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Traffic light on Hwy. 54W. vs. citizens

[An added traffic light near Planterra Ridge subdivision] seems to be another developer “sell out” that will have a very large negative impact on my neighborhood, other businesses along that stretch of the highway, and every commuter using Ga. Highway 54.

We don’t need another traffic light; five in 1.5 miles is already more than enough.

Traffic is at a virtual standstill at peak hours of the day. Residents trying to get out of Planterra and Cardiff know what a nightmare it is with all the cut-through traffic and five traffic lights.

This issue has been debated enough and it is time the council took a stand and rejected another concession to the developers.

Some of you were elected based on your promise to reign in the developers, but that promise seems to have been broken again and again.

RaceTrac knew what they were getting into before they decided to build a gas station at that location. Others considering that site also know what the present situation is and what they would be getting themselves into if they built on that site.

On another subject, what on earth are you people thinking? We certainly don’t need more traffic dumped onto Planterra Way by creating an exit from that site to Planterra Way. As it is now, we can barely get out of our neighborhood at peak hours.

I would appreciate hearing where you stand on this issue.

Jim Richter

Peachtree City, Ga.


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