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Senoia asks for recreation partnership with Coweta

Senoia councilmen Maurice Grover and Jeff Fisher made a short presentation at the April 17 meeting of the Coweta County Commission to request that the city and county form a partnership to enhance the city’s recreation amenities at Leroy Johnson Park.

Senoia Mayor Robert Belisle in a March 20 letter to commissioners referenced the city’s recently completed 20-year master plan for parks and recreation that recommended increasing the number of active and passive recreation amenities and recreational trails.

Belisle in the letter referenced the city-owned, county-operated ball fields at Leroy Johnson Park on Howard Road.

“We feel this facility is not at a standard that is expected in Coweta County. The (city) master plan shows that vast improvements are necessary in order to keep Leroy Johnson Park serviceable as a baseball/softball complex,” Belisle said.

County Administrator Theron Gay in recognizing the councilmen told commissioners that Senoia was interested in having the county partner with the city. Gay noted that a number of residents from the unincorporated areas of Coweta customarily use the recreation facilities in Senoia.

Grover and Fisher followed up on the idea of working with the county in a collaborative fashion.

“We want a working partnership with the county and we’re serious about making it work,” Fisher said.

Commissioner Paul Poole recommended that cost estimates and timelines be determined and be brought to the commission for consideration.
Gay said he would obtain the requested information.

Coweta voters last month approved a continuation of the SPLOST sales tax, of which Senoia designated $1.25 million of its share of the revenues to go toward parks and recreation projects. SPLOST revenue funds anticipated for Coweta County included $6.2 million for recreation initiatives.

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