contracts, and other special treatment. But for the most part the people on the right wish to be left alone to live free. So in the end the two sides are fighting over the Democrats’ ability to bribe their constituents with other people’s money.

This difference of opinion is increasingly taking on an angry, emotional aspect. I know that I am angry as hell about our current fiscal situation. Politics is getting dirtier. There is no reconciling the opposing opinions, no middle ground.

Given that one issue drove us to arms in the Civil War, is there any hope that we can avoid a fight in the near future?

Yes, I know that Americans are much more fat, lazy, and complacent today. Also their honor and principles are not necessarily as indispensably important to them anymore. But I think continuing or worsening economic conditions will force people to get off their butts and act.

What form will the civil war take? Militias forming into armies and marching off like in 1861? Or perhaps an “Atlas Shrugged” style strike by the industrialists and entrepreneurs of society? Maybe the rich and influential will move themselves, their businesses, and their capital overseas causing further economic collapse?

It wouldn’t be much of a civil war given that most of the people on the left are too lazy, incompetent, and ignorant to get organized. One way or another, the insanity and fiscal disaster that is our socialized democracy will end. Let’s hope it does not end too badly.

Bill Gilmer

Fayetteville, Ga.



I voided a long response just to say this:
I would fight on the side of the ignorant, lazy, no-good, entitled, bums who elected President Obama, in such a war!

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[quote=roundabout]I voided a long response just to say this:
I would fight on the side of the ignorant, lazy, no-good, entitled, bums who elected President Obama, in such a war![/quote]

and you would lose. Why? Because your Army would be like the French all run and no gun.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

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The lack of logic or understanding in this letter is truly incredible. Bemoaning differences and then driving a big fat wedge in there. Wow!

"All generalizations are false, including this one." - Mark Twain

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The lack of logic or understanding in this letter is truly incredible. Bemoaning differences and then driving a big fat wedge in there. Wow!

"All generalizations are false, including this one." - Mark Twain

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I took great offence at that ignorant statement from the left, especially since my great, great grandfather died at Andersonville Prison, June, 1864,to defend his right to say that and hold that office. 2 weeks later, my great grandgfather he never saw was born. I've read his letters to his wife and I know what he believed he died for was a noble cause, yet he longed to be home with his wife and family but suffred a horrible death. I also disagree what was ignorantly said by our former President on the right, "They're doing the work Americans won't do". That, and wanting to sell the security of our ports to the Arabs was the final straw. We all knew then he was a cop out and phony. Having voted on the right for so many years, I feel I can justafiably disagree with Bill G's conclusion of the right is right and the left is wrong. Neither want borders; the right got us in 2 wars without end; the left lied they would get us out , but now we're in deeper; the right wants capitalism...but sends our jobs oversess and over the border and in America, we're already socialist as a nation. The financial interest of both is greed and the Fed serves itself. Washington is full of power hungry, sold-out-to-lobbyist millionaires on both sides. As for what is the next Civil's up to each sate to hold the county at a time. Fayette County still is a great example of what we all be with family and maintain a quality of life that is not divided by politics, color, gender or religion. Stay civil and act local.

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“Both sides believed in…..extremely limited government power and spending, and government power being concentrated at the local and state level.”

Not exactly Mr. Gilmer I don’t think both sides believed this at all. The North was led by a Republican whose mentor was Henry Clay. Mr. Clay, the sophist of the American System philosophy that promoted a vast expansion in the power of the federal government. This included debt financing, “internal improvements”, and vast new tariffs, taxes and fees. None of which could get by the pre-Civil War Congress. Its adoption by the Congress following the Civil War led to one of the most corrupt periods in American history, all of which was blamed on President Grant, but born out of Clay and Lincoln’s American System. This corrupt period is only surpassed by our own recent Congresses.

Mr. Clay was also noteworthy along with Mr. Lincoln for both being active members of the The American Colonization Society. The aim of the society as Mr. Lincoln said in his eulogy to Mr. Clay supported, "“…. to relieve slave-holders from the troublesome presence of the free negroes; but this was far from being its whole merit in his (Clay’s) estimation. In the same speech from which I (Lincoln) have quoted he (Clay) says: "There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children, whose ancestors have been torn from her by the ruthless hand of fraud and violence. Transplanted in a foreign land, they will carry back to their native soil the rich fruits of religion, civilization, law and liberty. May it not be one of the great designs of the Ruler of the universe, (whose ways are often inscrutable by short-sighted mortals,) thus to transform an original crime, into a signal blessing to that most unfortunate portion of the globe?" This suggestion of the possible ultimate redemption of the African race and African continent, was made twenty-five years ago. Every succeeding year has added strength to the hope of its realization. May it indeed be realized!""

So, notwithstanding the cult surrounding Mr. Lincoln, like all history there are two sides to every story. Clearly slavery was the central issue that galvanized armed action, but one of the biggest casualties of the Civil War was the power of the citizens of the respective states in determining their own destiny.

Go read some history Mr. Gilmer.

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