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PTC teenager charged with damaging vehicles

A 15 year-old Peachtree City resident has been charged with damaging nine vehicles in the Peachtree Station Circle Apartment complex.

During the overnight hours on April 12 the police department received several complaints of tires being punctured, according to Capt. Stan Pye. A total of nine cars were damaged in the incident, Pye said.

Pye said that after receiving assistance from the community, several investigative leads were obtained leading to the arrest of a local male juvenile. Pye said the juvenile, age 15, was charged on a juvenile complaint with seven counts of criminal trespass and two counts of criminal damage.

The juvenile was released into the custody of his parent, said Pye.



of his parent WHEN he committed the crime?

I hope the kid goes to military school for the rest of high school. It would be in his best interest. When I was that age I was getting in trouble, and my dad threatened me with military school (there was a well-known one fifteen miles away). That did the trick.

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