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Woman attacked, robbed at Fayette Pavilion

Fayetteville Police are looking for a suspect who attacked a Fayetteville woman Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Kohl’s department store located at the Fayette Pavilion.

The April 27 incident occurred at approximately 10:07 a.m. as the customer exited her vehicle and walked towards the door, said Det. Mike Whitlow.

Whitlow said the woman was approached by a black male, 16-20 years of age, 5’7”-5’9” in height and a very thin build. The man was wearing black pants, a black shirt over a red shirt, black shoes and a black baseball cap with a red bill and logo, Whitlow added.

Whitlow said the man grabbed the victim by the collar and threw her to the ground. He then took her purse and fled, running north through the Kohl’s parking lot toward Pavilion Parkway. The victim suffered injuries to her arm and neck. She was treated at the scene by paramedics, said Whitlow.

The incident at Kohl’s was captured on store video and the suspect was seen walking in the store prior to the robbery, Whitlow said.

Fayetteville Police and Fayette County deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. Fayetteville Police believe he may have had a vehicle waiting in the Dick’s parking lot and may have tried to rob someone there a few minutes before he walked to Kohl’s, Whitlow said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Det. Mike Whitlow at 770-461-4441.

Below are composite security camera shots of the suspect.



My understanding is there was a concerted effort to keep Country Lakes 'black' and middle class . It's a free country, and I respect your decision. I'll stay with my neighbors, my church and my community activities and shop on line or enjoy Lenox and Phipps. ( but I'll also work with those leaders who want to save the biusinesses in the Pavilion). I went to Dillard's in Newnan. I guess some thought I was from Riverdale, and now they'll start to run too. You know what, it's disgusting when you realize that Americans still judge by the color of the skin. To think that ALL citizens don't resent the criminal activities in the Pavilion, and see the only solution is to rid this city of 'blacks' is so 20th century. Most comments here express that thought. In talking with other citizens in this county, I think that those stuck in the past will leave and those who see the reality of the diversity in FC will reap the benefits of the new businesses and citizens who are scheduled to arrive. The 20% black citizens who live here are not part of the 5% on welfare or residents of Clayton County or Riverdale.

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I said that Country Lakes unfortunately is right near the border of Fayette/Clayton/Fulton. That has nothing to do with the race of anyone that lives in the subdivision at all.

Why do you make every discussion into a racial argument?

I'm so sorry. I had mentioned Country Lakes as an example of a 'black' community here in Fayette County. You responded to my comment. There is no argument is there? Aren't your comments honest about the development ?

I said: [quote] Just visit Country Lakes. Clayton County is history.[/quote]

Nuk said:

[quote]Country Lakes has done well in maintaining its home values and that is no doubt a testament to the homeowners there[/quote]

Now really, you didn't think that I was referring to Country Lakes as a black community? Wow! A whole community remained unseen in Fayette County. Interesting.

Point: Stop trying to paint all blacks as not maintaining the property value of their homes. Those who have pride in their property maintain it. Those who have no pride or no training do not. There are some who have never experienced the pride of ownership . I've been in white, black, purple communities where that is evident. A lot has to do with ones income, education, and home training.

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<strong>"Why do you make every discussion into a racial argument?</strong>

It usually goes like this: "There must be something wrong with your reading comprehension. I stated here x years ago when I joined this blog that I was here to discuss race.....blah, blah, blah."

What she fails to go on and say is "I see race in everything, so should you. There is race in a rainbow, there is race in dark clouds and white clouds, there is race in night and day, there is even race in my Raisin Bran every morning....."

I noticed a sign on the square today advertising an art show coming soon. I'm guessing there will be a report out afterwards about how whitey was reacting to "people of color".

kcchiefandy's picture KNOW her agenda on this; everything is race-based.

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It's either all about race or someone else mentioning race and how terrible they are for saying something like that when the other person known as DM is completely fixated on nothing but race.

Just best for me to ignore that BS, and I didn't, and responded. My FAIL.

kcchiefandy's picture're a valued and respected member of this blogosphere.

I never figured you as one who ignored facts. Yes - I have discussed 'race'. And yes, I certainly have a different perspective than some contributors to the Citizen. However, I have posted on other subjects - and discussed these subjects with those who viewed my perspective on other venues.



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[quote=Davids mom]Yes, there is reverse racism present.[/quote]

Reverse racism? No such thing. Racism is racism. Don't try to sugar-coat it by trying to explain it as something opposite of racism.
The attack at Kohls that traumatized that poor white woman was a hate crime perpetuated by racism against white people.

I wish I could say there is no such thing. There may be some who don't want to admit that minorities and women can discriminate against 'white' and/or 'males - but that is not dealing with the real world. Until we learn to 'do unto others' we are in trouble . Crime is crime - and many will be in a lot more trouble if you call all crime against another 'race' and/or gender a hate crime - there will be a lot more people in jail, since the penalties are greater.. Maybe that's a good thing!

You can't even get your definitions right. You posted a definition of 'reverse discrimination' from the "Free Dictionary", which isn't even a recognized authority of the English language. (remember, you gots to factualize!)

Both terms are non-sensical and used by minorities to soften the definition of their own hate. You are either racist, or discrimintitory, or in your case, both.

To those who have lived through the generations of 'white supremacy/power' it may be difficult to imagine that there are those who would discriminate against 'whites' -

[quote]"What separates white racism from any other form …is [its] ability…to become lodged in the minds of and perceptions of the citizenry," Wise explains. <strong>"White perceptions are what end up counting in a white-dominated society.</strong> If whites say Indians are savages, then by God, they'll be seen as savages. If Indians say whites are mayonnaise-eating Amway salespeople, who the hell is going to care?"[/quote]

The demographics are changing - and the younger generation realizes that 'whites' will not dominate in the 21st century - and they don't want a REVERSE RACISM to take hold. Use whatever dictionary you want - the reality is that 'racist' attitudes , no matter how hard you try to instill them on this board - are not going to hold up in the 21st century in this country. People see Joe for who and what he is - and what he preaches. There are those who are challenging his antiquated hatred.

Judge people by their actions - not their color. The majority of minorities in this country have had a good experience with individual white persons in this country - certainly during the Civil Righrs Movement. Minorities were not alone. We have also been exposed to the likes of Joe. Don't worry kids - the Joe Kawi's will fade away.

Try this.

It's so much fun to get you to post and display your remarkable academic ability! LOL

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[quote=Joe Kawfi][quote=Davids mom]Yes, there is reverse racism present.[/quote]

Reverse racism? No such thing. Racism is racism. Don't try to sugar-coat it by trying to explain it as something opposite of racism.
The attack at Kohls that traumatized that poor white woman was a hate crime perpetuated by racism against white people.[/quote]
Joe, how do you know this? You talked to the perp about it? Could it be he was just looking for an easy victim and she was it?

I believe that if I had been that woman who was attacked - my race would not have stopped the criminal. Maybe Joe doesn't really understand 'reverse racism'. There was an article in Ebony magazine years ago regarding the residential area in Atlanta called The Cascades. This is an area that is populated by black leaders and professionals. New homes have been built in the area - and the developer asked if 'whites' would be welcomed. I was surprised at some of the answers. When looking for our home here - we were told that Country Lakes was almost comparable to The Cascades. (This was in 2002) - and that it was 'black'. The ignorance of racism is not confined to one group. However, I respect the pride in ownership and history of an area that is held by the residents of The Cascades and Country Lakes. (There may be some white residents in Country Lakes today.)

Pull your head out. When a white person attacks a black person, it is always called a hate crime. It works both ways, Jaggoff.

[Quote]Wrong again DM, it was enforcement of the law that did those things. Law enforcement requires resources and the federal government provided those resources including the National Guard and the federal judicial system to enforce the law.[/quote]

What laws are you referring to?

PTC Observer's picture

The Constitution of the United States of America.

You know the law that protects your Rights?

[quote]A united community and country stopped the growth of the KKK
A united community and country stopped frequent drive bys by whites in black communities.[/quote]

Come to reality PTCO! The Constitution of the United States of America was established before the 1960's.
What established my rights here in the south was the media exposure of what the southern law enforcement was doing to lawfully protesting citizens who opposed Jim Crow practices. Those citizens were white and black - all Americans. That was a 'finger in the dike' action. Non-violent fingers can be effective.

PTC Observer's picture

asked what law, I told you what law.

You sure do get off on tangents don't you?

Crime has no color DM, I am talking about what rational people will do in the face of crime. We are not talking about the civil rights movement.

Go put your finger in the dike, it won't do any good. The reality about crime DM is that people will move away from it.

The law in this country is based on our Constitution. My mentioning the Constitution was because you stated that the KKK and such were stopped because of the 'law' - the Constitution. My response to you was that the Constitution has been around since way before 1960 - and what stopped the KKK and such was the media exposure to the 'law' enforcement in the south and what they were doing to American citizens - black and white'- who were protesting non-violently for their 'rights' under the law (Constitution). Civil rights is not just for 'blacks' - but for all citizens under the law.. . and will be discussed and acted upon long after we have somehow passed this 'race relations' problem. There is a not so subtle inclination to assume that black people in Fayette County are the cause of the crime. This is an insult to your black neighbors that some of you claim to be so friendly with. Citizens of Fayette County who are 'black' are just as concerned about the encroaching crime problem - but you must read other media from around the nation. What is happening in Fayette County unfortunately is not unique. Crime is escalating - and assigning the blame to 'blacks', the poor, and assuming no claim at all for it is foolish. Crime happens when people allow themselves to be unprotected, unaware of their surroundings, etc. Wonderful families who have lived in peaceful, rural areas with extensive security regalia have been murdered by criminals. I say, let those who seek safer communities - go. I have already stated why I will stay - and work with the business,community and church leaders to keep Fayette County a role model for living in the south,

Diversity is here. Leaders in minority communities are struggling to teach the Golden Rule - not do as you were done unto. Demographics have changed. We must all respect one another - not fear one another. That is the 'dream' of America. I showed this to a group of teens today (the blog). They laughed. Their comments -<cite> we know how to get along - we're living the American dream. When 'you' folks are gone, this stuff will be history,</cite> I hope they're right!!

PTC Observer's picture

said nothing about race, you did.

I am talking about crime. People will move away from it DM. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

You won't be able to stop it by "united communities".

Overwhelming law enforcement will stop it, using the law against criminals aggressively will stop it, but united communities won't. If we have overwhelming response by law enforcement against crime and we are willing to pay for it then we can stop it. If we ignore the race of the criminals and concentrate on what they do, how they do it, when they do it, then maybe we can stop it. As long as we argue about why we have crime then we are all wasting time on the theoretical and we're not solving our immediate problem.

So, I would advise you as you put your finger in the dike of "united communities", start ignoring race and focus (if you can) on crime.

You won't have a lot of time for this as the housing market is improving and people will be looking to move to safer areas. "Overwhelming response, overwhelming response", keep repeating this over and over DM.

What is your definition of 'united communities'?

[QUOTE]If we have overwhelming response by law enforcement against crime and we are willing to pay for it then we can stop it. If we ignore the race of the criminals and concentrate on what they do, how they do it, when they do it, then maybe we can stop it. As long as we argue about why we have crime then we are all wasting time on the theoretical and we're not solving our immediate problem.[/QUOTE]

Why can't a 'united community' do the above?

See Clayton County for reference. Hopefully folks will quit making excuses and not let it happen here. I know people in Cobb/Gwinnett who feel the same way.

Let's do it! We all need to be part of the overwhelming response.

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"United Community" is just so much blabber, police on the street and plenty of them, is action. This coupled with an expedited judiciary should do the trick and send a message to criminals that they simply should move on to easier pickings.

As to the Pavilion, the owners of this property should get their collective act together and get some armed private guards on their property in force. There needs to be force and plenty of it from both the police and the property owner. The "community" can just "talk".

I say again, we don't have much time to get this done, people I know are already talking loads about how Fayette in general is changing and are planning to move. Oh yes, it doesn't have one thing to do with race DM, it's ALL about crime.

The woman raped in Tyrone last week was doing her exercise walk, returned home at 10 AM, walked in her house and found the perpetrator standing in her kitchen. It was a home invasion/rape. She was not out shopping.

I'll join the C path! Fayetteville is a great city with wonderful citizens. To allow thugs to run us off is not the American way.
Fayetteville is a diverse city - let's all get together and use the good suggestions that have been shared here and fight back!
Our schools are great, our city is clean - let's show that The Pavilion can be safe. City Council - some leadership here please.
Chanel 2 covered the story. Let's give them a story of how a united community can fight back!

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You're dreaming again, you can wake up now. Reality awaits you.

Proverbs 13:24 from the bible states <strong>"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them."</strong>

The parent of the worthless cowards that prey on the innocent at the Pavilion obviously hate their children, otherwise they would have disciplined them and taught them not to do this kind of thing.

If the community has to get involved to discipline these criminals because the single parent raising them hates them, I am all for it. It just so happens that the rod of discipline that I carry is liscensed and loaded with ammunition. I love these thugs with the love of God enough to use it to discipline them.


Went to Sam's Club on the west end of Fayette County - past PTC. As we were leaving, a young man approached wanting to sell me some tickets. I politely refused, he said thank you and I continued walking. A lady approached me with a smile on her face and advised me to 'watch my purse'. ( I was carelessly allowing it to hang on my shoulder). I thanked her. . .and carried my purse in a more secure manner. This is cooperation and fighting back against crime - and has nothing to do with race. I was the only black person in this scenario. Good citizens can work together in preventing crime by being observant and protective of one another. I had lunch at ABC in the Pavilion today. Saw the same people I usually see there after church services. La Parillia was setting up for Cinco de Mayo celebration. The parking lots at Olive Garden and The Longhorn were full. What is happening to The Pavilion and in areas that border disadvantaged communities throughout our country is tragic. . . . . but can be dealt with. We cannot become complacent and allow criminals/domestic terrorists to disrupt our peace and cause us to live in fear. Lots of good suggestions here. No need to hate. Fayetteville and PTC are good American communities.

Congratulations to MacIntosh High School 's music department! Outstanding student performance this weekend! There is so much talent in FC!

DDR (the management company) needs to step up and take some visible steps to improve safety and security or their well-to-do clientele that they are so proud of will start going to safer places to spend their money. Cameras and a significant armed security presence would be a good start. Close off those back northbound exits so that the thugs can't make their escape unseen.

The Pavilion is already gaining a reputation as an "urban" destination, which was Southlake's fate, and that mall is full of empty space and surrounded by blight. According to DDR's own information, there is currently 125k+/- sq ft of unoccupied space in the Pavilion in 11 separate units. Without DDR making some changes, the Pavilion will inevitably lose upscale stores. Best Buy has already scampered away.

I've already asked my significant other to travel to PTC if she is shopping alone. We already go to NGC to watch movies in a thug-free environment. The theater in the Pavilion is just an unacceptably risky destination, especially after dark.

Time to invest in the Pavilion, DDR. If I don't feel safe, I'm not going to be spending my money there. It's as simple as that.

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Alabama Senate votes to Nullify All Federal Gun Control Measures, 24-6

Senate Bill 93 (SB93) declares that “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment,” and therefore, “are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.”

More armed citizens that shop in the pavilion. Don't need more security then now would we..?

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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In the late 70's when I moved here crime was minimal. You never had to keep your head on a swivel when walking to and from stores. The general perception back then was that the lowlifes knew this was the wrong place to commit violent crimes. Somehow word seemed to spread amongst the predators.

Well, those days are over. Maybe the game-changer these days would be 3 or 4 well-publicized occurrences of victims turning the tables on these worthless pieces of you-know-what. Proof in pictures of some thugs laying in the parking lot in pools of their own blood might start the word to spread again.

These cowards are routinely targeting women walking alone. You ask why the solution would be them dying as a result of their own actions? What else would deter a lazy, opportunistic predator who has found it reasonable and acceptable to stick a gun in a stranger's face and demand what is not theirs? Arrest? Prison time? Public humiliation? Apparently not.....

kcchiefandy's picture

...of Kansas to this list of State bodies pushing back against the unconstitutional acts of our Federal gov't; I believe there are 7-8 states pursuing the same tactic. Holder & his Nazis are prepping the court case as we speak.

S. Lindsey's picture

...funny how when you actually read the Constitution you find that the Federal powers are restricted and that you actually have Rights that they don't control.

States are re-learning that, as well.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

S. Lindsey's picture

..."Martinsville, VA councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge was offended by one patch on a student-designed quilt that had a black stick-figure to exemplify a lack of knowledge and a large golden stick figure to signify success and intelligence."

..and yes the NAACP is now involved.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

brooksdad's picture put my family at risk for shopping convenience, or to "be a part of the solution and fight back" as one post said. We choose to fight back via capitalism and where it is safe, be aware and alert at all times, and EMPTY THE CLIP WHEN NECESSARY.

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I have a gun and a concealed carry permit. I'm not itching to use it on somebody and prefer to go shop at places where I'm more concerned about what I'm buying than protecting myself or being on constant alert against potential crime.

I'm a very unlikely target because I'm really tall and a big dude, but that sometimes doesn't mean anything to a thug hopped-up on crack or meth. I just choose to go where I don't have to encounter the scum in general. I'd say there are several places walking around in downtown Atlanta much safer than the Pavilion for that matter.

It's not up to ME to clean up the mess. I have freedom to go wherever I want to and move where I feel comfortable. If I was still in my 20's, I probably would think differently on this but I'm in my 50's and screw being a crusader for justice.

I resided in Fayette from 1987 until 2003,during the latter years ran a teen club part time called Jitterbuggers. The one time I tried to be liberal and offer a private hip hop party the facility was trashed 100 showed up I was stiffed by the party goer for $250.00 and when evicting older non invited guest hastily got kids back inside when these 3 20+ thugs drove off and shot at building. This was located on 300 Tivoli down from the Pit stop off of Hwy 34 in PTC.

Later I relocated to the Eastside Georgia area and have been involved in education. A recent incident in a Elementary school here.4 boys skipped their 5th grade class. A young hispanic student informed the teacher of possiblity they were in bathroom and upon investigation the 4 were found in restroom , one on floor with large bump on head. Major write up of assualt and internal punishment. These same 4 were later intimidating the young hispanic male who told on them. These kids are destined for Rockdale Middle school and the other will go a a middle school in Newton.

Rockdale went from 90% white racial makeup in 2000 Census to about 85% black in 2010 census even higher % now. Rampant crime similar to the situation at Kohls at Fayette Pavilion reported every day and violence escalation in schools is a major concern for Safety and parents and students very vocal.

In Fayette please bring about more police on duty, bring about maximum punishments in school for student fights and assualts, bring about more neighborhood watches and realize that the liberal media that perpetuates the myth of" Diversity is strength" tends to have their roots in wealthy walled off communities far from the "tragedy of Transition" counties such as Fayette apparently are enduring. Dekalb county Ga now 90% black was one time the best county in Metro Atlanta before white flight, gang takeovers of the schools and diversity tolerance destroyed them financially and in education leadership. Business can not tolerate abuse of customers and yes fight back to protect your rights..Chuck Norris is one of my heros and I would not hesitate to give a round house kick to the face if I am attacked .

If law enforcement would set up random and frequent road blocks on 314 headed south and 85 headed south at the entrance to The Pavillion there would most likely be a lack of room in the Fayette County jail after car searches, tag and license checks, etc. Continue the road blocks as long as it takes for the word to get around that it is too risky for criminals to come to Fayette County. That was a reputation we once had. Now that has changed and ask a Realtor how many people want to buy a house in Fayetteville. The population of Fayetteville goes down... Businesses go down... School enrollment goes down... Schools close... People move... Sound familiar? It's time for our law enforcement to set up the road blocks and bring back the reputation to Fayetteville that criminals don't want to cross the county line.

In the '80's. <strong>If you're black - don't get caught there at night.</strong> Is that the reputation you are talking about? When we told relatives we were moving to Fayette County, they shook their heads. Except for the 'stuff' shared here - they (my relatives) were wrong. It is obvious that there are those who are afraid of diversity - and feel that somehow if they live near or associate with a person of color, they lose some sort of 'power'. I have found that in reality, there are very few citizens who react like that in Fayetteville or Peachtree City - but those who do are well represented in some Citizen discussions.

Do not get caught here is more like it. It is not always about being black.

That's the message /reputation for FC in 2013!! I know for a fact that's what my residential community is working on.

(70% white-30% - other). Much like the rest of Fayette County. We're neighbors who 'watch out' for each other.. The kids get along, proud of their schools, and also want to join the adults in keeping the community safe. Do you know of any community that feels different? Let's unite!

Back on the pavilion topic....I had posted a few days ago, and just caught up reading everyone elses posts. Someone said that the pavilion owner should hire security and ensure safety. There is security here, but I have NEVER seen them do anything. For about 6 months their pick up sat in the parking lot and never moved, and they hung out in the old Pearl Vison eye center. The only time I saw them move was to go in and out at the end of their shift. They were not at all professional looking and really did not do anything. Then we got a new person doing security. They were driving a old model sedan with a magnet advertising the security company and a little yellow light. Again I saw them drive around every now and then. Now we have an older man who drives around in a little car. This is what we are paying for as leasees, and who should be watching out for you. Maybe Im wrong, but I have a different vision of security and someone who were to guard it. I am with DM on standing up for where I live, and I do NOT want to see the pavilion turn into just another abandon center, as this is a great center. I live in Tyrone, but choose to work and shop here. I do not drive to newnan, even though its roughly the same distance, but at the same time so is union city but I choose not to go there. You shouldn't have to worry about where you shop, but I also feel that the crime in the pavilion is more exaggerated than anything. Its not like there are shootings here all the time, or gangs walking around harassing everyone. Fayetteville police would not allow that. We live in a city with a competent police department, but you can not just pull over anyone with a clayton county tag, or that doesn't "fit" the ideal fayette county resident as so many have described above. Having better security that again IS ALREADY BEING PAID FOR by the tenants would help to deter crime, more patrols by police, and "the ideal fayette county citizens" not running away and shopping somewhere else is the only thing that I see making the pavilion better. What are your choices, let the pavilion and all the store go out of business? What do you think a huge center like this would do empty for your home values, or better yet, all the Lower end store fill it up...more discount stores because that brings higher class of people. Or you can leave altogether, and just run away and sell your house and change your whole life over this little hurdle that eventually you'll face again down the line. Its silly to me. I understand someone from peachtree city going to newnan because they are in the middle, but everyone from Fayetteville should really stand up, and its still a good idea for all fayette countians to as well. BTW I am a business manager and I have a concealed carry permit, choose to carry, and WILL DO whatever is necessary to defend my store, staff, and customers because that is what I feel a good business owner should do. Sorry for the really long post.

G35 Dude's picture

[quote]We live in a city with a competent police department, but you can not just pull over anyone with a clayton county tag, or that doesn't "fit" the ideal fayette county resident as so many have described above.[/quote]

I made a post further down with a list of suggestions that might help. One was to pass a law against hanging pants and loud music. This has been done in other places. These people will not hang out where they are not comfortable. Add in a few undercover officers and regular police patrols and I think things could be turned around. But if we wait too long it'll be too late.

That would be a great start. Only draw back would be for the need for more patrols and officers because they would constantly be busy at first giving them all tickets. And the first thing to go wrong and the police take an extra minute getting there someone would cry out they could have been here 3 minutes earlier if they weren't wasting time arresting people with their pants too low. I think it would be well worth it in the end!! I also like the mandatory gun owner thing that the other county did up in north GA, granted its a much smaller county. I also like the other suggestion about roadblocks...if only it didn't hold up traffic...maybe late night hours? After peak rush hour times? That would be terrific, and safe for our county. I stopped at one on Ellison road not long ago, right after the rape. I wouldn't mind at all doing that more often, just to get the unlicensed and uninsured off the road. Makes me feel safer and its good to see the police out and about like that.

G35 Dude's picture

[quote]That would be a great start. Only draw back would be for the need for more patrols and officers because they would constantly be busy at first giving them all tickets. And the first thing to go wrong and the police take an extra minute getting there someone would cry out they could have been here 3 minutes earlier if they weren't wasting time arresting people with their pants too low. I think it would be well worth it in the end!![/quote]

Just think of all the revenue that could be generated for Fayetteville with those tickets. Not to mention improving the shopping environment and reducing crime!!!! I think the city could afford a little overtime for a while with this revenue and the officers could make a little extra money. A win-win for everyone except the thugs.

Fayetteville residents need to flood the next city council meeting and demand a full all out war on crime at the Pavillion. Allow the police to coordinate with the sheriff and go all out fining and arresting all offenders. Tip the news after the second or third day of all the arrests. Make it well known that crime in Fayette county will be punished. Plant an empty police vehicle at an entrance and move it every day to make it appear that it's occupied. Plant fear in the criminals.

No one in my family has shopped at the Pavillion in a long time due to the crime. When we shop, we travel to Newnan, where we feel safer.

I think there is already a State or County law limiting music to a certain decibel level---but who monitors/polices that?


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