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Big storm yields little damage

Wednesday night’s blustery thunderstorm yielded no major damage in Peachtree City.

It did, however, leave a bit of a mess.

Public Works crews were out very early Thursday morning after mud began to wash over Rockaway Road, said Public Works Director Mark Caspar. A backhoe was used to clear the mud, he said.

Also, crews were out all day Thursday removing fallen trees, some of which had fallen on roads. Still others had fallen on the cart paths, he said.

“We didn’t really have any damage other than debris and tree cleanup,” Caspar said.

The city did duck a big problem when a tree fell outside the Public Works office, he said. Had the tree fallen the other way, it would’ve smashed about four parked trucks, he added.

“Really we were very fortunate,” Caspar said of the city’s outcome from the storm, which was violent enough for weather officials to warn of the potential for tornados.

The Peachtree City Fire Department only ran one call during the storm, a report of a structure fire. But it was not storm related and there was no significant damage, officials said.



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