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5 new appointments change development authority

The Fayette County Development Authority has a new vibe now that the county commission has appointed five newcomers to the eight-member board.

The development authority is charged with luring business and industry to locate and expand in the county, and though much of its efforts have concentrated on land in Peachtree City’s industrial park, last year’s landing of Pinewood Atlanta Studios in north central Fayette County showed that the reach can extend far beyond the Peachtree City limits.

The following information about the new board members was gleaned from the applications they submitted for the positions:

• Darryl Hicks has lived in Fayette County for over nine years and is currently serving on the county’s elections board as well as the county’s recreation commission; he will resign the recreation seat so he may serve on the FCDA board. A former chief of staff for the Chairman of the Fulton County Commission, Hicks worked with the Fulton development authority to attract new business and create jobs there.

Hicks has also served at Atlanta Gas Light Resources in various director positions including the managing director of governmental relations. His children attend Fayette County schools and along with being involved in their school programs, Hicks has also helped as an assistant coach on his son’s baseball teams.

• Patrick J. Hinchey has lived in Fayette County for more than eight years. He owns Hinchey Financial Group, a financial planning firm serving high net worth individuals and their advisors.

Hinchey has also been involved with the local Republican Party, the Fayette County Issues Tea Party and also keeps an eye on the County Commission and the county Board of Education as an observer.

• Margaret “Maggie” Laton has lived in Fayette County for 12 years and owns a social media company. She earned an MBA with a major in marketing from Georgia State University and she has previously worked in sales and as the business manager for an accounting firm.

Laton has also been involved with the Business Women of Fayette and Coweta Counties and serves as a spokesperson for Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

• Todd Strickland has been a resident since 1975 and owns the award-winning Historical Concepts architecture firm in Peachtree City. Strickland previously served on the Development Authority of Peachtree City for seven years and also served on various planning projects including a task force that developed a vision for the city’s west side.

Strickland graduated from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a degree in economics.

• Dennis Dorsey has lived in Fayette County for three years and has previously served as a county commissioner in Bibb County, on the Macon Economic Development Commission and also as a private business owner.

Dorsey also has served as the vice president of membership for the Flint River Council of the Boy Scouts of America and is a member of the Fayette County Republican Party and the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

Hicks, Hinchey, Laton and Strickland were appointed to full terms on FCDA, while Dorsey will be filling the unexpired term left by the resignation of FCDA Chairman Randy Hayes. They were chosen by a selection committee composed of county commissioners Steve Brown and Randy Ognio.



Just a few short weeks ago, the 5 county commissioners and the 5 former DA members stood hand in hand partying at the grand opening and before that taking photos with the governor while winning the "Deal of the Year" award.

Now we have 5 and soon to be 6th FCDA members gone along with the CEO.

What's the real reason for this? The bond? Jealousy? Did the BOC feel like they got the wool pulled over their eyes?

A baseball team doesn't get rid of their all-star. A CEO doesn't get rid of the marketing guy after he snags a client.

What gives?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

He's stepping aside so the mayor can be the city rep on the FCDA.

Somebody must be expecting something to happen. Or maybe someone is giving them a push out the door. Or maybe they were expecting the NAACP to knock on their door and accuse them of racism.

It really is the equivalent changing their whole marketing team (because that's what FCDA is) after snagging a very big client. Odd behavior, but I'm sure we will learn more when someone decides to speak up - probably Logsdon will have some info so he can drop a bomb on Brown before the election - although my advice would be that it is hardly necessary for the outcome of the election and it is dirty politics to say nasty things about your opponents.

Speaking of marketing teams, do you remember the commercials with the cute Victoria Secret model who whines to her father (and later the flower shop customer - same guy) about her slow computer and his solution was quick and easy - Terrible dialog, awful acting, Dad was pretty creepy, but a memorable ad because you remembered the name of the product. Now they replaced that with some oriental looking guy who smashes his computer with a baseball bat. Talk about a bad marketing decision. Bring back the babe.

Live free or die!

Me thinks The Brown Clown is behind all of this. It's an interesting new FCDA board. Not much there in terms of people with true economic development experience. And the relationship with the state economic development folks is critical to the success of the locals. Matt's done a good job developing that relationship. My guess is The Brown Clown's lap dog Todd will play a critical role with this. That's why he put him on there. I'd like to think that Todd will act independently of whatever The Brown Clown would like but I have my doubts.

mudcat's picture

Brown conspiracies are such fun because no matter how outrageous, they are entirely plausible. His moral and ethical compass is capable of 360 degree fluctuations. I don't think he has the power to replace an entire board, the long-term chairman and the senior employee all at once. Must be something else going on.

On the other hand, I seem to remember Todd Strickland being appointed to something similar in PTC after Brown ran off Bradshaw, Truitt, Warner and some others - and disrespected the late Tom Farr. Maybe something there. Stay tuned.

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