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Stair tower to highlight exterior renovations to Westpark Walk

Plans to renovate the exterior of the Westpark Walk shopping center at the intersection of Ga. highways 54 and 74 were approved by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

Coro Realty Advisors plans to add a stair tower element facing the intersection that would contain a new sign and be a central architectural feature for the two-story building at Westpark.

Coro also is proposing to add more landscaping to the area between Hwy. 74 and the buildings along with updated lighting and other exterior upgrades.

It won’t be a radical makeover as was pulled off recently with the Braelinn Village shopping center, but it will be significant enough to stand out. In addition to changing the color of the roof, the plans include the addition of decorative metal louver panels where store signs are currently located.

There will also be new brick accents and decorative metal support columns added to both the two-story and one-story buildings.

Coro also plans to erect a red awning above one of its principal tenants: Verizon Wireless.

One thing that will remain the same at Westpark Walk is the current traffic flow pattern, as no changes are proposed along those lines.

Commissioner Aaron Daily said he liked the overall plan and suggested Coro consider using a bronze-type color for the roof to give the roof a copper effect. Commissioner Frank Destadio said he felt the renovation would be very pleasing to the public.

“This building has needed a facelift for quite a while,” Destadio said.

The conceptual plan for the renovation was approved on a 4-0 vote.


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