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With no disclosure, Commissioner Hearn appoints cousin to post

Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it does.

In 2010 we had a situation where a full quorum of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners was spotted having an improper meeting in a local restaurant in Fayetteville to discuss how they were going to change the county’s Board of Elections to their advantage.

Just before the end of the year and their terms (Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell had been voted out of office), the Board of Commissioners did make some significant changes, including veto power over any person either the Democrat or Republican party appointed as their representative to the Board of Elections.

Of course, those changes cast a dark shadow over our local government with elected officials having total control over the people who oversee their elections.

Then the new commissioners Allen McCarty and Steve Brown took office. Both of the new guys began raising serious objections to the improper meetings and the fact the previous Board of Commissioners wasn’t following county policy and procedures. They called the new law regarding the Board of Elections “a serious threat to impartial elections.”

The public stink caused by Commissioner McCarty and Commissioner Brown worked and the three holdovers (Commissioner Herb Frady, Commissioner Lee Hearn and Commissioner Robert Horgan) backed off the new law and restored the old method of letting the two political parties select their own representatives to oversee elections without interference from the Board of Commissioners.

Another problem presented itself when the three holdovers voted off the only Board of Elections member with any solid elections experience as the other members were new. Both Commissioner McCarty and Commissioner Brown tried to convince the three holdovers to keep the experienced member because a fouled-up election could bring the U.S. Department of Justice into town.

The three holdovers ignored the two new commissioners and appointed a “friend” of Commissioner Lee Hearn instead.

What the three holdovers attempted to do with controlling elections and getting rid of experienced members was bad. However, it gets worse.

At the April 6 Commissioners workshop meeting, Commissioner Brown came out and said that he heard the person the three holdovers appointed, instead of keeping the experienced person, was a cousin of Commissioner Hearn and asked if that was true.

Sheepishly, the three holdovers looked down and Commissioner Hearn mumbled under his breath that what Commissioner Brown had just said was true.

So this new Board of Elections member whom Commissioner Hearn described as “someone he knew from church” when they appointed him and is supposed to impartially oversee our elections is really a relative of Commissioner Hearn.

After Commissioner Hearn was forced to come clean, Commissioner Brown angrily pointed out the family relationship had never been disclosed and said Commissioner Hearn should have made a full disclosure to the public and the two new commissioners.

Does it look right for a county elected official to appoint a relative to a board that is going to oversee his re-election results in about 12 months?

Corruption is when a government official rigs things for his private gain and I’m going to let the reader decide if you think this case applies.

One thing we can say without hesitation is the good old boy system is alive and well in Fayette County. We’ve got the useless West Fayetteville Bypass as the symbol of government mismanagement and good old boyism.

The three holdovers said they are opposed to mass transit in Fayette County but voted to keep the bus routes in our county. We’ve got the same three holdovers who voted against giving the public 24-hour notice on anything they might vote on in a Board of Commissioners meeting.

Is this the kind of government we deserve?

David Barlow

Tyrone, Ga.



Things have gone from bad to worse with the commissioners. When Commmissioner Hearn announced that he knew his nominee as "a leader in our church", jaws dropped, and people walked out of the meeting shaking their heads. Now he's caught red-handed trying to conceal nepotism. Shame!

I worked for the U. S. government for 33 years, and part of my job was making binding determinations whether companies were affiliated. In determining affiliation, the Code of Federal Regulations treats members of the same family as a single party in determining power to control. Mr. Hearn very clearly has an identity of interest with his nominee cousin through his church and family connections. In the interest of open and transparent government, he should make a motion to recuse himself and withdraw his nomination based upon that relationship. To do less would be the road to ruin in terms of keeping appointments fair, impartial, and open. If this appointment is allowed to stand, then it opens the door for the other commissioners to do the same. These commissioners stand above federal employees, who may be disciplined even for creating the appearance of a conflict of interest. Politics at its worst.

Mr. Hearn has also been quoted as not responding to public comments to avoid lengthy arguments. Instead of being responsive,he singled out one family that is fighting the West Bypass as "being understandably upset." However, he went on to say that those whose property will be taken by eminent domain must understand what he had to go through as a boy. His family had to give up property because the City of Palmetto needed water, and had no other way to get to the water. What he doesn't realize is that people aren't stupid. They understand that the city needing water is an urgent and compelling reason to condemn property. What they don't understand is having to lose their property to development when no traffic study has indicated that failure to build the West Bypass now will result in a major traffic problem.He doesn't seem to care that the road ends nowhere, and from that point, motorists are on their own. I give him credit for supplying reasons for pressing on, even though they don't make sense.

Commissioner Hearn went on to say that he was supporting the west bypass because he represents 106,000 people who voted for it. What he fails to comprehend is that those same people voted Commissioners Brown and McCarty in to get rid of the West Bypass. By "staying glued" to the mindset of the previous commissioners, he is deliberately preventing the new commissioners from doing the job they were elected to do.It's a disgraceful disservice to the majority of voters, and more of them need to speak up publicly.

Then we have Commissioner Frady who, after listening to Commissioner Brown's motion to finish the county's priority project, the East Bypass, simply said that priorities change. The 2010 Commissioners were all too willing to blame the 2003 commissioners for starting the West Bypass project. But when it came time to completing the countywide #1 priority project, the East Bypass first, they decided not to abide by the county mandate, and instead, prioritized the West Bypass simply by moving ahead with it.

Commissioner Horgan also remained loyal to the West Bypass, and recently stated that he had no idea that the county had made the East Bypass the #1 priority. He really hasn't said that much about the Bypass issue, most likely because he had a surprising major problem of his own in 2010. Yet for some reason, he, too, resists straying from the 2010 flock.

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Hearn is the same Commissioner who tried to assure West Bypass homeowners during the March 24th, 2011 Commission Meeting that all was above board with the Bypass by saying, "THERE WERE NO BACKROOM DEALS, THERE WAS NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE DONE IN TERMS OF THE PLANNING."

He challenged those same homeowners "to look at the bigger picture" and to think of the common good as they sign away their property for an extremely controversial $30,000,000 road that provides six developers with road frontage for their developments.

I guess we are also supposed to sit back and say nothing when Frady, Hearn, and Horgan elect Hearn's cousin to our Board of Elections.

This deal is clearly for Hearn, Frady, Horgan, Smith and Maxwell's COMMON GOOD! And, yes, they are obviously looking at the BIGGER PICTURE!

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Paddle Quick, I hear Banjo music!!!!!

Do you mean the third cousin is an albino? Can he really pluck a five string?

I've given mine and would love to hear other opinions. There may even be those who feel this should be ignored. Anyone planning to vote for Hearn next year please speak up.

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Definitley unethical and should probably be addressed, but i'm curious just how one could rig an election. Maybe we should just let this play out. I'm really curious how it's done. Maybe the Justice department is just what we need. could they be the ones to finally open all our eyes to connecting the dots of this monster called the WFB?

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finally go past simple rhetoric and accusation and actually follow through. Don't know much about graft and corruption, but Steve certainly has put that on the table with Hearn. What an opportunity. Since it is obvious that Hearn deceptively pushed an appointment of a family member, he surely violated the law. If not, then I guess there is no real complaint, is there? So why hasn't Brown filed charges in the appropriate venue? Why aren't we hearing of a formal investigation? Why is there no action being taken to rid us of a commissioner who surely broke the law?

Brown has always been a man of accusation but little action. In fact he has always been a man of accusation but has NEVER TAKEN ANY ACTION! Are we to sit here for another year with a known corrupt commissioner with no further action being taken?

Come on Steve, you've uncovered the corrupt conspiracy, now it's time for you to follow through and hold the corrupt politicians accountable. If you are unwilling to move forward with this, at least write a letter to the editor and explain your lack of legal recourse. Our commission needs to work together. This 3-2 split for another year has already created some very bad decisions and inaction. It has or will stop businesses from locating here. It is time for action Steve, are you up to it?

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After all, his first foray into politics was a scant 10 years ago when he was on the PTC Ethics committee - appointed by some fool Peachtree City Councilman who is probably ashamed of foisting this grandstander on us.

And then he had to defend himself from something about his secretary from that same ethics committee a couple of years later. I think he actually turned himself in.

And then after that he made an appearance before the state Ethics Board. Something about illegal campaigning for some issue or another.

So the boy knows his way around the ethics business, so like you say - we've gone past the Camera part so now Ready? Action?

The "something about his secretary" you mention was she watched his kids awhile at work while he went out to the best of my recollection---a terrible thing to do, huh? He went ahead and paid for the time.

The illegal campaigning, as I remember it, was when he appeared on closed circuit local TV as a citizen and was blamed by people like you for being the Mayor. Another horrible situation!
Almost as bad as those folks at the old MeLears grubstake place and the Fayetteville judges behaviour and treatment of prisoners, huh?

Do you have an opinion on any of that? Or are those situations your buddies?

More good old boys and girls, I suppose---it is Georgia, after all.

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The "secretary" thing was when Brown sent a city secretary to pick his daughter up from golf camp. That is clearly a violation of the Ethics Laws (using city resources for personal gain). When this was pointed out, Brown, instead of simply apologizing and paying the $10 or so salary, instead decided to file a complaint against himself, demand a full blown Ethics Hearing (very expensive to the city), and proceed to use the hearing as a bully pulpit to personally and publicly attack by name a number of citizens and former city leaders. When asked for a chance to rebut, those he attacked were told that "only named witnesses were allowed to testify." Brown used city funds and the ethics board as a personal opportunity to drag people through the mud with no means of recourse. Did he know he could do this? My bet is not only OF COURSE, and it was his intent.

The closed circuit thing you make such light of was clearly in violation. It regarded the SPLOST. It is directly illegal for a politician to either support or not support this type of thing. Brown new that (he attended an ethics class when elected mayor and signed that he fully understood the laws). His little "show" stated that he was "Steve Brown, Mayor Peachtree City." He blamed Comcast. But regardless it is most likely that a sitting govt. leader can't simply "turn off" the fact of his office at his convenience. He also did this when he was caught negotiating an annexation into Peachtree City of Weiland homes during an annexation moratorium that he fully supported. When presented with this he also used the "just another citizen" excuse. But one must wonder, would he have been able to not consider his work as "just another citizen" when asked to make policy regarding the subject as Mayor? Even if he is bipolar and suffers some bizarre split personality disorder, wouldn't nepotism be to a far greater degree when dealing with your alter-ego than a cousin of your mother?

But bottom line Round, you make light of his discretion. He clearly was in violation of the Ethics Laws. Laws that he signed on to when he became Mayor. Laws he claimed to completely understand. A violation, no matter how small, is still a violation. Or are we now saying "what's the big deal, it was only a small violation." If so, then isn't a distant relative only a "small violation" of nepotism?

OK. let us arrest the sheriff then!

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Ok, let's arrest him.
After all, breaking the law is breaking the law. The result (punishment) is designed to fit the crime. But breaking the law is breaking the law. When Brown broke the law, he was required to pay the money back to the city. When he broke it again, the legal body, the Ethics Committee, chose to not punish him.
As I see it, if Hearn broke the law, then let's bring him up to the appropriate venue and have him answer for it. That's why we have laws. I just want Brown to finally step up to the plate and follow through with his accusations. He likes to use the Citizen and other public forums to "try" his opponents. Then we "punish" them by firing them without due course. I am not a Hearn supporter but I believe that he has a right to not be tried by public opinion regarding something that may or may not be illegal. There is a forum for that and that is where he should be held accountable.
Mostly I just want Brown to put up or shut up. He has, over the years, attacked too many with accusation, innuendo, and rumor and has NEVER, EVER brought any charges. He simply digs and digs until he latches on to something to accuse with and then, like a rabid dog, he attacks and attacks at public meetings and in the paper. It seems the county wants Hearn gone, here is Brown's chance. Does he have the courage? We'll see.
My guess is it's all nothing but a Brown smokescreen and he'll simply feed the shark frenzy and never follow through. He is, basically, a coward.

You didn't have but one sentence about the sheriff. 18 about Brown.

The dude hired as a third cousin a sin---a wife fine!

birdman's picture

I don't really care that Hearn nominated his distant relative. I don't see the personal gain. No pay and it's unlikely that anyone would violate lots of federal and state statutes to get his distant cousin in as county commissioner. But Brown created the situation by publicly accusing Hearn of corruption. Yet, as you pointed out, the sheriff hired his wife. But where is Brown? Not a peep out of him. Wouldn't that be a decision that he should take on? Why doesn't he question that hire? Easy. Brown doesn't want to be Sheriff, he wants to be Chairman of the Commission. So his best route to his goal is to eliminate those who would vote against him. He set his sights on Smith, got him, Set his sights on Frady, Heard, and Hearn. Working the whole west Fayette bypass thing, not getting enough traction. So dig and dig and low and behold he turns up the distant cousin thing. Well, he only needs one more vote. Get rid of all 3 or just Hearn. Either way he gets his vote and becomes Chairman.
His silence on the Sheriff shows he doesn't really care. His failure to actually file any charges shows he doesn't really care. He's out for personal gain. He'll use this issue to try and destroy Hearn at the polls and get "his" guy in.
So, yeah, my blog is about BROWN. He is the one who will harm the county. He is the one who will insert his massive ego into all aspects of our commission work, He has been doing that since he won. The net result? Businesses will run for the hills. Infrastructure will suffer. Expenses will go up. The county will suffer, just as Peachtree City did, under Brown's "vision" for us.
So, do I fear a distant cousin will risk prison to make sure his relative is a county commissioner? Heck no. Do I fear the Brown government? HECK YES!

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Who was that? Somebody on commission took on the sheriff - something to do about the County Marshalls. As you point out Brown is a coward and certainly will not take on someone who can fight back as the sheriff obviously will. Throwing mud at Hearn is a perfect tactic. No need to prove anything or do anything, just enough sticks so he's not reelected. Brown is on his way to chairperson and that could be just 8 months away. And the 3rd vote? You'll never know who it is until the actual vote. It will be someone that gets elected by being distant from Brown - knowing of course that a Brown endorsement is toxic. God help us. Brown in charge of the county. Obama winning a second term. Haddix is mayor of Peachtree City. Only thing worse would be Barnes as Governor.

Nevertheless, no one can tell me why Watts was not asked to stay on. Something is fishy with that even more so than the cousin controversy.

Live free or die!

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"Something is fishy with that even more so than the cousin controversy."

Follow this rule Mr. Morgan and you usually will find the reason behind "appointments":

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

What did Hearn support that Frady and Horgan wanted?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Is that what both Frady and Horgan wanted? Something else? I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Its right on the tip of my tongue.

Live free or die!

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Greetings, Mr. Deadguy:

First of all, fighting an incumbent Sheriff is difficult enough. Fighting Randall the Magnificent was entirely more difficult (ask Greg Dunn). Wayne Hannah (charged with ethical lapses of his own) might well be a lesser challenge than Randall. However, I do not believe that this is one of Brown's targets. I oftentimes agree with your posts but not all of this and it seems rather latent. More on this.

First, the trip down memory lane... The Commission Chairman who set up the Marshall's office was Dr. George Patton. He saw the Sheriff with too much power. He was honorable. Unfortunately he is the same Commission Chair that herded us from McIntosh Trail to the Atlanta Regional Commission, a move that even Dan Lakly, the great (may he rest in peace), later regretted.

Memorable Commission chairs we have had. Rick Price, who pejoratively sterotyped PTC Councilmember Annie McMenamin as a "typical small breasted woman" also insulted one of our towns. He said that Tyrone would never be signficant because the name "Tyrone" has that "black connotation" to it. Oddly, I thought Tyrone was a county in Ireland. And who can forget Steve Wallace, the commission chair who was arrested drunk in a parking lot beating up his girlfriend. Oh, what leaders.

Back to Brown. Surely when critiquing the Commissioner it can be said that he puts up a very large target. And surely you are myopic in your Schadenfreude desire to see him fail. However, a coward he most assuredly is not. Be careful if he takes aim at you or your program for he will commit political suicide (and not realize he is doing that) to accomplish it. Ask the former city attorney of Peachtree City.

The point here (to which I think you initially agreed) --- Hearn unabashedly disregarded even a third grader's Sunday School knowledge of ethics and should be taken to task for it. It will probably be given the Sonny Perdue review and forgotten.

It all is meaningless, really, but it does make for fabulous entertainment and I do read your posts. Good day !

birdman's picture

Gosh, and I thought I new a little history! Great review of our illustrious commissioners. I guess actually Brown may be in his natural element. Saying we want to see Brown fail is like Rush saying he wanted Obama to fail. What we really mean is we hope he fails in his endeavors that are detrimental to our county. You see, he failed as mayor but succeeded in getting much of his agenda in place. Problem was his agenda was a failure. It caused a 22 % property tax increase, 2 expensive law suits that we lost, a huge increase in city salaries and an increase in city staff, three ethics violations (Brown had 2 and Rapson had 1), a loss of city prestige in surrounding cities and counties, an ignorance of important city infrastructure, incurring a huge debt to buy 5 acres of land to simply stop development, and most devastating, a loss of business and jobs to PTC due to the fighting and unfriendly atmosphere created by Brown's public rantings as Mayor.
This will also be the result county wide if his agenda is allowed to succeed. He will, no doubt, get rid of all of the big 3, or, at least one of them. He will become Chairman. He will micromanage the county to levels that will cause great embarrassment and expense to us all. He will then be kicked out of office just as he was in PTC.
It will be entertaining. Expensive, but entertaining.

Dondol's picture

Its a fact that Brown's screwed up just about everything he's come in contact with and cost the Citizens of PTC a nice some of money, but so did the Sheriff's wife. Everyone seems to forget the fact that Mrs. Sheriff caused an accident while responding (with no lights/sirens on) to an alarm at her own House! Now how much Money did Mrs. Sheriff cost the Citizens of Fayette county with that little fiasco. HUMMM?

Is everyone afraid to have an opinion on the sheriff and wife working together and want the hated Brown to tackle it? Get him into touble, maybe?

Doesn't the citizens of Fayette County elect the sheriff? Is their not an ethics group who oversees that office? The judges had such a committee!

Jst becaus he was elected and the wife was their with him already does not invalidate ethics rules.

If it is fine, then say so legally.

TinCan's picture

You are hands down winner of the "classic subject line of the year" award.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I do love birdman's trips down memory lane with the brown reign of error. We tend to forget and even minimize some of his antics over time, but he truly was far worse than just a gadfly elected to an office that was beyond him - he actually cost the city lots of money and did damage our prestige with all the silly "old Guard" and "developer" posturing.

Live free or die!

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The politics of character assassination and accusations of everything from "criminal activity" to "violating this or that" are the Steve Brown legacy in PTC and he's adding to it again as FC commissioner. As birdman rightly points out, Brown has quite a history of leveling accusations and doing nothing about it. You think the FC's violated the Open Meetings something about it. You think there are unethical actions taking place......OK, file an ethics complaint. Stop grandstanding for once and DO SOMETHING. I know you and Haddix are out of your comfort zone when it involves anything besides hyper emotionalism or demonizing those who disagree with you, but sometimes you have to take the initiative instead of just whining and screeching over and over.

Now on to the Hearn matter....what a fiasco. It amazes me how damn dumb someone who has worked in govt for many years and been in office for a while can be this ignorant. My guess is he's not really dumb; he simply has no ethics or common sense whatsoever. I never voted for him before and surely there will be decent opposition to this slug if he has the audacity to run again.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Yes. Hearn gone. So what? Who is the replacement? Someone like Brown? Maybe another Peter, maybe another Dunn, maybe his wifey, maybe Bost comes back. How about Steve (do nothing) Black - remember him? Better yet Rosemary Kloo or Rick Price or Bill Bonner. Linda Wells is available.

I'm ok with Maxwell and Smith coming back.

Do we ever vote for someone that get's the job done????
Well, no.

Live free or die!

Mike King's picture

...our granstander #1 is well adapted to slinging mud, inflammatory rhetoric, and alienating others but extremely short on accomplishments. This may be due to Brown and Haddix (grandstander #2) having devised a scheme whereby likely the most unsuccessful and irrelevant two politicians in the history of Fayette County can get themselves elected via low voter turnout, then thrust themselves upon the whole of the county in a fit of jealous rage.

It will be interesting to see if there is any followup to #1's claim of nepotism, but my bet is that he'll do as #2 does by lighting another inconsequential fire so as to divert attention. Since their ardent followers have such short memories, this tactic has served them both well.

birdman's picture

The question is WILL BROWN ACT? and if not, WHY NOT? Perhaps nepotism as it applies to this case is just not a problem. Don't really know. Bet Brown does though. So I can only surmise that if he has Heard in violation of a law, either ethical or criminal, and choses not to do anything about it, is he really representing the people as he claims? Or can we deduce that his inaction means he knows that Heard did nothing wrong? Or can we deduce that he is simply a yellow-bellied coward and is too chicken to actually act on anything?

Maybe he'll answer my questions. If not, then I can only assume that as a citizen of Fayette County, he has decided that I am not important enough to address. If that's the case, I hope the citizens remember his failure to charge a commissioner who broke the law.

If you read this Steve, consider it a challenge. It is finally time for you to man up and actually take action. Time to do something or get off the pot. If you aren't man enough for the job, then shut up and resign.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Good old Peter Pfeifer has contributed the factoid that Marilyn Watts was behind the unveiling of then candidate Horgan as a closet Democrat (no offense to you, bird, but being a Dem in Fayette County is not currently fashionable) but running as a Republican. So it is a Horgan vendetta against Watts, with Hearn pushing his dopey cousin off on us as a sideshow.

Now that gives Brown something else to take action on and get Horgan as well. A twofer demonization for the brown clown. Tempting, but as you have asked - will he actually do something with it? I really hope so, but I'm betting on just more empty bluster. You would think at the very least he could forse another vote on the cousin and insist that Hearn recuse himself. That would be a 2-2 vote and end it right here.

Live free or die!

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The question here pertains to who will be in charge of our County Elections. Would you rather have a well qualified person running our elections or would you rather have the novice cousin/fellow church member of a Commissioner managing our elections?

Does it not bother you that our Commissioner only identified his nominee for the Elections Board as a member of his church and failed to say the man is his cousin?

Why did Commissioner Hearn not identify Mr. Lester as his cousin when he nominated him for the position?

Why have our previous and some of our current Commissioners been bound and determined to control the election process in Fayette County?

They were told by the head of the Republican Party that if they continued on that path the Justice Deparment would come into the County and investigate.

That stopped them for a bit. Now, one of our Commissioners is nominating his cousin to sit on the Election Board and two other Commissioners are voting in favor of that move.

There is something very wrong with that picture!

NUK_1's picture

...was totally against the move to takeover the elections board and voted against it, so it wasn't all of our previous commissioners that thought it was a good idea, it was Smith.

All of Birdman's psychedelic babble causes me to wonder if he's hanging around with Horgan again.

It ain't a conspiracy because the guy is really Hearn's relative. It shouldn't surprise any of us that Birdman blessed a deal where a guy's relatives can have control of the elections process over his election.

And Nuk is right saying Eric Maxwell didn't go along with the scheme to rip off an election. I'll give the guy some points for that.

All the Brown haters just can't hold it in. But too darn bad they'd rather choose the corrupt side than the right democratic way just because they hate Brown so much!!!

hutch866's picture

No where did I see where Birdman endorsed anything Hearn did, he just wondered why Steve didn't carry through with his crusade. You seem to twist things just like Steve does, I'm still waiting for him to tell me who my guys are. Just another bit of innuendo from good old Steve.

I yam what I yam

ginga1414's picture

I have to give credit where it is due and it was very apparent that Eric Maxwell had the wisdom to see that trying to control the elections process was a BAD IDEA!

Nuk, when you say, "it was Smith," you are absolutely right. Smith ruled the roost from the day he took office and I wouldn't be surprised, at all, to find out that he is still controlling the Commission. The man had and has his fingers in too many pies

NUK_1's picture it was easy too remember :) He was adamant against the idea while the other 4 didn't seem to care whatsoever, despite hearing from head Repub honcho in FC David Studdard who told them what a really BAD idea it was.

It seems that some of our commissioners have such fragile ego's that when someone else suggest Option A, it will always be Option B instead.

What about the sheriff's wife?

"Corruption is when a government official rigs things for his private gain and I’m going to let the reader decide if you think this case applies."

I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

ginga1414's picture

I agree, Spear, with your assessment of Mr. Barlow's letter. He always has a way of getting to the point with his straight-up commentary and I appreciate that.

This whole situation could have been avoided if Mr. Hearn had been straight-up with the citizens.

Commissioner Hearn made his apologies last night at the Commission Meeting and he APPEARED to be sincere.

However, I HAVE TO QUESTION HIS SINCERITY, in light of the fact that Mr. Hearn did nothing to rectify the situation by removing Mr. Lester from the Board of Elections.

In addition, I absolutely cannot get past Mr. Hearn's comments that appeared in the April 3, 2011, issue of the AJC. With reference to the many folks who have been attending our Commission Meetings, looking for answers, Mr. Hearn said, "IT'S BETTER TO JUST LET THEM VENT AND GO ON. IF WE TRY AND EXPLAIN OR ANSWER, IT CREATES ARGUMENTS THAT COULD GO ON FOR HOURS."


I've got news for Commissioners Frady, Horgan and Hearn. They can ignore us all they want to but we will not go away.

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