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Coweta to replace X-ray system at Justice Center

Enough is enough. That’s what Coweta County commissioners thought April 3 when they voted unanimously to replace the X-ray inspection system at the Coweta County Justice Center after it recently experienced multiple failures. The low bid for the replacement system was nearly $42,000.

County IT Director Michael Fouts in an April 3 letter said the AutoClear system purchased in 2006 had experienced multiple failures in the past month, adding his recommendation that the unit be replaced.

County Administrator Theron Gay said three bids were received on the replacement unit. Those included the low bid of $41,841 by L-3 Communications, a $42,974 bid by Smiths Detection that did not include $2,500 in optional software components and a bid by AutoClear that did not meet specifications.

Gay said each of the bids carried a one-year warranty and a four-year extended warranty.

Gay said delivery and installation is expected in approximately one month.

Fouts said the system failure necessitated that court services personnel manually check personal belongings and bags while the system was down for repairs.

The new system will be funded through Justice Center SPLOST funds.


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