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Besides SPLOST, what are other options?

The two-year 1 percent Special Local Option Sales Tax being considered by Fayette County and the cities of Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Brooks, and Woolsey may not be THE perfect solution to cover the costs of repairing and maintaining our aging countywide road systems, but what are the alternatives?

We simply cannot ignore the problem and hope it will go away. We have to maintain our roads and aging infrastructure.

Like most unpopular political decisions, our previous group of elected officials simply kicked the can further down the road and now we have to deal with those delayed decisions.

I attended three stormwater evening meetings held by the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and heard the seemingly endless complaints many residents expressed about the stormwater bills they had recently received

The majority of the complaints were about bills averaging less than $40, but some property owners had received huge bills that made no sense whatsoever.

At the time, I thought, “So what are they complaining about?” Peachtree City and Fayetteville have been paying stormwater bills for a long time, and I had just received a six-month bill for $56 from PTC, which is about five times what it was last year. The amount of the bill isn’t a budget breaker, but the increase is troubling.

An argument that cannot seriously be debated is that we all use and rely on the roads in Fayette County. Thus, shouldn’t all of the Fayette County residents and anyone outside our county that use our road systems pay for their upkeep and repair? To me, that is a fair question.

If the voters approve the SPLOST initiative in November, each city and the county would receive a share of the estimated $41 million that would be raised. Based on population, the approximate breakdown of the $41 million would be: Fayette County $20 million, Peachtree City $12 million, Fayetteville $6 million, and the remaining $3 million would be shared by Tyrone, Brooks and Woolsey.

Mayor Haddix of PTC has gone on record as opposing the plan calling it double taxation, but he is missing the point, since it would be designated for cart path and road repairs and maintenance.

As expected, three members of the council voted against him. At the meeting this [past] week, Councilman Eric Imker pointed out that the plan would solve our cart path and road budget shortfalls for eight years and that is a no brainier.

Until someone comes up with a better plan, I will support what the commissioners have proposed.

Jim Richter

Peachtree City, Ga.



Mr. Richter: The issue I have is that the stormwater tax everyone refers to is just one part of the Federal Clean Water Act. Our stormwater issues are just a percentage of the costs to follow.

Go to Google and search "county clean water act tax structure". The first item that popped up on my computer is

Lake County, Indiana seems to be on the progressive side of this curve. A little research and ammunition would perhaps allow Fayette County better understand that this Federal Act is not just about stormwater below our roads. Perhaps if we had a stronger commission, they wouldn't need to kowtow to the public with a bandaid approach the slost really is.

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You are a Steve Brown sock-puppet and if he came out in favor of banning apple pie and motherhood, you'd support that too.

Brown, Richter, and Ross.

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Wait just one bloomin' minute! What is your definition of kowtow?


They gave up trying.

Take a look at Athens Clarke County or Henry County. Athens Clarke County recognized that the costs for Clean Water Act were not going away and a splost was not the answer. In 2004 they dropped their splost for the storm sewer remediation and went to a tax that covered not only stormwater but other items covered under the Clean Water Act. Look how well they are doing now bringing in business.

The splost is a band aid. Everyone who understands the Clean Water Act understands it. I thought we had a commission that would stand up and do the right thing. With a splost, we are once again kicking the can down the road for someone else to deal with. Lets get our house in order now even if there are a few who don't like it. We are going to pay for it one way or another because the feds aren't going to help

The silence from American Patriots and Mr. Brown is telling. They both know there are solutions. The splost is a political game to say they didn't raise taxes.

Did you look this up on the internet? There are solutions. It may not be what anyone prefers (taxes), but there are progressive counties in Ga that have taken the lead and are now prepared. This problem is not going away and the splost is a bandaid on a deep wound.

I understand the present commission fell into this and it should have started a long time ago. But there are options. Don't let commission or the sheeple fool you.

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Your comment was to be expected! In the three or four years of reading your blogs, I can’t remember you having anything intelligent to add to a single conversation.

What do you think we should do? Please share with us the vast wisdom you seem to think you possess.

I provided an easy to find solution below. Is there a reason you chose not to respond? Perhaps it's because you can't argue the fact that the splost is just a temporary (easy) fix that doesn't require any hard work.

Lets look a little closer to home now. Athens-Clarke County rid themselves of the band aid splost in 2004 because they were smart enough to realize that a splost was not going to solve the long term problem of the Federal Clean Water Act. That's 9 years ago. They are know one of the most sought after locations for manufacturing, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical company's. Take a close look at their tax structure. It may not be perfect, but the county is growing intelligently. Yes, UGA helps, but Atlanta and many good colleges and Universities are close to Fayette County too.

Like anyone else, I hate paying my hard earned money to the government, whether it be by splost tax or a straight tax. Getting our house in order now is a priority now that we are seeing some investments on the horizon.

Tell your buddies on commission to do their job and start proposing the alternate tax now since the splost will never, ever end these ongoing costs.

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First off, why don't you and Bost Hogg stroke a check for about 2K so your hero Steve Brown can fade back into the woodwork and stop being the drama queen that he is and prolonging his own stupidity once again. Oh wait, this is what you want, and this is what you get. You keep riding Horgan's backside, who didn't go begging for public money to defend himself on his own misdeeds, but not with our hero, STEVE BROWN! You know, the same guy who chastised people like you JIm because you were against district voting and you are too much of a acolyte to ever say that Brown's position was wrong, even though he called people of your mindset nothing but racists and ancient relics. You like that? Obviously, you do.

Secondly, I've addressed how FC should handle stormwater and the Clean Water Act AND infrastructure repairs that have been neglected before. Several times. Sorry you missed those and I am not going to bother to bring a Fayette County TP kook up to speed with common sense when all u care about is whatever Bost Hogg and Steve Brown tell you.

You disappoint me. You were all over the BOE a few years ago and exactly right. Now, all you seem to care about is a bunch of nonsense and promoting a SPLOST and towing the line of whatever Steve Brown or Harold Bost want. Get a clue, already.

agree with NUK


How about in Peachtree City we use the Splost money for a comprehensive plan to fix the traffic issues on the West 54?

It helps the total county since the traffic is passing through the county.
54 has become a commuter road from Coweta to Clayton.

We need a long term comprehensive plan not politicians fighting over a traffic light!

How do we fix it:
1-finish McDuff Parkway extension to route those going up to 85 bypass 74
2-build the service road behind the RaceTrac and the proposed Publix so those neighborhoods have access to Publix without going on 54
3-put in the traffic light that has been requested by the developer so Publix will build there instead of Coweta.

Our elected officials need to work together....Fayette is growing up whether some like it or not. Pinewood Studios is just the beginning. We need comprehensive plans and we, as citizens need to look at the big picture instead of fighting over a service road or traffic light!

Change is coming,long range planning and solutions are needed otherwise we will create a complete mess because 1 group or another yells the loudest.

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Just tossing in some notes:
1. Completing MacDuff, in today's dollars, is about $8 million. It is already part of the development agreement for them to build it.

It is also debated whether it will actually help or hurt those who live off of MacDuff. They are already complaining about how hard it is to get onto 54. No one is really sure.

I am for completing it, but not using taxpayer dollars when we have the agreement.

2. You talk about traffic relief when adding the traffic light will add to the congestion. No traffic study shows reduced times.

As for a real traffic reduction proposal that makes economic sense, read what I am working on with GDOT here:
http://www (remove the space after www)

I agree we need comprehensive planning, that is why I have been and will continue to push a Comprehensive Strategic Plan. The City Manager agrees. Just adding more tax and debt is not an answer. Band aids are not solutions.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mr Haddix:
Then restructure the agreements with the developers on McDuff Parkway. Use the Splost to complete the extension and have the developers pay back the tax payers when they build the houses! The proposed Splost raises $41 million, more than enough to build the road.

Not sure if McDuff extension will help? Who says? Hire an engineering company to determine that!

Meanwhile we are losing tax dollars by allowing Publix and other retailers to go to Coweta.So we are losing all the way around

Thinking the developer would never put in a gas station proved wrong and a Race Trac and fast food is not acceptable especially when Chick Fil A closes their other store in town for this one.

Time for council and commission to meet and find a solution. No more speeches and blogs just come up with a comprehensive plan! This city is going in circles and the politicians in this city and county are producing enough crap to keep WASA busy for years to come!

Call a meeting between council and commission and develop a damn plan! Postpone the vote on a traffic light and stirring the pot and lead us into the plan we need now!

Mr Brown & Mr Haddix:
Mr. Haddix and Mr. Brown step up to the plate and do this now! No more bull !

Is it true that you are trying to rally people in Planterra Ridge and other neighborhoods to show up at the next council meeting to raise hell about the this traffic light?

If so.... Stop it right now

Call Mr. Brown and call a commission/council meeting!

It's time to show leadership and come up with a comprehensive plan not play your stupid little political games!

And before you call me liar, think twice. I have the proof

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