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Music/business educator chosen as Coweta County's teacher of the year

Central Education Center music and music business teacher Dr. Lyn Schenbeck has been named Coweta County’s 2013 Teacher of the Year.

Schenbeck was chosen for the honor from among Coweta’s 31 teachers of the year and from among three finalists, including Thomas Crossroads Elementary School special education teacher Donna Hightower and East Coweta High School 11th grade AP American literature teacher Randy Robbins, said school system spokesman Dean Jackson.

Schenbeck received the honor at a Coweta County Board of Education program on April 22 held at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts. Schenbeck will also serve as Coweta’s nominee for Georgia’s Teacher of the Year.

Schenbeck is a 40-year educator and lifelong musician who holds B.S. and master’s degrees in music education from the State University of Newnan York’s Crane School of Music and a doctorate of musical arts in conducting from the University of Colorado-Boulder, Jackson said.

Coming from LaGrange College, Schenbeck began teaching music and organizing strings classes in Coweta’s middle schools in 2006 and moved to teaching classes in music, music business and technology and music in medicine to grades 8-12 at the Central Educational Center in 2008. Schenbeck founded, and continues to conduct, the all-ages Centre Strings community orchestra.

“I don’t believe any one person can adequately represent the entire teaching profession,” said Schenbeck. “Many types of people go into teaching for as many reasons as there are students to teach.”

Schenbeck thanked her fellow teachers for the honor and Centre Director Don Nixon and CEC CEO Mark Whitlock for the opportunities she has had in the Coweta school system.

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to come into a district like this,” Schenbeck said. “We have a board of education that supports the arts.”


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