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Candidate field finalized for BoE, county commission

Charlie Cave of Fayetteville qualified as the only opposition to current Post 4 school board member Bob Todd in the Republican primary.

Four political newcomers, including one Democrat, have thrown their hats into the ring for the July 20 primary by today's noon deadline.

Charlie Cave of Fayetteville qualified as the only opposition to current Post 4 school board member Bob Todd in the Republican primary.

For the Post 5 school board seat being vacated by Lee Wright, Sam Tolbert of Fayetteville qualified for the Republicans while Dr. Laura Burgess of Fayetteville qualified as a Democrat in the Post 5 race; that means barring success of a write-in candidate Tolbert and Burgess will face off in the November general election.

Sitting Post 5 county commissioner Eric Maxwell will also face a challenge from Fayetteville’s Allen McCarty in the Republican primary.

The most hotly contested race, however, may be the three-way battle for the Post 4 county commission seat between incumbent Jack Smith, former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown and former County Commissioner Harold Bost.

Qualifying ended at noon Friday, per state law.

McCarty, who lives on Lees Mill Road, told The Citizen Friday that he wants to see more transparency in county government and he wants the county to halt the West Fayetteville Bypass and instead pursue an eastern Fayetteville bypass. McCarty said the west Fayetteville bypass is directly affecting the property of one of his neighbors.

The Citizen has left phone messages for school board candidates Cave and Tolbert this afternoon seeking comment.

In a statement faxed to The Citizen this morning, Fayette County School Board Member Lee Wright said he would not seek re-election to his Post 5 seat.

Wright, who is finishing his second term on the school board this year, said in a statement that he decided not to run due to "competing personal and professional interests."

Fayette County's board of education and county commission seats are voted on at-large, meaning that every resident in the county may vote in each race, regardless of the district the voter resides in.

Candidates for the board of education posts are required to live in the district in which they are running for office. Candidates for the county commission posts may reside anywhere in the county because both are at-large positions.

The primary election, in which voters must choose a ballot for a particular party to select their candidate for each race, will be July 20. The general election is Nov. 2 where both parties' top vote-getters will square off along with any independent candidates who might qualify.



PTC Observer's picture

I never thought I would be put in the position of supporting Smith on anything, much less his re-election. I hope someone else decides to run against him.

This stinks.

Looks like Harold Bost will be running for the same post. Decisions, decisions...

grassroots's picture

This is a no incumbent year nationally and locally. Smith and Maxwell will be voted out and Bost is not running. See why next week on :

I'll take Brown hands down over Smith any day.

I bought the Harold Logsdon bull dodo and voted against Brown in that race. I was really wrong on that one. Logsdon turned out to be a Slick Willy if there ever was one.

Jevank just hates Steve Brown post after post. Don't why the bad blood is there.

grassroots's picture

Good observation. Any objections I've seen to S. Brown have been rather personal. Smith is just plane impersonal and has hidden agendas.

PTC Observer's picture

Just saying I wish there were some other choices.

Can't vote for Brown, he's to democratic for my taste.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

After 2 years of campaigning in The Citizen, we now know what Brown was running for - although I called it for you back in October - remember?

Anyhow we get to see how Cal handles the equal time issue for Mr. Smith. Does he owe him the equivilent of a column a week for two years? That's 104, so probably not. OR, does the clock start running now that Brown has qualified? We shall see. I could care less who wins, but I am fascinated by the potential for unfair and unbalanced press coverage by Brown's huckster.

Live free or die!

grassroots's picture

That's because Jack Smith refuses to basically talk or be open to anybody. Let Jack Smith have as much news space as others. I want to know what his agenda REALLY is and what drives his arrogant attitude.

mudcat's picture

Bost and Brown are teaming up against poor old Jack Smith. 2 has-beens, each of whom cost their county or city tons of money thru bad personal decisions or mismanagement.

All this is is another stupid move to divide the opposition vote and guarantee that the incumbent gets reelected. It is nice to see that brown did get a mommy pass to run and lose for a third time. It will give him something to do.

ginga1414's picture

We can choose to vote for someone who mangles the truth to the point that it isn't recognizable or we can choose to vote for someone else. We can choose to vote for someone who has, without a doubt, sold this county out to MARTA or we can shoose to vote for someone else. Our present group of commissioners have deceived, lied, broken the law and basically ignored the citizens of this county in the process. They have belittled, intimidated and insulted many citizens who have just tried to discuss issues with them. They have screamed at folks during commission meetings who just wanted to stand in silence for one brief second to show them the amount of opposition to the West Fayetteville Bypass. Even though a citizen had been placed on the agenda to speak at one of the commission meetings, when that person slightly strayed from the topic, they were approached by an officer with their hand on their gun and was forced to sit down.

We, the people, can choose to keep Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell in office or we can choose to vote for someone else. Personally, I WILL VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. AND, I IMPLORE EVERY OTHER VOTER IN THIS COUNTY TO VOTE. Please vote for a Republican, Democrat, Independent or the neighbor's dog, but please vote for someone else. How Jack Smith can look at himself in the mirror, I don't know. On the one hand he says he wants to know how the people feel about the way they want to live over the next 20 to 30 years and when the people tell him they want to preserve the "rural characteristics" of Fayette County, his other hand signs away this county to MARTA. His other hand signs away millions and millions of SPLOST dollars to destroy our creeks, streams, natural resources, homes, air quality, quiet gravel roads, pastures, and hundreds upon hundreds of acres of pristine forest all in the name of the West Fayetteville Bypass. Then when a citizen tries to discuss what will happen to her well when the WFB goes through her front yard, she is told, "be careful crossing that road with your water bucket." When other citizens try to discuss their individual problems concerning the West Fayetteville Bypass impacting their property, they are told, "Sorry, IT'S A DONE DEAL!"

It is time that, WE THE PEOPLE, choose to show Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell that they are DONE!"

meanoldconservatives's picture

"How Jack Smith can look at himself in the mirror, I don't know. <strong>On the one hand</strong> he says he wants to know how the people feel about the way they want to live over the next 20 to 30 years and when the people tell him they want to preserve the "rural characteristics" of Fayette County, <strong>his other hand</strong> signs away this county to MARTA. <strong>His other hand</strong> signs away millions and millions of SPLOST dollars to destroy our creeks, streams, natural resources, homes, air quality, quiet gravel roads, pastures, and hundreds upon hundreds of acres of pristine forest all in the name of the West Fayetteville Bypass."

We have to keep Jack Smith in office just for the novelty of it. Who else has a county commissioner with three hands??? My guess is he'll win..... (you guessed it) hands down.

grassroots's picture

Good comments. Hope your ending about him winning is good sarcasm. He's not going to win.

meanoldconservatives's picture

Yep, I was just amusing myself on a nice Friday afternoon!!!

ginga1414's picture

You're right, Mean, Jack does have three hands and fifteen fingers. And, believe me, each one of those fingers is in a different pie. Hey, Mean, Jack also has two faces. One face speaks with a smile to all his cronies, some of the voters, the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Bank of Georgia, MARTA, and The Regional Transportation Planning Board. All the while Jack's other face is screaming at citizens, bad mouthing other citizens as being "stupid", and making deals to buy property from folks even before a federal permit to build the WFB is in place. Yep, Jack Smith is quite a guy. He can make it all happen. He can decide to channel SPLOST funds from the East Bypass to the West Bypass. He can bring the WFB from low priority to high priority. Jack can do anything Jack wants. Pretty soon we will have the Road That Jack Built instead of the WFB. Or, maybe he wants it to be the County That Jack Built. I can see it all now. We will have MARTA Bus Stops on every corner. Folks will be fighting over tokens to ride those great big fume belching monstrosities. Poor little old ladies will be mugged at bus stops for their tokens. Yep, Jack is a wonder all right. However, I'm praying that people in this county will wake-up before he has us looking like Clayton and Cobb Counties. I will certainly do my part. If each one of us does our part by voting for someone else, maybe we won't have to find ourselves choking to death on MARTA's diesel fumes and maybe we won't have to scrape Grandma off the pavement and rush her to Piedmont Fayette Hospital on the WFB because some jerk bopped her on the head for her MARTA tokens.

Grrrr....I just spent $400 on these yard signs that say "WRIGHT IS WRONG!"!

Seriously though, could this be the end of the Gang of Three?

suggarfoot's picture

I don't know about the other candidate, but I've met Mr Tolbert. You can look in his eyes and see he is a wonderful man, that we are going to be lucky to have. His background is teaching at several universities and also he has a business background as well. He has several awards in the business end of it. After meeting him, I know we will have someone in there for the kids with a lot of compasion and business sense, that will mirror the other 2 with those same ideas, that have been run over over the past 2 terms. Gone will be the days of someone on the boards blustering, and insulting,and bullying. We will be able to know that the vote now will be in favor of what is best for our kids..AND...teachers. Not developers, nor someone with their on agenda. The vote of 3 that strangled this county will be gone.

Heaven Help Us! The last thing Fayette Co. needs is for Steve Brown to make the whole county the laughing stock of Metro Atlanta the way he did PTC while he was mayor. As an employee of a major international firm in Atlanta that provided financial for municipalities, I was constantly reminding people that I was from Fayette Co. and not PTC every time this baboon spouted his psycho-babble to the press. Hopefully the voters of our county are smart enough to vote for a candidate who will represent us with civility and intelligence while attracting investment to our county, not discouraging it. I’ll definitely be voting for the lesser of 2 evils. As for his ridiculous ranting in The Citizen each week, they make great linings for the cat’s litter box!


I'm in the design-build game and the development scene was pretty active during Steve's years. He wasn't perfect, but your pretty much wrong.

I think you're caught up in the ridiculous ranting you were talking about.

I didn't support Steve Brown in his re-election. I was a Logsdon man and as Tammy Wynette said I stand by my man. I disagreed with Harold on some big issues.

Brown's qualified no doubt about it. I even supported him against Matt Ramsey.

I hate it when all the crazies come out of the woodwork and start trash talking. Probably most of us know Steve was exactly right on the school board and the W. Fayette Bypass. I'm not big on the buses in the county either.

The mud slinging from the trash talkers is going to take over this site.

ginga1414's picture

Wasn't it Steve Brown who wrote an article telling everyone that Jack Smith was sitting in MARTA'S back pocket? Wasn't it Steve Brown who told us all that Jack Smith had sold us out to MARTA? And, wasn't it Jack Smith who admitted in this newspaper that "yes" in deed he had voted for MARTA to come into Fayette County?

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