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Chance: Regional road tax would help Fayette get money back

While some are up in arms about the possibility of a regional transportation sales tax being enacted in Fayette County, there is a good bit of upside, according to State Sen. Ronnie Chance of Tyrone.

Currently, some 90 percent of the state’s transportation funding is spent north of Interstate 20, Chance told The Citizen in an interview Monday.

If the new tax is approved by voters next year, it will help “level the playing field” in that regard, Chance said.

For example, the cooperative nature of the system might encourage Fulton County to accelerate funding for upgrading the often-clogged interchange of Ga. Highway 74 at Interstate 85, Chance said. Traffic is incredibly difficult to navigate during the morning and evening commutes, he added.

The potential sales tax has been assailed by some as a bid to spend Fayette County’s tax revenue elsewhere in metro Atlanta. But funding equity on a county by county basis is one of the stated goals of the 21-member “roundtable” that will be voting on the list of projects to be offered in the referendum.

Fayette’s two representatives on that roundtable are Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele, who replaced the ousted Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix. Haddix was voted off by a 3-2 vote of the county’s mayors after he argued vociferously — and unsuccessfully — that Fayette should withdraw from the 10-county metro Atlanta region and instead join a region including Coweta, Spalding and other rural counties south of here.

Chance noted that the southern rural region, the Three Rivers district, hadn’t even invited Fayette County to join.

The other plus is that the process allows communities to vote based on the project list compiled by their elected officials, Chance said.

The catch, however, is that the vote will be tallied region-wide, with results from all 10 counties piled together for the final decision. So it’s possible that Fayette County could vote down the tax, but it could still be assessed here if it is approved in the region-wide aggregate vote.

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown has contended that if the tax passes, transit in the form of bus and rail service could be “forced” on Fayette County. But Commission Chairman Frady counters that won’t happen, as any transit initiative would require funds from the county.

Frady has pointed out several times that Fayette County turned down a bid several years ago to partially fund commuter buses into metro Atlanta in a project proposed by the Georgia Regional Transit Authority.



Ronnie Chance is a pitiful excuse for a Republican.

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If you find one, run 'em in 2012. They can be the pro torture, vouchers for medicare, tax breaks for oil companies candidate. America will just LOVE them :-p

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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Give us more numbers and dollar figures on this. There could be some benefits but where will we put more roads in Fayette county? Do we really need tons of funding for this type of thing? We already have plenty of roads here. Why do we want to continue to destroy our beautiful landscapes? If we end up with a lot of money then someone will surely spend it whether we like it or not.

Also what ever happened to the idea of another major airport in the region? Does this have anything to do with these funds for transportation?

I haven't seen or heard anything on that since we were given permission to build another major airport in this area. I know it doesn't have much if anything to do with commuter traffic, but it is transportation.


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This sales tax referendum is going to be rammed through by getting the support of Atlanta, Dekalb County, and Gwinnett County and despite our objections, and the supporters have the money to do it. And, don't kid yourself, most of the tax money from Fayette County isn't going to stay in Fayette County. Do you actually trust those guys? We need to find a way out of the Atlanta Regional Commission and into one that will actually serve our needs.

<strong><a href=" tax campaign takes shape</a></strong>

"<strong>[Glenn Totten, a Democratic strategist]</strong> says his team can convince metro Atlantans to pass a transportation [sales tax] referendum in 2012. ..effort could cost..$6 million. ..worked on..transportation tax that brought light rail to Phoenix."

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Just why is it that 90% of state transportation funding is north of I-20 when the area covers some one-third of the state?

Enacting a 10 to possibly a 30 year SPLOST helps to level the playing field you say, how many counties are below I-20 that are included in the ARC?

Do you really believe the Hwy 74/I-85 intersection will have a higher priority than the one at I-20/I-285 on either the east or west side of Atlanta?

You just allowed a 2.8 cent increase per gallon tax on gasoline when gas prices are the highest they've been in years, do you really see that as representing your constituents?

I fully realize you'll not respond, but I just thought I'd highlight what you neglected to say.

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The list just grows and grows.

If we are not getting our money's worth already, then why do we want to add further support???

We actually do pretty well with what we have, but if we could just get our money's worth from what we put in now then we would survive very well for quite some time.


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You said it, Woody.

We need to be out of the Atlanta Regional Commission!!

I addressed Mr Chance about the same way earlier. Couldn't believe he is a republican!

But worse yet, Governor Deal is blaming the legislature to pass a new law (when I wonder) when he could have stopped it the day before it started! He has that authority but wanted that dough and tax badly.
Not too much wrong with that except he is a republican, I think.

He shore ain't a TEA!

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They are holding our current taxes hostage until we vote in another tax before we can get our fair share of this tax and that tax.

Oh now it's perfectly clear.

The fact is that they are even planning on using 6 million dollars of the current tax money to convince us to vote for the new tax.


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Is he working for Commission Chairman Herb Frady and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele?

He certainly isn't working for the people of Fayette County!

Is he working for Atlanta Mayor Reed?

He certainly isn't working for the people of Fayette County!

Does State Sen. Ronnie Chance want to be re-elcted?

He won't accomplish that feat if he continues his non-representation of Fayette voters!


So, on the off chance that FULTON COUNTY MIGHT BE ENCOURAGED TO ACCELERATE FUNDING, Sen. Chance is asking us to vote in favor of taxing ourselves for the next 10, or 20, or 30, or 40 years?

Personally speaking, that is taking TOO MANY CHANCES!!!!!

The purpose of any 'group' that has input on the dealings of a community is to represent that community. Would a committee of all 'black' people represent Fayette County? An all 'white, male' group to represent the Metro Atlanta area does not represent that community. If you read the article, this first impression will be addressed. . .and dealt with. The Mayor of Atlanta speaks for all Atlantans, and has the responsibility to see that all are represented.

you say 4 white men can't represent Atlanta as consultants on road projects?
Read the first lines of the article. "Racial divisions...." So, who says there are racial divisions? The 4 white consultants? Nope. Kaseem says it. Accept it, Kaseem plays the race card, AGAIN. If you don't understand that, you have a comprehension problem.

I'm sure that DMom realizes that 2 African American Women were on the selection committee that chose the 4 Caucasian Males--Damn, is there no end to the finger-pointing? Why would the Mayor not automatically assume that the consultants would do what they were getting paid to do--and I believe that was to make recommendations concerning an area, regardless of racial makeup of those living there--kind of an insult to their integrity in my view. Wouldn't be surprised if they said "ok, if that's the game you want to play, we're out--your move!

Well, we have been told the "race card" has been played. This is the conversation stopper used by white males who feel threatened.

Mass transit of any kind into Fayette County has always been been a race issue.

Harold Bost was recently chosen by the AJC to represent Fayette County's views on transportation issues. How a Tea Party person is supposed to represent Fayette County is puzzling. In his comments in the AJC he opposed mass transit in Fayette County in part because it would result in an increase in crime. This is not based on any facts but probably just his fear of the world outside Fayette County. And such a view smacks of racism.

Bost and other opponents of mass transit in Fayette County seldom if ever discuss the benefits transit options would provide for the 25% or so (I have seen various figures) of county residents who commute daily to jobs at the airport or in Atlanta.

Opponents never seem to be concerned about the ever increasing traffic on Hwy 74 in the mornings and evenings. But they seem to be very concerned about some "criminal" riding a Marta bus or train into Fayette County.

The opponents also are in denial that Fayette County is not part of the greater Atlanta metro area. Do they ever go into Atlanta? Do they ever drive through Atlanta? Do they ever go into Atlanta or North Atlanta to the museums, theaters, sporting events, or to shop? Do they ever think that the prosperity of Fayette County depends on the prosperity of the Atlanta area generally and that Atlanta's prosperity depends on a better transportation system.

It is time for real leadership on these transportation issues for Fayette Countywith a view of the future and not just a fear of any change.


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I have read the article. This is not about a community planning group drawn from the community. These are consultants drawn from the transportation planning industry. Do you know if that industry is diverse or not? I have no clue. If those 4 guys are the most qualified in the field and have done tough projects, is it worse than bringing in a couple of black guys or ladies that have far less credentials and experience? I truly don't know, but it sounds like the mayor is demanding quotas and not equal opportunity. But then again, the color of your skin and not the content of your character seems to hold sway in Atlanta politics.

All of your points are valid. It was stated in the article that minorities and women are in leadership roles and will be involved in the project. The mayor was doing his job and getting a clarification before the question was asked. It is a reality that in 2011, the question will be asked. Questions are asked in political circles about race and about relatives. With so much being questioned about 'black' competence in so-called 'white' arenas, we'll just have to endure the questioning of 'white' competence in diverse venues. Sad - but we're growing..

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Have to say I missed the part where the competence of the four people was called into question, all I saw questioned was their race. But hey, nice spin.

I yam what I yam

Is it just assumed that 'blacks' don't question the competence of 'whites'? Very naive . With years of working with 'whites ' who were inferior, the residue of racism still exists in those who experienced it first hand . It was good for this clarification to be publicized. Times have changed, but the questions will be asked - especially while the competency of 'blacks' is still questioned even though they graduate magna cum laude from Yale or Harvard. This isn't spin, just sharing a reality of a different perspective .

hutch866's picture

Maybe you can show me where the Mayor of Atlanta questioned their competency, and not just their race.

I yam what I yam

Members of the 'black' community would question this - just as members of the 'white' community question the competency of 'blacks'. It's a residue of American apartheid . I realize that this realty is difficult for some 'white' males to envision. Give us some time, and some Kumbaya moments, and this too shall pass.

hutch866's picture

you're the only one questioning competency, I didn't think you could show me, like I said, nice spin, but all in all, just more of your BS.

I yam what I yam

You see things through your eyes and experience - I see and interpret through my eyes and experience. I KNOW that in today's world, competency is questioned when race is mentioned by black and/or white. The Mayor, knowing his constituents, knew that this question would be asked. It is beneficial that there were minorities and women on the selection committee - and the concern MAY be mute at this point. With the history of 'white' in control in these United States, many feel that if the 'leaders' are 'white', competency is not questioned - but I'm sharing with you and others that since the 1950's - whenever there is 'integration', competency has been an issue. I'm getting tired of your arrogant BS - in refusing to realize that there are different perceptions to life than that of a white male. It's your BS that is making the healing of this dis-ease in this country called racism difficult to achieve. Your blindness to how others have been treated and how their perception may be different than yours is interesting. I think the younger generation will be able to understand - and I have met many right here in Georgia who do understand. You fortunately are an exception. You and other neo-conservatives with your Fox news training of how to handle libs by saying 'show me' is getting old. When ones eyes are closed, it's a waste of time to 'show me'.


suggarfoot's picture

Since we have done such a bad job and blacks in major control have done so good, why don't you move to South Africa or Hatti where they are totaly in control? I think you should pack your bag today and head for one of those two utopias!

I think you are Al Sharpton in drag!

And you're Hitler reincarnated. LOL

Are we okay with that? Are they competent enough to make decisions for a county that is majority white? No race card here. Just tell me will we accept this here in Fayette County. NO we wouldn't. Shoes on the other foot.

Cyclist's picture

I disagree.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

So let me get this can't answer Hutch's question soooo... YOU are tired of his "BS" in asking you to back up statements that you have made?

Is it because you think Hutch is a white male??? Is it because he is white, is that why you think his questions are "BS"??? Have you met him? Is he white? Is it because he is white, or do you just disagree with Hutch's opinions?

Keep trying to pull the race card every time things don't go your way. How is that working for you? Do you find that people are increasingly numb to the race card because it has been so used and misused?

Happy race baiting to you dm, thankfully you are one of a kind.

Observerofu's picture

and that's the issue with these "baiters" it will always be about race.

I get told at least once a month how "The Man" is keeping me down. Well considering I am debt free and am financially secure I am sure glad "The Man" let me have my business and my life style. Thanks to "Da Man".

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

DM, I mostly read your blogs and move on because I feel there is really no way to make you see things differently. I find it sad that you always have to put the race spin on almost any subject. How can you say that no one questions the competency of white leaders? Remember George Bush, the younger? Seems like I remember many questioning his competency and they did it loud and clear---talk shows had jokes about him continuously - can't remmeber anyone shouting that they were questioning said competency because he was white. I have found that there is racism between all groups and even within those groups if people are honest. I know black people who looked/look down on other blacks because they were/are too "ashy" or their hair too kinky or even, yes, because their skin was too black. People are going to be people regardless of laws passed--but racism is not a one way street. Yes, there was slavery and yes, there was injustice but no one can claim that things have not changed. Everyone can use public restrooms, water fountains, attend schools, go to college. Yes, some schools are better than others and many times that is because the parents are more involved. Yes, some people are poorer than others, but that is for whites as well as blacks. Today you have free breakfasts at schools (so each child can start the day with a full stomach), free after school care, WIC, food stamps, and many other entitlements for anyone who qualifies. The day is long past when people can sit back and lament that they are being held back because of the 'system'. The opportunities are there for everyone regardless of race, creed, etc. Some choose not to take them. Are we responsible for the crack mother who would rather do her drugs than get her child off to school? Are we responsible for the young women who would rather have child after child with different "baby daddies" than stay in school and get an education to better themselves? We, as a nation, can only do so much and in my estimation we are doing too much, we are taking away all incentive for anyone to take care of themselves. I think the day is long gone when we can blame all our problems on the past. That is way too easy; put the responsibility on someone else. I came from a very large, poor family, many times went to bed hungry, did not have the nice clothes other kids had. Did I envy them? Yes, but even as a child I did not blame them. As soon as I was old enough I started working and earning my own money and continued to do so all my life. Am I wealthy now? Far from it. Is that someone else's fault. No. Do I wish I had more? Yes, but I do not expect you or anyone else to give it to me, and I do not blame anyone else for my situation. We all need to get over it and lead the best life we can and stop looking for racism under every rock.

suggarfoot's picture

that is very well put and serves as a rule for all of us to live by.

[quote] I KNOW that in today's world, competency is questioned when race is mentioned by black and/or white. The Mayor, knowing his constituents, knew that question would be asked.[/quote]

I guess you missed the above. Please continue to 'move on'. You have already decided what I'm going to say. Thanks.

hutch866's picture

It's so clear to me now, when the Jenna 6 were pounding on that white boy, it wasn't racial, hell, they were just questioning his competence, I guess he was incompetent because he lost that "fight". A few weeks ago when the 5 black kids in Henry county beat the Asian guy outside the bar and put him in the hospital, they must have been checking his competency. When the KKK lynched those black people or burned crosses in their yards, I guess they were just incompetent too. Why did I never see this before? When Ray shot MLK, it was just a question of competency, and when that guy and kid in DC were shooting people with a rifle from their trunk, it must have been a competency check too. I know some things too mom, and one of them is racism isn't a dis-ease(sic), but learned behavior, from the parents, and while in your case the point might be moot, it's never mute.

I yam what I yam

suggarfoot's picture

I think you got her/him right between their race bating eyes!

Fayette Transportation consultants are 4 black males.
Are we okay with that? Are they competent enough to make decisions for a county that is majority white? No race card here. Just tell me will we accept this here in Fayette County. NO we wouldn't. Shoes on the other foot.

hutch866's picture

I can only take responsibility for myself, I could care less if they have the qualifications. If I boarded a plane and saw 2 black pilots, I wouldn't get back off, I assume the airline has vetted them thoroughly, they don't just let people fly the planes without checking their background. You don't like how this county is run, work to change it, if you give up trying, then move, it's all your choice. I'll give you this T-Man, at least you admit the whole thing was about race and not competence.

I yam what I yam

Fayette County would not let 4 black males be Transportation consultants in this area. Why? They are not competent enough to understand what this majority white county wants. As it is we don't like the white guy who is currently throwing us under the bus with the Trans. regional authority.

From what I seen in Dmoms comments she is stating the obvious, competent to make decisions for all demographics. It really comes down to a lack of trust that these 4 white males will not consider what women and other minority groups want.

Cyclist's picture

were told by a principal that they were "unfit to teach African American students" because they were......well they were "white".

Some would say that's what happen with Dan Colwell the Clayton County School Superintendent for 30 years back in 2003. That school system went downhill rather quickly after that.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Don't know your source, but Colwell was an interim Supt only--and while he was replaced by an outside source who brought numerous colleagues with her from up north somethere, that was not really the beginning of the Clayco school system downfall. I have it on excellent opinion (Frau Gym taught there for many yrs) that the main cause was the influx of low-income people into the county, regardless of whether it was Section 8 housing or simply lo/no cost housing loans. No race issue here--it was an income issue, which usually translates to cultural & behavioral differences. That, and the attendant crime issues, caused many middle income famiies to leave Clayco for other living condiditions. School system administrators have to work with whatever parents and students they have--they don't get to choose.

hutch866's picture

That's around the time we ran from Clayton County, the hutchette was entering 4th grade at Swint elementary (she's an honor grad this year), and was assigned to the worst 4th grade teacher they had. There was a board member at that time called Nedra Ware, and the first thing she asked about any subject was what was the breakdown between white and black. When they built Mundy's Mill HS, and defined it's attendance area, she accused whoever was in charge of bleaching Lovejoy HS. She eventually was voted out because of these antics, but the damage remained.

I yam what I yam

that position. I really don't care what color they are. I am more concerned with their qualifications, their expertise and how they handle themselves. I'll give you an example: A little over fifty years ago, we were a military family, and the military hospital at our base got it's first black OB-GYN doctor. I was expecting and was having lots of medical problems. All the buzz in our military neighborhood was that most of the women didn't want to go to a 'black' doctor. Of course, we really had no choice of what doctor we saw, but many of the ladies had much to say. I was a patient in the hospital when this black doctor came in to see me. He was professional, neat, kind and gentle. In just a few minutes, he was a doctor to me, not black, white or yellow, just a very good doctor. I felt I finally had a doctor who would do everything possible to find out what my problems were and solve them. The other doctor I had seen in the past was a slob in his manner and dress, no beside manner and couldn't have care less how I felt. That week-end I saw the black doctor walking on the hospital grounds with his beautiful little family. Again, my feeling was just that it was a beautiful little family. When the other wives asked how I could have had a black doctor examine me, I told them that I hoped I would be lucky enough to have him everytime I had an appointment. I had found a doctor who cared about me as his patient and he had found a patient who appreciated him as a doctor. I feel the same way about a lawyer, senator or president. Why people would want someone to represent them because of their skin color instead of their knowledge or honesty is beyond my ken. You only do yourself harm when you make choices on this basis. But, that is my only opinion.

Another 150 years, maybe?

As Nancy Reagan said: "just say no!" It also applies to many "whites."
Just a less percentage by far.

of the "black" community. Am I to be disillusioned to find you are a mere white man? Do I now have to doubt the competency and veracity of all your statements? All this time I have considered you someone who had strived and overcome the residue of American apartheid, and soared to great heights. Now, must I accept the fact that you are merely another entitled whitey? Oh, woe is me.

Can mean, to some people, performing a job in a fashion that suits objectives of the boss!

The head of the two major political parties in the USA, for example, would certainly have different opinions.

It means adequate for the job I want done. There is no set of rules to decide competency.

Politicians and employers should use a different word or phrase---such as can use word processors well and has examples of proof.

Politicians should say: he has always voted republican and will keep me out of trouble! He swears by Newt.

suggarfoot's picture

No one said the whites were inferior but YOU and the inteligence (not), but pure race bating(yes) that you have shown through the years on this board are what you are basing your idea that the whites in the article are inferior you need to back up and regroup.

Indeed, the article said the mayor threw a little hissy fit cause something white was making a decision. This 'diverse' instead of best qualified has choked Atlanta to death. I'll say it. We have inferior people making bad decisions over every aspect of this town and country. Why? Because the best qualified are NOT picked. Unfortunately this will never stop in Atlanta, it is too far gone and it has ruined the area.

This has all come into being because of politicians pandering to blacks who still want to fight the civil war (you David's Mom) instead of blacks and whites that want to get ahead the hard way (earn it). The malcontents are much easier to sway for a vote than the intelligent thinking group.
The article does nothing but prove this point.

.. Fayette County politics; county judges:; etc., etc., etc. Great role models for Atlanta. Corruption comes in all colors; racism comes in all colors as you have so illustrated by your unbiased comments. Welcome to the real world. Blacks and whites have worked hard and earned their achievements . We can't keep sweeping this illness of racism under the rug. Great
progress has been made in spite of you and me. Sometimes you have to bring up unpleasant realities in order to shine light on ugliness. Thanks for sharing.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Yep, we have both in great supply in the general population and in the employ of government.

Got some inferior blacks and incompetent whites as well. Why is that? Leadership. Look at the top. Our President is both black and white - both incompetent and inferior. Nice package.

As an aside, you may want to look at that story about whether is is better to have a law degree from Harvard or become a prison guard in California. No race issues there at all, but certainly an eye-opener. No I don't have a link, I read it at the dentist's office.

Live free or die!

is a bad thing. No wonder I rarely read that paper. Wow, not it is bad to not want to be like Gwinnett County.


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