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Fayetteville police closing in on Kohl's attacker

Fayetteville police now have video footage of a man who attacked a Fayetteville woman Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Kohl's Department Store at the Fayette Pavilion just after 10 a.m.

The video depicts the assailant using the victim's credit cards to purchase gas at several service stations in Clayton County, police said.

Police also are saying they believe the attacker may have had a getaway vehicle waiting in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods, and that he may have tried to rob someone there a few minutes before he walked to Kohl's and committed the attack.

The assailant was described as a black male between 16 and 20 years old, between 5'7" and 5'9" wearing black pants, a black shirt over a red shirt, black shoes and a black baseball cap with a red bill and logo. The assailant grabbed the victim by the collar and threw her to the ground, then took her purse and fled on foot toward Pavilion Parkway. The victim suffered injuries to her arm and neck, according to reports.

Fayetteville Police and Fayette County sheriff's deputies searched the area but were unable to find the suspect.
Anyone with information is asked to call Lt. Mike Whitlow at 770-461-4441.



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Figures he goes to Clayton County to shop, which is probably where he lives.

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...don't profile! ;)

I do find it almost amazing that these morons don't realize cards are tracked and there's cameras in & around just about EVERY business! It really goes beyond stupidity.

<cite> All poor people are lazy; all followers of Islam are Jihadists; all young black men are thugs; all white students are drug users; all residents of Riverdale are criminals; all residents of PTC are rich and snobbish; all black people who go to the Avenue or the Pavilion are on welfare, all Asians are good in math, all Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians/TeaParty members are ignorant; all new arrivals to Fayetteville are 'northeners', there are so many more erroneous statements that begin with 'all'. When one travels one hears; all Americans are rich; all Americans hate theFrench/English/Mexicans/Russians/Vietnamese/Chinese/Africans- etc., etc., etc.</cite>

If people would only realize when someone says 'all', they don't know what they are talking about! Extreme radicalization of ignorant thought is dangerous. Citizens working together have in the past provided positive results. Is this impossible for the residents of Fayetteville? If we don't stand up to this 'domestic terrorism', we're not as resilient as the citizens of Boston and New York. Good grief, we're about to see economic growth (Pinewood, etc.). Let's don't let the story of crime in Fayetteville on Channel 2 define us! Our citizens are employed, educated, hard working, (Real estate values are beginning to climb!). This is not the time to tuck tail and run! We have a small , but mighty law enforcement, hopefully business owners who are willing to work with alert citizens, to keep our city mall safe and open. We= citizens of Fayetteville.

Great picture of suspect! We're looking for you!! (wherever you are!)

I guess the white rapist that is on the loose is not as interesting as this story. No one wants to make comments on that story, but everyone wants to look for a reason to justify their own prejudice feelings and fill this page up with comments. I also guess that there are no whites in the Fayette county jail system since whites are omitted from crime in this county (you wish). I also guess that most of you are ignorant enough to believe that all crimes in this county are from black men - or MAYBE that is all the media would like to show you? Check the police reports people. Or just stay a bunch of ignorant fools who aren't smart enough to search for the true statistics (spoon fed by single sided reporting of the citizen). ;-)

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