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PTC planners scrutinize idea for Hwy. 74 S. bowling center

The architecture of a proposed bowling alley will be one of the biggest factors in whether Peachtree City’s Planning Commission will recommend a zoning restriction be removed for the property, the developer was told Monday night.

Oasis Bowling Centers wants to build near the AutoZone along Ga. Highway 74 South and Rockaway Road. The building would have 24 lanes to start with, with the potential to expand to 30 lanes at a later date, along with an arcade and a bar and restaurant.

A zoning restriction from when the property was rezoned in September 2007 forbids a bowling alley as a use, so the City Council is in the driver’s seat and can turn the bowling alley down if it wishes.

Other than just the architecture, also to be taken into account along with the architecture are the wishes of neighbors in the nearby Wilshire Estates subdivision. Although none appeared at Monday’s Planning Commission meeting, their concerns were communicated by Beth Pullias, the president of the Peachtree Civic Association.

Among those were seeing the landscape plan, concern about the amount of impervious surface, whether the busy times are going to impact traffic in the area and the need to have safe access beyond the current at-grade crossing on Rockaway Road for the city’s cart path system.

Another significant concern from the neighbors is the possibility that alcohol will be sold at the bowling center, Pullias said.

Developer Mike Stephens said at Oasis’s two locations in Loganville and Buford, the company uses private security and off-duty police officers to make sure the area is safe.

Alternate Commissioner Frank DiStadio asked if either location had trouble with gang activity.

“We don’t allow that,” Stephens replied. “We have security. They’ll do whatever they want to in the parking lot if you’ll let them, same as any other shopping center anywhere else you go.”

Stephens said the business would employ about a dozen people full-time and another 30 or more part-time.

Stephens even offered to send a bus to Peachtree City so interested persons could take a look at his Loganville bowling center on a Tuesday night.

The Loganville and Buford locations are open from 10 a.m. to midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, Stephens said.

Planning Commissioner Patrick Staples noted that a bowling alley has been the most requested business from citizens he has had contact with since being on the commission.

He noted, however, that since the business would be located at one of the gateway entrances to the city, more would be expected of the plan, particularly when it comes to landscaping and architecture.



I wonder if the Planning Commission gave their blessing to the used car lot that has developed on Dividend Dr at the so called ministry building....

how long it was going to take for someone to comment.

What's the deal with that anyway? Are they able to have that because of zoning in that area?

I am really curious to learn more about that "ministry". Admittedly I do not know all the facts, but something doesn't seem right about that place. To me its seems like unfair competition. By being a non-profit and operating with a different tax structure and "volunteer labor" they are able to price-cut other local businesses.

My big question here is: Is this Better Ways guy actually doing a lot of good for our community or is he just really good at manipulating non-profit laws?

From what I understand, there is a Better Way Ministry and a Better Way Services. The Services is a for profit and the Ministry is a non-profit. When someone pays with a check, they make it out to "A Better Way". The powers that run the organization determine which account to deposit it in. He is definitely manipulating the law.

according to PTC zoning rules. I guess the rules don't apply.

Roundabout may have the right idea above.

I can't believe I just said that. :)

Another thing I learned recently, is that not all of the volunteers are volunteers. Some of their workers are serving community service, (which I already knew) but some of their "volunteers" are actually paying to be there. Some of those people are actually paying a lot of money to be in their live-in rehab program and as part of that they agree to work in the various Better Way businesses. I guess getting you employees to pay you is really kind of genius but it just seems a little off to me.

The city is funneling people with community service stipulations to "Better Way"?

That just doesn't seem right.

(Caveat: I admit I don't know anything about "community service"...I figured those folks working off "community service" were picking trash up at parks and stuff)

The community service part is not the part I object to. Its the using of the rehab patients.

When you declare yourself a ministry you operate tax exempt or tax free. Maybe I don't understand the tax loopholes but it seems like there are many tax loopholes concerning "churches" and "ministries".

I wonder how much proof they have to provide to be a "non-profit" "ministry". This could be all very legit.

What we don't need around here is walking signs and more churches! Everybody and their brother's cousin seems to be opening a church! Let's put a moratorium on church building construction along with banning walking signs! In fact, let's decree a 50% reduction in the number of churches we have now, all in the name of brotherly love. Let's force those various groups into the same building to get along! Jesus never had a building or sold cars!

Swift Death to Too Many Churches and Spiritual Car Sales!

Go Any Atlanta Team, Please!

Every week nearly a new enterprise is added to the "bum" helping situation on Dividend area.
Is no approval needed from the city to add anything here?

This is a place where one can get moved, get one's car fixed, attend prayer meeting, buy food and stuff, eat a meal, get baby sitting done, drop off Grandma to be attended to, (special license needed), go to work if you attend church, hire a taxi, rent stuff, and I don't know what all!

I am myself interested in opening up such a businesses in the Photocircuit buildings--they are contaminated but we do healing. We will also cut trees, dump old oil for you--and restaurant grease, re-finance your credit cards cheap, bet on all state lotteries for you, and we will have a different carnival show every month with cotton candy and liver and onions served from a cart.

Our church will be unaffiliated but Biblical.

I am myself interested in opening up such a businesses in the Photocircuit buildings--they are contaminated but we do healing. We will also cut trees, dump old oil for you--and restaurant grease, re-finance your credit cards cheap, bet on all state lotteries for you, and we will have a different carnival show every month with cotton candy and liver and onions served from a cart.

hahahahahahahahahahaha! you are on a roll, roundabout! thanks for the laugh this morning. Liver and onions served from a cart?.. LOL

mudcat's picture

Yep, just do whatever strikes your fancy and make them try to shut you down after you have been there a while. Since they are doing God's work they are exempt from the normal anti-business forces. Just don't get cocky and use walking signs - that will get you shut down.

What a deal. Go to church, shop at thrift store, then lunch at the cafe and then buy a car on the way out. But you can also build a pool or get printing done, hire a mover, get lawn service all by going to church. WOW a better way. One stop shop like Walmart.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

John "A Better Way" is a nice person and does indeed do God's work. Things like zoning and approved uses are not on his radar screen. No reason for it to be on your's. Leave him and his young people (who he has saved) alone. He is exempt from the rules because he is a good person.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

Who is a good person anymore?

Your good person and my good person could be polar opposites....so should we leave my good person alone too?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

No mystery about this. If they pray before meals, wear a WWJD? bracelet or tithe to a church (any church), they are good people. And yes, zoning and code enforcement should leave them alone - only exceptions cutting down trees or walking signs.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

we will just have to disagree on this point. Churches are members of the community as well, they should abide by the rules, laws, and codes just like everyone else. No matter what good works they do, they are not above the law.

BTW - It's not what people say they are doing, it's what they are actually doing that counts. Sometimes, people can say they are doing a lot of things and they are doing just the opposite. We never know,sometimes those we hold in the highest regard are actually the worst people in the world.

I don't remember licenses and zoning being done between about 0001 and 0033. Money changers were thrown out of a temple though. By what army, I don't know!

Justy try that at Mobile or Vegas or NC!

[quote=Robert W. Morgan] He is exempt from the rules because he is a good person.[/quote]

Really, Robert? No one should be exempt from "the rules", especially if his/her actions impact a neighborhood or business district.

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AT least I THINK he's being sarcastic......

Robert W. Morgan's picture

But there are some who actually think that way.

Live free or die!

is horrible. I was curious after seeng their slick magazine that came to the house, advertising everything from homemade bread to moving services. There is no way I would ever buy anything that was supposed to be edible and that goes for anything they would have to sell anywhere. The 'thrift' stores on 74 and next to Publix on 54 are clean, have decent merchandise and pleasant to enter--believe me there is a better way and it certainly isn't the way things are on Dividend---and it is definitely getting to be more and more of an eyesore.

A bowling alley is not a permitted use under the current zoning ordinance passed in 2007...what has changed in the last four years that the Planning Commission would now lift that restriction?

PTC property taxes, a new divided state hwy that changes the whole area, Wilshire residents, income needed to operate the city...Somerby babes are gonna need a place to hang out (they gonna bowl for dollars)...to name a few.

The times are a changin', my friend....

Every town needs a place where one can get away from home and kids and wife and drink tons of beer and burst open plastic coated maple pins with a great big ball!
Many babes also go there to show off their form. They have removed the gambling at the pool tables in recent years.
Mostly Catholics bowl but some Baptists also.

It needs a parking lot where autos can be parked, hidden.
There are also no "quiet" bowlers.

The usa is bankrupt. PTC should be glad someone wants invest and build here. Good God all PTC does is chase away business to Coweta. And Wilshire folks bought homes next to and across from commercial properties. So who cares about their opinions. Everyone has a butt and an opinion. What do they think is going to build on commercial property. Getting sick of gas stations and crap. So bring in the bowling and lets get some leagues going and stop taking money to Coweta. Heck a bowling alley would be a lot better than the auto zone, nail salons and dry cleaners


Really? Folks seriously you need help.

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[quote=pumpkin]BEST DISCUSSION YET

Really? Folks seriously you need help.[/quote]

Who said that?

I yam what I yam

If we consider this to be better than a Goodwill, heaven help us!
It will require two full time policemen.

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Now we have another gateway entrance. From Senoia past the recycling center or is it from the south past the animal shelter? Stop this stupid "gateway" stuff and using it as an excuse to demand more landscaping so you can hide someone's business from passersby. This is the kind of crap that drives businesses away and gives us the anti-business rap. Just approve the stupid bowling alley and move on.

If the survey said we wanted it as #1 choice, I'm sure there wasn't a footnote that said "but only if it is nicely landscaped".

Live free or die!

I'll take a Target store. There is nothing down here.

Be Yourself: Because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!

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