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Dienhart: As mayor, will lower taxes, prevent Hwy. 54 light

[Editor’s note: The following is Peachtree City Councilman George Dienhart’s announcement of his campaign for mayor, scheduled to be delivered to the Fayette County Issues Tea Party Tuesday night.]

Hi, and thanks for having me here tonight. First off, I’d like to thank Harold Bost and Bob Ross for this chance to address everyone. I know we have a full slate tonight, and I’ll try to keep this brief.

Tonight, I’d like to talk to you a bit about Peachtree City. I know many of you are saying to yourself that you don’t live in Peachtree City. That doesn’t matter. Let me tell you why.

Right now, the population of Peachtree City is about a third of Fayette County. This isn’t likely to change in the near future.

What this means is that our problems can quickly become your problems. If crime picks up in Peachtree City, it will quickly spread to Tyrone and Fayetteville. If our property values drop, those in Wolsey and Brooks will soon follow. To put this succinctly, we are all in the same boat, together.

Over the last four months, I have repeatedly been asked a question. I am sure many of you already know where this is going. The answer is yes. I am proud to stand before you tonight and announce my candidacy for mayor of Peachtree City.

I am here to tell you we can have responsible leadership. We can have a mayor that has a plan for Peachtree City, and we can have a mayor that can work with the state, the county and surrounding municipalities.

What would I do different? For starters, I will work with GDOT to close the median at Line Creek Road and Ga. Highway 54.

This would prevent a proposed stoplight from being installed at that intersection, which is already the most congested intersection in the city.

I will also fight to ensure that the proposed “Overlook” development is not allowed a curb cut into Planterra Ridge.

We cannot punish these residents by diverting even more traffic through their neighborhood.

In short, I will bring a new concept to Peachtree City planning, the concept of “Do no harm.”

We also have a graying city, and the city has put extensive resources into our senior programs. It is now time to fix our youth programs. We made a start by restructuring user fees. Now, we must do more.

Peachtree City must be promoted as not only a good place to retire, but also a good place to grow up. We have all the pieces. It is now time to unleash the talent we have on our staff to put together a program and market this city to young families.

There is one more thing we can do to encourage young families to move here. We have to make it affordable to live here.

This year, I will propose a 0.2 mill cut in our property taxes. We will do this through a series of sustainable cuts in the city budget.

As I demonstrated in the budgets I submitted last year, we can do this without the major cuts in public safety.

There is also one more thing we can do to bring younger families here. We have a few neighborhoods of starter homes in the city limits. We need to ensure that we do everything we can to enhance the livability in these neighborhoods.

Many of them have a substantial amount of rental properties. We need to ensure that these properties are taken care of as well as owner-occupied properties.

To do this, we need to change the way we do code enforcement. We need to start writing the tickets to the landowners. This will ensure that we do not have absentee landlords. Code enforcement must become a major focus of city government.

I believe that we can work together to make the changes in Peachtree City that benefit all of us. I’m Councilman George Dienhart, and I am asking for your vote in in this falls mayoral election. God bless, and thank you all.

George Dienhart

Post 2, City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.



Would like to read your thoughts on bringing new businesses into PTC replacing the ones that left and building new. Would also like to hear your thoughts on things the city can do to keep our existing businesses from leaving.

So is this another candidate campaign that former County Commissioner is going to fund? Noted Harold Bost and Bob Ross-Fayette County Issues Tea Party. Boss Hog bought all the Fayette County commission races and one race in Fayetteville. How long are the taxpayers going to let one man buy the elections? Boss Hog had to resign from being a Fayette County Commissioner some years ago because his legal residence was Florida, not Fayette County. Wise up, Fayette County Voters.


So what do you know for sure? What do you know about George Dienhart? Easy to throw charges around made on supposition & inuendo. Do you ever post positive stuff? Haven't seen any yet--it's criticize & complain with some whine thrown in to complement your selective reading. Don't know who all the candidates will be yet, but so far, of those announced, if I was a resident, he'd get my vote!

Hey, AtHomeGym, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. I don't know Dienhart, Haddix, or the woman council person that is running for Mayor. Just asking if his campaign is being financed by one person, if so, I will not vote for that person. So far as posting postive stuff, I have seen you post a lot of negative stuff and I have posted positive stuff.By the way, my selective reading as you want to call it is documented.I do live in Peachtree City so I will get to vote for the candidate of my choice.


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He is very much his own man and will be beholding to no one individual or group. He simply made his announcement at a Tea Party meeting. He will have my financial support and many others as well. He is the quickest path to take back our city from the current lame duck. Can't wait.

Live free or die!

Thanks for both posts and your input. Economic Redevelopment has to be a major part of PTC's next 50 years.

There are a few things we can do. The first will be to rehabilitate the city's image. We need strong leadership, from the top. We have to put an end to the current image that people have of Peachtree City, which is a place that is currently embroiled in legal fees. That old adage that there is noe such thing as bad press? It's totally wrong.

We also need to move forward on my proposal for a Tax Allocation District for our industrial area. When I talk to Matt and Emily, they cited lack of sewer connection as the single largest obstacle to landing business to move back there. A TAD can help us pay for that.

We also have to realize that after 50 years, we are entering a redevelopment phase of our existence. We need to help people come in and rehabilitate our empty industrial facilities. The best thing a local government can do is work with the involved parties on tax breaks and to otherwise get out of the way and let entrepreneurs create jobs.

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I will help financially and with canvassing after Sept. Good for you - glad you have made the decision to run.

Redevelopment and rehab? Certainly - for both the industrial park and some residential areas.

Recruiting new businesses? My favorite subject. That will do the most anyone could do to attract new and younger families which all thinking people agree is needed. The non-thinking people propose cutting out youth recreation because the population is "graying".

Rentals. Strong code enforcement is certainly needed. Why owners trying to rent a property don't keep it in tip top shape is a huge mystery to me. Some renters are slobs and they need to go away. . And because of the real estate meltdown, there are a lot more rental houses on the market and a lot more coming. Good for you to focus on this.

More on rentals. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that most young people/transferred employees and even the new jobs created by Pinewood and it's supporting businesses will be much more interested in renting than buying. Therefore, one of their first impressions of the community will be what the rental property looks like. So, yet another reason to force absentee owners to keep up standards.

Live free or die!

The "budget guru" who peddles voodoo economics and says a mandatory gun ownership law will reduce crime wants to be mayor. Lawd have mercy!

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I guess Vanessa does not since her term is up, but if you resign to run, will your seat be up in Nov? That would be 4 - everybody but Imker could be replaced. Wow!

We certainly need to have a new mayor and from what I have seen and read, I will vote for you. Normally I would go with the babe (Vanessa) but she seems disconnected.

Good luck big guy.

We could use some new blood on the city council. I'm liking George and Mr. Bloom.

Please somebody run against Kim Learnard too.

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Her Haddix bashing and her gender give her 2 legs up on an inexperienced challenger. Very happy to see George and Josh stepping up. Lot's of change coming this fall. We need it.


Thanks, and you are right- there is some potential for turnover. I will have to resign when I file to be a candidate. I believe the last day I can file is in September.

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Do you think that it is "OK" for a business owner to knowingly hire illegals and pay them what amounts to slave wages? A simple YES/NO answer would be great.


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Congratulations on making your decision. There is little doubt that both you and Vanessa offer Peachtree City much more than what our current mayor has provided over the past three plus years. I look forward to hearing your position on a variety of issues, especially on the budget.
With Josh Bloom's announcement and three others of which I'm aware that will be made public soon, I foresee an end to the bickering and delusional ramblings coming from the dais.
The end of our city's political blight is hopefully near.

Thanks. I truly appreciate your input.

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I like that agenda a lot. Definitely leaning towards voting for you in November. You seem to really "get it" and I think you'd be a big improvement over the present.

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