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PTC to vote Thursday for blinking yellow lights at Baseball-Soccer Complex

In a bid to prevent a tragic auto crash, the Peachtree City Council is expected to vote Thursday night to spend $8,298 to install yellow flashing beacons on Ga. Highway 74 for the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex.

The upshot is that the cost is for solar-powered beacons, allowing the city to duck the cost of extending a power line to the site and also the recurring electric bill.

It would have cost more than $16,000 just to extend the power line, city officials said.

And the Georgia Department of Transportation will be installing the lights, at a further savings to the city.The matter will be discussed at the council meeting at City Hall Thursday night starting at 7 p.m.

Last year city staff raised concerns that motorists leaving the complex would face a dangerous situation after the widening of Hwy. 74 is complete.

Because so many residents would be turning to go north across four lanes of traffic, the potential for a serious accident or worse would go up significantly, officials worried.

The city had previously lobbied GDOT for a fully-operational traffic light, but there was never enough traffic at the intersection to meet statistical requirements for a light, officials said.

In December, several council members personally petitioned the state’s DOT commissioner to lobby for the full traffic light. Instead, DOT agreed to the flashing yellow light, and also that it would go back and conduct an in-depth review of the intersection to see if it meets the guidelines which require a light to be installed.

There’s also a chance that after the widening the conditions might justify an exception to the statistical data requirement for traffic counts at the intersection, officials said.

The beacons will be located at the northern entrance to BSC, and the southern entrance will be made a right-in, right-out only when the road is widened, officials have said previously.

Funding for the flashing beacon will come from funds the city has set aside to move the monument signs for BSC after the road widening is complete.



PTC to vote Thursday for blinking yellow lights at Baseball-Soccer Complex

Now I am glad they are trying something, BUT, drivers dont care about a blinking light. It will not slow down the morons just like the 45 speed limit now in that area doesnt matter to them. Even with this yellow light people will crash and most likely die. A red light is a must at that road when the highway is completed. I havent figured out where everyone is going in such a hurry all the time.

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Since this little action by our Council has been in the works for months now, who's to say it won't be another 3-2 vote with Imker and Haddix on opposing sides?

There's a rumor stirring about that our beloved mayor has let his alligator mouth over ride his hummingbird ass once again which will most likely further deplete city funds. Time will tell.

A full time flashing yellow light will just create confusion and probably more accidents. Flashing yellows are usually used in rural areas where the lights operate normally during the day, and then at night, when there are reduced traffic flows, the flashing yellows will operate. I understand that the overall yearly cross traffic in that area coming from the ballfield probably doesn't warrant a traffic light in the eyes of GDOT. But I am sure at times (when a game is over) the volume of traffic would warrant one. I am sure that given enough money, there is a sensor technology available that could allow the lights to act normally during periods of high cross traffic coming from the ballfields, and to act as flashing yellows at other times. If I were the council I would vote this down and send one of the policeman that sit in the intersections of 54/Macduff, 54/Huddleston, and 54/Planterra Ridge (I actually saw three in a row there at the same time on Saturday) down to the baseball/soccer complex to direct traffic.

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