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Senoia declines to nitpick over two-inch shortfall

In what was essentially a matter of a couple of inches, the Senoia City Council in April approved of a preliminary plat for lots between Main Street and Barnes Street and north of Seavy Street in the city’s downtown shopping area.

City Manager Richard Ferry said John Barrow had applied to subdivide, but one of the lots was 29.82 feet in width, just two inches short of the 30-foot width required in the zoning ordinance. Ferry recommended approval.

Providing background for the preliminary plat proposal, Ferry said Barrow in 2007 was the owner of 0.382 acres located on the eastern frontage of Main Street at the intersection of Seavy Street. That same year he subdivided the property creating two 30-foot by 128-foot lots adjacent to the flower shop and a 152-foot by 125-foot lot containing the wood frame structure and the brick building. The northern most 30-foot by 128-foot lot was sold to Terri Marlowe.

Additionally, Ferry continued, the southernmost 30-foot by 128-foot lot and another 30-foot by 127-foot lot was also sold to David and Suzanne Pengally. The second lot was never subdivided from the original piece created by Barrow. These sales result in Barrow owning a lot that is 122 feet by 126 feet. However, city records indicate one lot of record that is still 152 feet by 125 feet having dual ownership, Ferry said.

Ferry said the city on March 18 received applications from Barrow and Suzanne and David Pengally to subdivide the lot of record according to the plat labeled New Jerusalem Properties, Inc. dated February 17.

“The goal of this plat is to create lots of record in accordance with the goals and ordinances of the city of Senoia. The Senoia Planning Commission reviewed the application on March 18 and recommended approval,” Ferry said.

The city’s zoning ordinance states that lots on Main Street may be 30 feet in width. Ferry said the proposed lot widths are 30 feet, 29.82 feet, 92.44 feet, 41.82 feet and 49.76 feet. Lot 2 is 29.82 feet on the Main Street frontage and 30 feet on the Barnes Street frontage.

“I don’t believe it was the intent of the ordinance to deny a plat based on two inches,” Ferry said.

The council agreed, voting unanimously to approve the preliminary plat.


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