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New hotel plan touted for 74N

The latest plan to build a Fairfield Inn and Suites behind the Wisdom Point shopping center off Ga. Highway 74 north in Peachtree City was well-received by the planning commission Monday night.

No vote was taken on the plan, as it was presented in a workshop format so the commission could give feedback on the concept.

The 80-room hotel will need a rezoning from the City Council because it will be more than 52 feet tall to accommodate its five stories. A rezoning is necessary for all buildings that would be larger than 35 feet tall.

The main hotel building has been shifted to the rear of the parcel, farther away from an access drive that serves the Wisdom Point shopping center. The plan also creates room for a future building that could perhaps turn into a restaurant or maybe an office.

There is also a “partial wall” that will screen the hotel from the not-as-aesthetic rear view of the shopping center.

The site is adjacent to the Woodsmill Apartments and as such will provide a 75-foot transition yard buffer along that boundary.

The developer, Kassandas Properties, is preparing to file its rezoning petition with the city. The site is already zoned general commercial, which permits a hotel use, according to city staff.



I don't see a five story hotel as a good fit for that area. I hope the City Council denies this rezoning.

It is the height that may be in question.

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For years the 35 foot height requirement was driven by the fire department's equipment which was adequate to fight fires and evacuate people up to 35 feet. Buildings higher than that were deemed unsafe and not permitted. So what has changed? They should have been told by staff - need not apply unless you are buying us a firetruck with a 50 foot ladder or crane. Seems pretty simple to me.

Live free or die!

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I can think of several buildings that already exceed that height -- the Wyndham, the Hilton Garden, the, World Airways HQ, a couple of buildings in Westpark.

I believe the ???35 foot rule?۝ is something imposed years ago by a previous Council as an esthetic thing in PTC, and not so much a fire protection thing. They don?۪t make Ladder Trucks that reach skyscrapers, but instead they engineer systems and construction of the structures themselves. Non-combustible construction, sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, alarm systems, pressurized stairwells, etc??_
Ladder Trucks are not just for rescue from elevated floors, but for what is called elevated master streams, to flow large amounts of water from above structures as well for extinguishment of large fires. A ???50 foot?۝ ladder truck isn?۪t something that would be used on a four story building for occupant rescue, as with reasonable climbing angle and in allowing for setbacks, a much taller Ladder Truck would be required for even a four story structure.

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