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Facebook class for parents offered Saturday morning

There will be a different type of internet class for parents offered Saturday morning at St. Paul Lutheran School and Church in Peachtree City. Thirteen year-old Girl Scout Maddie Plant will be joined by Peachtree City Police Capt. Rosanna Dove for a “Facebook Class for Parents.”

Dove said the class was Plant’s idea and is part of her work toward a Girl Scout Silver Achievement Award. Her Facebook presentation is designed to help parents know what Facebook visitors do and how they do it, Dove said.

Dove said the 13 year-old will also show parents how to set up a Facebook account and navigate through it.

"Maddie has done a lot of work on this,” Dove said. “She has developed this class in conjunction with the police department to educate parents about keeping their family safe while using Facebook.”

Also at the training session, Dove will instruct parents on general internet safety and will provide information on Facebook-specific privacy settings so that parents can monitor their children’s activities to make sure they stay safe.

The Facebook Class for Parents will run from 9 a.m. until noon on April 24 in the computer lab at St. Paul Lutheran School and Church, located 700 Ardenlee Parkway.

The event is free, but space is limited. Please call Maddie Plant at 770-487-3981 to reserve a spot.



While I applaud the intention of this class, I fear that the information presented regarding privacy options on Facebook will be obsolete in less than one month.

Facebook announced sweeping changes to their privacy options at the F8 user conference that ended last Tuesday.

Among the biggest changes: exposing your work history, school history and hobbies to anyone and everyone, even with privacy settings set to "maximum". You cannot prevent any casual user from seeing where you work, where you go (or have gone) to school, or your hobbies. This is part of the new "Facebook Connections" initiative.

The only way to keep strangers from seeing this information is to remove it completely from your profile, or deleting info in the "school" "work" and "interests" fields and typing them into the free-form "biography" area.

I agree with Chris Bacon - the class sounds like an excellent idea, but one of the most important things to know and remember is that Facebook may make changes at any time, and they will almost certainly opt you IN without any warning, and you will need to make changes to your privacy settings to opt out. By the time you realize you need to check your privacy settings again, a lot of information may already be "out there" when that would not have been your preference.

I also agree that it is now best to leave out most of the identifying info from your profile.

Excellent advice. My grands introduced me to Facebook - and I do enjoy the communication with them. But parents must be aware of who they are talking to and what 'games' they have opted to use. Very little personal information should be included in their profile. Exciting use of 'media'.

you have to be 18 to sign up for a facebook account. If your children are on facebook then they lied about their age.

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One must be 13 years old to have a facebook account. Still, many younger than 13 are on it, I believe

You're right! Class should be a 'must' for parents.

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