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2nd discrimination suit names PTC, police chief

A former Peachtree City housing code official has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the city, Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark and police Sgt. Kay Crider.

According to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Tamara Babb, the problems began after she was transferred from the city’s building department to the police department, which had assumed most of the city’s code enforcement functions.

Within weeks of the transfer, the lawsuit alleges that Babb complained of discrimination based on her gender, including “an endless stream of vulgarities and inappropriate language intended to demean women, such as referring to women as “bitches.”

The lawsuit also accuses Crider, on one occasion, of handing Babb a vegetable on which a sexually suggestive comment was carved.

“This was done openly and in front of Ms. Babb’s colleagues, thus exacerbating the shock, humiliation, pain and suffering that Ms. Babb experienced as a result of this unwelcome and unlawful conduct,” the lawsuit states.

The complaints about the offensive conduct were made to both Chief Clark and the city’s human resources department, the lawsuit claims. Following those complaints, however, Clark demoted Babb to the position of code enforcement officer, which was a reduced title and also decreased her pay, the lawsuit states.

The city’s HR director, Ellece Brown, refused to allow Babb to file a formal, written complaint and ultimately the city did nothing to stop the discriminatory activity, the lawsuit complains. Furthermore, the city failed to keep Babb’s complaints confidential, which resulted in “heightened ridicule and additional harassment by the individuals about whom she had complained for opposing their unlawful and discriminatory behavior,” the lawsuit states.

Babb contends that because the city failed to remedy or address her complaints, she was constructively discharged by the city in September 2011 and chose to take early retirement, which reduced her pension and benefits that she would have been entitled to.

The lawsuit states one side of the story. The city is expected to file a formal response to the allegations in coming weeks.

Babb is seeking to be reinstated to her former position and void the demotion along with back pay or “front pay” and adjustment of her pension and retirement benefits as if she had worked to full retirement age.

Babb is also seeking compensatory damages against all three plaintiffs and punitive damages against Clark and Crider.

Babb is represented in the case by the law firm of Parks, Chesin and Walbert of Atlanta.



Hoping all of these allegations are not true and also hoping that the city is under direction from a smart council member and an HR attorney to go through an internal review of all HR policies and procedures including how complaints are and should be filed. All policies and procedures should be in the HR manual and employees need to sign off of a range of acknowledge forms. That needs to include annual training on workforce issues as well.

On that note, all of these acknowledgements should be extended to elected officials - mayor and council. If they don't than re-write the charter to incorporate them! This will have way more teeth than the recently changed 'Oath of office", and allow for impreachment and dismissal of inappropirate elected officials.

We all hope the allegations are false and its just a case of sour grapes from the transfer. This suit was actually filed mid February of this year 17 months after and she had retired in Sept of 2011.

Perhaps this is just a case of piling on the chief now that she say he was under the microscope for other alledged wrongdoings.

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I have known Ms. Babb for many years and I know first hand that this law suit is not a "piling on" case and in fact I know that this suit was in the works well over a year ago. Anyone that knows anything about suits against counties knows that it takes time and ALOT of money! I was told last summer that if I had the money, I could own Fayette County. Sad to say but I didn't have the money and I have had to rely on good ole "Karma" which in fact is going pretty good for me. Tally so far, 1 dead, 2 without jobs and one who had a massive heart attack!
Good luck Ms. Babb, go for the throat and don't back down!

One shipped out to warland on the battlefield, one in a wheel chair for many months with 2 broken legs, one out of state now abandoned by friends, and then another one sitting in jail for numerous charges. Still have one wealthy one awaiting their dish of Karma, but that day will come. . . . . . Ole Man Karma does not like child molestors who kidnaps and drugs their victims and abuses them for hours to follow with intimidation and threats, or rapists who brutally attacks victims in a room filled with weapons or bullies who knock down young ladies and break bones!! Karma going pretty good . . . . . indeed!!!!

Proud of you Ms. Babb & others, thank you for breaking the silence!!!

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Hope all you want, Mr. Sussberg, but do you recall any elected group in Fayette County history to get sued as often as this City Council ? Drinking, mismanagement, sexual wrongdoing, harrassment, failing to do this, failing to do that, etc, etc, etc. In the decades I've been on the scene this group of Peachtree City Councilmembers and Mayor are by far the worst.

There will be a busy crew digging new graves in the Fayette Political Graveyard in November.

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...There's fire. Distasteful, why certainly. As the only remaining Council member who voted to hire the current chief, perhaps the Mayor will step up and and advise the public about the positive leadership environment he has established. After all, considering the Fire Chief fiasco and now two complaints against the police chief, what could be next?

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And this is Tammy Babb a long-time serious and professional city employee. Nothing like the Lisa airhead. So, we must conclude there is more to these charges than just one marginal employee's attempt at a money grab.

Transferring Code Enforcement to the Police Department was a really stupid idea to begin with and whoever came up with that idea should be fired. It almost smells like "Let's force this senior employee out by creating an impossible supervisory environment" - I don't like that one bit. Tammy was (and is) a professional. Her only fault was that she was part of the old regime, hired by a city manager no longer there. Shades of Steve Brown's war on the old guard.

Government's solution to this will be to appoint a Director of Public Safety at a salary of $150,000 and have both Chiefs report to him (almost certainly it will be a him).

Live free or die!

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Government's solution will likely be to hire the Public Service Director, but the real solution would be to get rid of both chiefs in making this transition. It's clear to many that Council's decision to hire out of state when available local talent was present that serving the public took a back seat to growing an already bloated police force.

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The old City Manager.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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...Step up and take responsibility for the positive atmosphere you've created since holding elective office. After all, you are the only one remaining on Council who voted in favor of hiring Chief Clark.
Perhaps moving code enforcement to the police department was the former city manager's idea, but the move required Council approval. How did you vote?

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And since the city manager reports to city council, it would be city council's job to tell him his stupid idea was a non-starter and to forget it. That's oversight, that's management, that's leadership. Stupid idea leads to undesirable and predictable results and probably a very expensive outcome for the city.

Just because a city manager has a long military career and a lot of time in Fulton County government, it doesn't mean they don't need to be supervised - especially when it comes to reorganization ideas. In fact, you could even make the case that those 2 organizations excel at putting square pegs into round holes.

I'm betting the response has a 3-2 vote mentioned in the first paragraph and somehow blames the part d**** mayor.

Live free or die!

Mayor, are you ever going to point the finger at yourself. Are you ever going to find yourself at fault for the poor quality of leadership you have been involved in putting in place? Can you openly admit you have made many mistakes, and now realize you don't belong in the seat which you currently hold.
And on a similar note, shame on the fools who voted for Mayor Haddix. It sickens me frankly. A Cucumber - Really, are you going to sit there and do NOTHING! How can HR do nothing about that kind of harrassment. You personally should see that the police department sends back two or three of their vehicles, and pays for sexual harrasment training for them instead. Good Lord!

Y'all are aware this is a city manager run city right? Council and the mayor play a role but the city manager runs day to day operations of the city. All department heads and chiefs report to him, not council or the mayor.

Yes, most of us do but a mayor and city council hire the city manager, set the tone for city management and should have a strong handle on what's going on.

Same way a board of directors need to be actively involved in establishing governance over a CEO and the company!

Problem is, the mayor doesn't understand management or leadership and spends too much time playing politics against other council members resulting in limited involvement.

The mayor engages in the same behavior over and over and doesn't comprehend it hasn't worked for 6 years.

How would you define a person who repeatedly engages in a behavior that produces 0 results?

I would define it as the 5 people on council, not just one. None of the council has acted like an adult, shown leadership or any sense for that matter. Just look at the near $1.5 million spent on low earning rec centers instead of infrastructure.

The mayor needs to stop writing in on the citizen, finger pointing and blaming others is ridiculous and is a perfect example of our current not me/gimmie society. Imker needs to learn he's not the mayor and that not everyone bows to his wishes and wants. He had the same problem in the business world too. The other members of council need to quit playing favorites and do what's best for the city or they'll have zero chance at returning. Personally I don't want to see any of them elected again. They've proven, just like capitol hill, that the playground has no place in government.

As for the city manager he and the department heads needs to realize that employee moral is rock bottom across the board. And while its unpopular with some citizens they need to bring back the "we're family" feeling and lose the "be happy you have a job/do more with less" mentality that everyone has adopted. Or not only will all the good caring employees leave, but the lawsuits will continue to fly in all departments.

There is nothing worse than when a mayor tries to blame an old city manager as if this new city manager is so great, when everything is happening under his tenure. Here is a link to the citizen article about the re org w code enforcement.

Same city manager that hired his own cronies. Works about 20 hours a week. Has the worst rapport with city employees probably in the history of the city. Employees are running far away and nobody sees what he is doing!!! Ruined the IT department. Hired one of his buddies for a 100k job w.o an actual interview of internal candidates. A blank check for fayette senior services. Congrats ptc on selecting a Doctor to heal the ptc wounds. Now its bleeding worse and when the lawsuits are done ptc will be hurting partly because of a bad choice for city manager. Get rid of him if you are smart!!!

Two lies in one thread for Donnie Dumb---.

When an elected official can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, or is delusional, when he or she tells a lie and lies repeatedly, is the "lie" still considered a lie?

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<cite>June 14, 2010
Code Enforcement – Now at PD
Effective today, the Peachtree City Code Enforcement Department has moved to the Police Department
at 350 Highway 74 South.</cite>

Caught yet again not telling the truth, Larry Sussberg. The question was who moved Code Enforcement. The link is about Building Inspections, not Code Enforcement.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I have 2 real questions.

1-Which political party is endorsing you this Fall?
2-When are you going to return the taxpayers' money?

Don, clearly you are incapable of telling the truth or doing the honest thing which is to return our money! That's why you have no endorsements or the ear of anyone in Fayette County leadership.....the sad thing is you are unable to decipher this.

As for your accusation, let's remember I stepped up when I needed to! right or wrong it doesn't really matter, I did what I thought was right which was to tell the truth to Cal. However, I am not an elected official. You are and hold the highest office in the city, accountable to the citizens with our "public trust". You continue to lie over and over plus you took the taxpayers' money. Shows lack of any semblance of integrity.

I'm sure this will be discussed during the debates and throughout the campaign. You can not re-write history or lie your way out of your own history.

Meanwhile, you keep poorly behaving (the same way) over and over again. Its well documented by this newspaper that you are a "flipper"...one who tries to deflect by turning things around on the other person! Nice try Don....problem is you are so "BUSTED"! The citizens are so tired of your bull and yet you continue to act the same way, sadly predictable. You can try to play that game with me, or Chairman Brown now but it simply won't work anymore. Sorry

Want to keep going?...come on,respond back. I enjoy our conversations. Revealing you for who you are (actually who you're not=a mayor)!

Seems more and more citizens are signing on to this blog and are blasting you too, maybe you haven't noticed!

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Moving a department or an office is not the same thing as transferring operational control. Either way you were on council - so why didn't you stop it if you thought it was such a bad idea?

To make it more clear - Tammy Babb was transferred to the POPO - when? Why? It was on your watch ***khead.

Don Haddix's picture

I never said it was a bad idea and still do not. It was a 5-0 vote.

Now you are asking a different question. I will not comment on Tammy Babb in any manner since this is a legal issue.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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and now, thanks to your inability to keep quiet, we know you voted for the bad idea. Even stating that you still support the idea of transferring Code Enforcement to the Police Dept.! Incredible.

Makes it pretty easy for the next mayor to run against you, the corruption at city hall, the police chief, the fire chief and the less-than-effective city manager. Same deal with those 2 council seats. Reformers needed. Same old stuff - not going to cut it. We have truly hit bottom in this city. Time to make some sweeping changes.

Live free or die!

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There is someone here who posts as "bringabroom." That's very true for PTC Mayor/Council.

Time to indeed to change the culture that has run amok in PTC for too long and been ignored internally. CLEAN HOUSE, starting at the top.

Any idea of yours works out to be a bad idea. It actually causes me intestinal discomfort every single time you post here.

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I look forward to justice being served and any who were wrong, get appropriate penalties. No doubt, this lady is going to get tried right here in The Citizen. But I support her courage to go through with it to make them do the right thing.

NUK_1's picture

for a lot of years in PTC doing a job that is real challenging when dealing with PTC homeowners or PTC landlords. I have a feeling her suit has a lot of merit and isn't sour grapes, a money grab, or anything else except the facts.

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In the 6 or so years that I worked side by side with Tammy (as Constable), I found real quick that there was not a better person for the job. She even held special classes for the Landlords each year to try and educate them on all the current laws that not only affected the City and county but them as well.
I just wish ONE TIME that I could see the little guy (or girl) win and I personally could not think of a better person.

it sounds to me like the citizens of PTC need to step up. Haddix should have been booted out before he was elected in. I am still not sure what anyone saw in him. This is the trickle down effect folks.
If you act poorly, so will the people under you. I hope they stick it to the Chief, and demote him to crossing guard at this point. What the heck is wrong with the employees of PTC?! Do you have no pride, are you so stuck up you can't pull yourself down to reality?!
In my line of work I deal with mostly men, and honestly men can say and do really stupid stuff with out thinking about others who may be listening. Time to act professional, time for a change, time for a real Mayor who can make intelligent decisions. Lord knows we need one at this point!

He needs to go!

Pretty sad that all these people hear what even the newspaper admits is one side of the story and all of sudden it's time to grab a torch and run off the evil management. So, this Tammy character was treated badly because of her female gender (by a female supervisor), and in retaliation for her complaints she was "demoted"? Already suspicious, but nobody mentions that. So who replaced her when she was "demoted"? Oh... nobody? Because her job classification was eliminated and reclassified - just as happens all the time when a department is restructured? Is there any credible reason to show this was in following her complaint? How / by whom was the decision really made, and when? Hmmm... If there is a single breathing soul in their HR department there's probably documentation on this that will clear things up - the whole thing absolutely reeks of disgruntled employee filing frivolous law suit because they aren't happy about job changes, pay, supervision, whatever.... This happens ALL THE TIME guys!!! Look around and see what's going on in the world, this kind of junk is the unfortunate reality of 2013 employee/management relationships - especially in the public sector. Especially when you get a group of disgruntled employees together with a common agenda. The only difference in this case is that it gets very hyped up in the local paper and bloggers log on to make a big deal about it without having any real idea of what's going on... It's sad that people below purport to be potential political candidates, former law enforcement, or even a reasonable adult, but lack the integrity or basic decency to get both sides of a story before making comments like this. Maybe once all the information comes out we'll find that there is something to the complaint -- but it's incredibly irresponsible at this point to read something like this and decide the first half of the story is the whole story.

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Before you run-off at the mouth, stating a load of speculation about how no one knows what is going on, maybe consider the reality that some do and you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

For a little background since you've been asleep, the FD just got hammered in a settlement by two "disgruntled employees" who had to put up with crap that no one should. Before the FD Chief's forced resignation, his BFF and another FD mgt team member had to go for some of her usual drunken groping and YEARS of inappropriate everything that was ignored. That cost the City a lot of $$$ as has been well reported and also a lot of shame.

The PD has its own share of constant drama due to the incompetence of Skippy. You can question the present lawsuit's merits all you want, but there is a definite pattern of problems there that rise above just one "disgruntled employee."

Lumping Tammy Babb's case into any of this seems to indicate you believe in conspiracies instead of actual reality. If you know her and have worked with her....sound off with your opinions on her character. Otherwise, you might want to shut up because you are making yourself look totally ignorant.

You have to admit that the possibility at least exists that she is "piling on". I know that there is a total leadership failure on the part of the mayor, but this seems to be one of those things that where we don't know everything. I am the last one to defend Haddix, but I am not sure we know enough to blame anyone- yet.

NUK_1's picture

I know Tammy Babb pretty well and she's about the last person to try and get some freebie from others winning or threatening a lawsuit. She could probably make more money writing a book about everything she has seen happen in PTC during her employment than a lawsuit award.

I don't know some of the other PTC employees who had major problems with the city as well as I do Ms. Babb, so I won't comment on their individual situations. I do know what Babb did while at the city for a long time and you couldn't ask for a better employee, IMO.

There's a lot of "fire" at the Fire Dept and a lot of stuff hanging over the Skippy admin at the PD. Let's be clear: some of this ain't all the fault of anyone else but the current administration or maybe past "managers," but it has to end, and quickly.

My personal opinion is you have a good man heading the FD right now and he is also not bogged-down with any baggage from all the past FD screw-ups while he was working there. Give Joe O'Conor a further chance to clean up the wreckage.

The PD needs a real leader and not some chump like Skippy who is an embarrassment and really sucks. I cannot stand what has happened to "protect and to serve" under this under-qualified clown of a police chief. roadblocks and patrol cars blocking turning lanes isn't my idea of "community policing" whatsoever and the turmoil that exists withing the department is another headache. Get rid of someone who never should have been remotely considered in the first place.

Return our money!!!

Return it NOW

in paying for all these lawsuits. Whats the dollar tally now? Do we include the 20k plus in the lawsuit where he sued the taxpayer? Has anyone EVER seen a politician dumb enough to sue the very people that he is pandoring to? Shameless!

I am going to be very frank with you. If someone showed up at work and handed me a cucumber that was "made" to look like a mans genitals and told me I might need one, I think I would expect someone to be fired. HR FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB!

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