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Renovated Braelinn Village to get directional signs

When the makeover of the Braelinn Village is complete, shoppers will have plenty of architectural eye candy to enjoy.

A newly designed parking area. New store facades. More landscaping. Golf cart parking just outside the storefronts.

Oh, and in case you get distracted by it all, they’ll have a few new signs to help direct you toward certain stores.

The new signs were recommended for approval Monday night by the planning commission. Called directional signs, there will be six in all: three on either side of breezeways that connect the old “rear” golf cart parking areas to the sidewalk along storefronts.

The directional signs will be seven feet tall with graphics consisting of about 12.5 square feet, said interim Community Development Director David Rast.

The signs are intended to help shoppers find their way along the center, which is very linear in design, Rast said.

The Shopping Center Group, which is managing the property, is proposing the signs advertise Braelinn merchants only. In that respect, they will be unlike signs at the Avenue shopping center, which are sold to companies both on and off-property for advertisements.

“I don’t like the signs at The Avenue,” said Planning Commissioner Lynda Wojcik.

Commission Chairman Patrick Staples agreed.

“They’re very distracting, very not Peachtree City,” Staples said.

The Avenue is managed by Cousins Properties.

The new signs for the Braelinn shopping center must get final approval at a later date from the City Council, Rast noted.



TinCan's picture

Maybe they can install umbrella stands, with umbrellas included, next to the signs to make up for removal of the covered walkway that ran the length of the center. I've been told by one shop employee that they will have an awning in front of each store. Guess if you move fast enouth you can go between the rain drops. I know..... bitch, bitch, bitch. On the positive side, guess I won't have to shower before I visit several stores on a rainy day.

and a waste of money. Anyone going here can drive the cart on the path behind or thru the pkg. lot to get to any store. No difference.

The Shopping Ctr. Group better give Kroger more parking spaces, closer to the building. That is what is needed here. AND a big awning over the entryway.

And get rid of that gawdawful wall of yukky color outside El Ranchero where the outdoor seating will be.

I already hate the fake pavers at the garden entrance at K-Mart. Ugly, cheap looking and very uneven to walk on. The new placement of the register and doorway from the inside garden center to the outside garden center is nice, though.

I did hear some really unhappy birdies above Kroger today. They are homeless now and have no bennies or cash to up and relocate. It was so sad. Generations have come and gone from there, they just don't understand.

And, no, don't ever allow signs like The Avenue signs at any centers in town. Big mistake there.

Anyone know wthere the Mirko Pasta Restaurant is going in?

Mirko Pasta...can't wait.

Dondol's picture

I up at El Ranchero the other Friday night and ask about the patio and was told that it would not be coming back, the new Shopping Ctr. owners didn't like it so its a no go.

Thanks for the update. Wish there was outdoor dining somewhere there, covered would be nice.

Nothing they can do to that shopping center will help matters until they kick that nasty KMART out. Just close the damn thing. The new facade just makes the galactically tragic excuse for a decent retail establishment inside even more of a joke. It's a terrible shopping experience. The inside of the store looks like 1976 (think Treasure Island or Richway or worse...Zares for you Atlanta natives) The customer service and selection is practically soviet (bread lines in Gorky Park are faster). Imagine how nice it would be to golf cart to a Barnes and Noble or even a Belk there. Hell, open another Target, we have two Krogers. Just get rid of KMART! Great shopping centers start with great anchors. KMART is a sinking ship!

never ceases to amaze me.

And to answer one of the naysayers below, Mirko is going in at the Avenue.

never cease to amaze me, either.

Looks right out of Mexico.... Signs will probably be in spanish as well.

So Lynda Wojcik and Patrick Staples don't like the signs at The Avenue. "They are very distracting, very not Peachtree City," said Staples. Really Patrick...really?

However I assume you and Ms. Wojcik have no problem with the gaudy colors at the redeveloped Braelinn Village Shopping Center since I am assuming the PTC Planning Commission had to recommend approval with the redevelopment plans.

You call this design "Peachtree City"?? Surely ye jest!

I rode by Braelinn Village Shopping Center yesterday and the first thing that came to mind was Legos. It looks like a string of Legos laid out end to end! Hideous color scheme that looks like it belongs in a carnival.

No need to put directional signs there....the place will glow at night!

PTC Observer's picture

Let's all calm down and see if this re-development works. Aside from the colors there has been some good planning behind this effort. Braelinn needs a shopping area and there is nothing bad about a unique shopping center.

Chill, let's hope this brings this area back.

TinCan's picture

Well I shopped there before and I'll shop there after, even including that "nasty to some" K-mart. Don't think prices are quite as good since becoming "Sears Lite" but haven't done any comparison shopping to prove it. I see nothing gained by some superficial paint job. Maybe it will help if some new businesses are drawn in but the shopping is still seems the same. Also still think the removal of the covered walkway was a dumb move, but hey that's just me. Looking forward to the time when Kroger parking is not an adventure in parking lot navigation.

Dondol's picture

During the Rain and Come August that covered walkway is going to be missed. Also the A/C bills for those Businesses are going to go up because of the lack of Shade. I do like the comparison to the Lego's, they are spot on about that.

Haven't done that since they summarily dumped known jokester Fuzzy Zoeller about his comment concerning the Masters Dinner sponsored by Tiger Woods. They were losers then; they're losers now.

Just came from there. Man, those birds are in a fowl mood. They are flying in and out of the inside area of the entryway....they are not gonna go quietly into the night.

I heard one tell the other they don't give a peep (haha) about the hot tamale coloring of the new stucco. They aren't gonna budgie without a fight. They want to know who's idea this cock-a-mamie plan is.

All I gotta say is Kroger better supply pith helmets for the customers till this flock gets a new place to perch.

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