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Commissioner Brown denies NAACP ties

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown, a former member of the Fayette County branch of the National Association of the Advancement for Colored People, says he informally dissolved his membership “years ago” over the group’s stance on district voting.

Brown’s membership status was recently called into question because of the NAACP’s district voting lawsuit that remains pending against the county. The lawsuit seeks to impose district voting that would require residents to live in one of five geographical districts to qualify to run for the seat representing each district. The suit seeks to restrict voters to being able to vote only for the commission race tied to their district; currently county voters may vote on all five commission races.

Brown, as an elected commissioner, has sat in on confidential executive commission meetings during which the county’s strategy for the lawsuit has been discussed over the past several months.

Brown said he cut his ties with the local NAACP when it became clear that the district voting issue was becoming racially-charged. Brown said he felt the matter cropped up near the end of his term as mayor of Peachtree City.

“I think it was more [state Rep.] Virgil Fludd than anything else that kind of got the discussions going in the direction it did,” Brown said. “The whole thing blew up and turned into a big racial-type thing and I just got upset with it. ... I just faded away out of the organization.”

Brown noted that he still has friends who are currently NAACP members, but he himself has not participated in the organization for a number of years.

Fludd, who chairs the Fayette County delegation to the Georgia House of Representatives, last month blamed county officials for not getting a new commission district passed in time for the legislature to consider this session. The new map would have replaced the old three-district map with a five-district version that would tie each seat on the commission to a particular geographic district.

The previous map had three such seats; the other two seats were at-large seats, meaning that anyone in the county could seek election to those posts regardless of where they live. The old map has now been voided by a federal judge pending U.S. Justice Department approval of the five-district map.



Just curious.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Why would his wife be a member? Leave the family out of the political discourse. OK?

Live free or die!

ptctaxpayer's picture

You are right Bobby--- a tip of the beaver to ya. Someone's spouse should not be an issue in politics anymore than bringing Ann Romney or Michelle Obama into a discussion they did not willingly enter.

Good for you and have a good day.

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His wife is black, isn't she?

I'm not implying that all black people associate with the NAACP, but given that Mr. Brown use to be involved with the organization I don't think this is an illegitimate question, especially considering the legal issues the county is facing.

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Here's Brown's thoughts on district voting that got him demolished(among a long list of other reasons) in his re-election for Mayor and ill-fated attempt vs. Matt Ramsey:

While that helped him earn the NAACP "Man of the Year" award, it helped him lose two elections by enormous margins. we have Steve Brown, totally against district voting and not loving the NAACP either! Why? Because his views were so different from the electorate that he decided to change his own views in order to get elected again because getting elected is more important than principles. Just ask some of the drooling sheeple who have already anointed him Messiah. "All OK! We hate district voting but a guy a few years ago heaping scorn and bigotry accusations on those who feel that way is perfectly OK now! We'd also sell our souls and anyone who lives on the proposed East ByPass route out in a second! Yay, us!"

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I asked him about this letter the Sunday night before the election, and in true Brown fashion, all he did was repeat my question to me, and somehow in his mind this was an answer. Of course Steve, you can prove me wrong, right? But, I'm guessing you'll just ignore me, like you did when your letter was posted. Good old Steve, now tell me Steve, how does it feel to be the racist you implied everyone against district voting had to be? I'd love to hear how you spin this, but I'm guessing you have no reply.

I yam what I yam

Steve Brown is surely one of the biggest liars to hit Fayette. Does he think we all have short memories? He tried to ruin us in PTC and is now trying to run the county and will surely ruin it. It is all about his POWER. He is backing two innocent candidates to get to be Chairman of the Commission. Imagine him representing us as the ARC. His duplicity is incredible.

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Do you know Randy Ognio and David Barlow?

Neither Randy or David are as you have described them. I've known both gentlemen for several years.

Both are well informed, highly intelligent, caring and courageous individuals.

I can unequivocally say that Randy and David bow to no one. They are both strong minded, yet open minded. They are caring, yet will go toe to toe when needed.

I have personally witnessed all of those qualities in both gentlemen.

You, I, Steve Brown, Allen McCarty and all of Fayette County will be extremely well represented if Randy and David are elected to the Fayette Commission.

Please, get to know them. I think we've all made the mistake of making a blanket statement from time to time. So, don't go on my say so. Find an opportunity to go and talk to Randy and David about the issues facing Fayette County, and then decide for yourself if what I have said is true.

Easy to say, but hard to prove.

Steve Brown's picture

The record is clear that Allen McCarty and I have stayed true to our promise of not supporting district voting. In fact, we voted for a re-balance three district plan with the countywide election of the chairman.

The Frady, Horgan and Hearn majority voted in the five district plan which will probably be the precursor to actual district voting if the three get re-elected.

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Still no comment on your Letter to the editor? I'm not surprised, but the question is, are the people who were against district voting in 2008 still racists? You said "So far Rep. Ramsey has cosponsored a bill to spend budget surpluses and taken a divisive stand on keeping voting districts dating back to the Civil War while championing at-large voting and attempting to derail the most direct form of representation to the people — district voting." Gee Steve, are you divisive now? Why was district voting so right 4 years ago and yet, somehow, so wrong now? Why do you keep evading the question?

I yam what I yam

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It's not likely that our pal Steve will answer you, but the district voting thing does have a side effect for him in that his likelihood for reelection in his current new district makes it likely he'll serve only one term.

The one thing we can be sure of when it comes to politicians like Brown and my friend Haddix is that they're like broken clocks in that they are right twice daily through no effort of their own.

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