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Sharpsburg man guilty of tax evasion

A Sharpsburg man will be sentenced on May 9 in U.S. District Court after entering a guilty plea on two counts of tax evasion and two counts of failing to file tax returns.

Robert C. Boot, 59, was indicted by a federal grand jury on April 14, 2010, on two counts of tax evasion and two counts of failure to file tax returns, according to U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates. And on Dec. 8 Boot entered a guilty plea to two counts of failure to file, Yates said, adding that in his plea agreement Boot admitted that he owed $75,196.25 in taxes for tax years 2002-2004. 

He agreed to pay this amount, together with $33,311 in interest and a fraud penalty to be determined, said Yates. 

Sentencing is scheduled for May 9 before U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten. 

“Those who do not pay their fair share of taxes short-change the system. In a time when we face such significant budget issues, it is particularly reprehensible that some are not paying their fair share. We will aggressively pursue all who commit tax fraud,” Yates said.

Commenting on tax evasion issues, IRS-Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Reginael McDaniel said, “One of the primary missions at IRS Criminal Investigation is to deter tax fraud through education and publicity. I believe that public awareness is a critical element in deterring potential tax fraud, and by educating the public about tax scams and publicizing that offenders are caught and punished, we hope to prevent individuals from taking that fateful step.”



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is to deter tax fraud through education and publicity.

That's funny, it did not seem to deter tax cheats Geithner or Rangel.

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punish them.

To say we need tax reform in this country is an understatement.

The first is the repeal the 16th, then pass a balanced budget Admendment, then the government would reduce it size over night.

As soon as the government gets out of the wealth redistribution business, all of us will be less pack animals and more human.

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Speaking of this wealth redistribution thingy, according to U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates it's all about paying "their" fair share. With the federal tax code the way it is today what the heck does "fair share" mean?

Anyways, I feel sooooooooo much better today knowing that the President is directing his groupies to go after illegal oil market speculation and gasoline price gouging. I'll watch, with great anticipation, for any news that oil prices are rolling back!!!

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a rhetorical question?

Whether you believe this or not, all tax systems fall on the shoulders of the middle class. This is simply common sense. Who will pay for all of the "services" provided by the government? Certainly not the rich, for the most part they don't use many of the "services" provided, they don't need them. So that leaves the bulk of the population income distribution (middle class) to pay for everything. You can't tax the "rich" enough to pay for everything, it won't work mathematically. Just stop and think about it.

So, we have two alternatives as I see it:

1. Continue on with what we are doing, which is to finance our excesses with debt and hope to God one day we will be able to pay it all off, which we won't. We can let the Bush tax cuts expire, I don't care. But it won't solve our problems, it won't even come close. If they expire, there is some data to suggest that tax revenues will actually go down as the economy will continue to slow and we will fall deeper into recession. Thus, lower tax revenues.


2. Reduce the size and scope of the government. Reduce its size to reduce its spending, leave taxes alone for now until we get our arms around the deficit spending spree we are on. Layoff government workers slowly and as a last resort, but they have to go eventually. Reduce its scope in order to allow capital formation and economic stimulus. Remember government doesn’t create anything; it simply diverts capital from productive output. In fact, due to over regulation it actually chases jobs offshore. Money always flows to where it can most effectively be used for investment. There is nothing keeping in the USA, believe me on this one.

Wasn't rhetorical - just wanted more time to research this 'fair tax' thing. Thanks for your answer.

<cite>There is nothing keeping in the USA, believe me on this one.</cite>

Did I miss a word here? Are you talking about nothing in the US worth investing in?

<cite>Layoff government workers slowly and as a last resort, but they have to go eventually.</cite>

Which government workers are you referring to?

The tax system is so complex - and has been abused by so many - that I don't think there is a simplistic answer to <strong>What Is A Fair Tax?</strong>

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Missed a word here.

Should read: There is nothing keeping investment in the USA, believe me on this.

To expand this thought, money seeks the best return. The US government is chasing, that's right chasing, investment out of this country. There are so many regulations compared to other alternative countries, that investors are putting their money there, not here. It's a world economy DM, we simply don't understand this in this country. BTW, we don't mind buying goods from these countries based on their lower cost, just go to Wal-Mart.

Government workers, all of them, except those involved in maintaining order and protecting our individual rights. All others can go as far as I am concerned. Yes, teachers too. We should sell off all of the public schools to private interests and let the best schools and teachers win in the marketplace.

I have no idea what a "Fair Tax" is as used by contemporary media, conceptually a fair tax is taken for the express purpose of protecting individual rights of life, liberty and property.

[quote]Should read: There is nothing keeping investment in the USA,[/quote]

We're suffering now because of DE-REGULATION of too many services offered to the American people. We have suffered from buying goods (cheap) from other countries that have no regulations. I feel all of this is done in the quest for the almighty dollar, and not for the protection of the American people. There must be leaders somewhere in our country that can sit down and figure this thing out. Maybe they're all over 60 and retired! I'm afraid there would be many contributing citizens here in Fayette County who might not agree with getting rid of all government workers. I have a sneaking suspicion that one is a government worker when one uses the term 'pay-grade'. I may be wrong.

Thanks for your thoughts on 'education'. Your children will be taken care of - my grandchildren also. But what happens to the other children who cannot afford a 'private' education? Oh well - I guess you feel that's someone else's concern. Have a wonderful weekend. If you celebrate 'Easter' , have a happy one.

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We are suffering because of regulation, not deregulation. The cheap goods you speak of are there because they are made in countries that don't play by our rules. Our rules don't count in the real world. We compete with the rest of the world and we don’t make the rules. So, the next time you go to Wal-Mart check out that “made in X” tag, if it doesn’t say USA, then you are helping contribute to “problem”. However, aren’t you simply being rational, why would you want to pay more? You don’t and no one does, so that brings us back to regulations, who do they really protect? I can tell you, they protect Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc., etc. workers. That’s what we get for having a “vision” of the way we want things to be, in a world that could care less about our vision.

Now if you are talking about bank deregulation, this was brought about by President Carter and his “vision” that everyone in America has the "right" to affordable housing. The government was in bed with the banksters on this issue from Mr. Carter all the way through Mr. Bush, though in the end he seemed to be more than a little concerned about it. The government turned a blind eye to what was happening because their vision of "affordable housing" was being answered. It would the rest the country and world that was helping achieve this vision through securitized loans that ultimately were worthless. This is because the people that “borrowed” the money were worthless. Were there regulations, sure plenty of them but did regulation save us? No.

So, I don't agree that deregualtion is the problem, it is part of the answer. The other answer is to throw crooks in prison for a long long time no matter how rich they are.

That got your attention. I meant IRS. Same thing. If you are an illegal worker in america you have it made. But if you make a mistake and are a legal citizen your goose is cooked. Also you can pay off a bill with them, they can call you back and say they made a mistake and charge you thousands again. They are not responsible for their mistakes, you pay regardless. They go by no laws only their own. So dont ever be late on filing and overpaying is always better than under paying. Ever noticed that no one ever admits they work for the IRS. Next election vote for anyone even Obama again if they promise the Fair Tax will come.

Of course, they are both Democrats. They are protected by the Obama mob that is now going after phantom oil "speculators". Obamas ratings are now so low that his mob is now demanding to know which politicians government contractors supported so that the Obama administration can shake them down for votes.

Poor Obama, his parents probably had to put bacon in his diaper when he was a baby just so the family dog would play with him.

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I'm still waiting for the annotated one to roll back those prices.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Would that be crispy bacon?

Isn't this what GE did? Evade paying tax. Or maybe that was avoid paying tax. Only one is legal and one is not. Same thing in my book.

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