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Tymbral's debut CD is now available

Earlier this year The Citizen published a story about a local Christian band, Tymbral, heading off to play a Sci-Fi convention in Chattanooga, Tenn. They returned, put the finishing touches on their self-titled debut CD, and released it.

The eight track album, available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and more, is a mix of musical styles. Several of the tracks could best be described as pop ballads, particularly one of the strongest tracks, “Awakened,” but there are also several blues tracks and rock songs featuring early metal sounding riffs and forays into prog rock interludes. The closing track, “When the Warrior Returns,” based on the Book of Revelations, is a mix of all Tymbral’s strengths and the jam in the middle begs to be turned up on any stereo.

For more information about Tymbral and their CD, visit



I echo the writer's notes. This is an awesome CD that you'll want to listen to over and over. This is a very talented group destined to have amazing success. I hear they are already working on a video for "When the Warrior Returns." I can't wait to see this awesome music put to video.

Keep on "Movin' On" Tymbral!

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