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Gift shop owner, 1 other arrested after gambling raid

The owner of the Fayette Gift Shop in Fayetteville raided April 17 for suspected illegal gambling has been arrested on commercial gambling charges.

Sameer Syed, 32, of Hyacinth Lane in Peachtree City was charged with felony commercial gambling and misdemeanor keeping a gambling place, according to Fayetteville Detective Mike Whitlow. The arrest came on April 23 when Syed turned himself in, Whitlow added.

Also arrested was 21 year-old Corina Venegas-Corral, of Riverdale, an employee at the business who was arrested at the scene and later charged with commercial gambling, said Whitlow.

It was in the late morning hours of April 17 that Fayetteville Police executed a search warrant at the Fayette Gift Shop in North Glynn Street and found six video gambling machines in the store’s back room.

“The arrest of Syed is a direct result of search warrants that were served on April 17 at the Fayette Gift Shop and at a residence in Fayette County. Fayetteville detectives obtained evidence at both locations which they continue to examine and more arrests are probable,” Whitlow said.

The find corroborated initial complaints made by a someone who contacted police saying they had lost money on the machines, officers said.

Anyone with information concerning illegal gambling at the Fayette Gift Shop is asked to contact Det. Mike Whitlow at 770-719-4222.



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Good work. Now move a couple hundred yards south and take care of that citgo. Gas stations like that one are why I simply use QuikTrip.

I still laugh when I drive by that gift ship and see the "open" sign still on.

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