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Two PTC men arrested on drug charges during golf cart safety check

Two Peachtree City men were arrested May 4 on drug and other charges during a golf cart safety check conducted by Peachtree City Police on the recreational path behind Ropers Path.

Kaland Shane Breeding, 20, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a Schedule II substance, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of a

concealed weapon, providing a false name to an officer and driving with a suspended license, according to department spokesperson Rosanna Dove.

Also arrested was 17 year-old Joseph Bernard Gentile on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, two counts of possession of a Schedule II drug and two counts of possession of a dangerous drug, Dove said.

Dove said confiscated in the incident were 4.1 ounces of marijuana from one subject, a quarter-ounce of from the other subject, 25 prescription pills of which all but two were Schedule II controlled substances, and an unspecified amount of cash.

Dove said the golf cart safety checkpoint was conducted in the afternoon hours of May 4 at the three-way intersection behind Ropers Path. The purpose of the checkpoint was to check for license and registration requirements, Dove said.

Dove said the arrests were made after three subjects were stopped on a golf cart. Breeding, who was also the driver of the cart, had a marijuana leaf on his hat, which led officers to discuss his drug usage with him, said Dove.

Breeding was asked for his name and subsequently provided a false name to officers, said Dove.

“An officer conducted a K-9 search of the vehicle, which resulted in a positive indication by the K-9 for the presence of more narcotics. An officer's subsequent search led to the discovery of numerous baggies of suspected marijuana, prescription pills and various drug related objects,” Dove said.

A third arrest was made later during the safety check when 18 year-old Kelsey Kinsella, a passenger in another golf cart, was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, Dove said.

Dove said the golf cart checkpoint was conducted at the Ropers Path intersection during the hours of 3-5:30 p.m. A total of 108 golf carts were contacted, Dove said, adding that motorized cart information pamphlets were provided to all the cart operators.

Officers during the checkpoint issuesd10 citations, 11 pending warrants, five warnings and made three arrests, said Dove.



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Sounds like maybe PCPD needs to have more golf cart check points! Within 2 1/2 hours 10 citations, 11 warrants, 5 warnings and 3 arrests = PRODUCTIVE! Best of all little to no gas at all used up driving patrol cars around burning up gas!!

If these aren't the "jump out & get em" kind of stops: forget it, they will know about set-up stops!

Of course to be legal, they have to jump out and get every cart!

One near the High School let out at going home time would yield mucho!
Need about ten cops to do it though---some in the woods! With vehicles blocking the main roads.

Not interested in that, I'll bet!

We don't really like to catch our own people.

They are excellent at driving those behemoths down the paths. Kind of funny to round a turn minding your own business and a cop is in the way in his CV.

just as school is letting out.

I walk the dog thru there all the time & never see the PTCPD. I wish they'd enforce the litter law. I propose that every take-out order in PTC carry a .10 - .25 cent Litter Tax. At least Stoners burn the roach.

BHH's picture

and joke here somewhere.

But I just haven't quite put my finger on it yet.

Or maybe I have.


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PCPD should set up along paths which lead from McIntosh!

Ever heard of anyone being arrested late at night leaving a bar drunk and driving?
We drink 28,452 fifths of alcohol every week in PTC, and not counting the wine and beer.

It is no longer a drink for digestion, it is guzzling for pain.

Mike King's picture

28,452 fifths of booze per week in Peachtree City? Get your meds quick! You are beginning to sound like our mayor.

You and the mayor have vivid imaginations, or possibly just having acid flashbacks from your youth.

Well, I'll do the math again for just you! It seems significant for you to know exactly?

There are about 40,000 people in the vicinity of PTC. 2/3 of them are adults. That means if 2/3 of that 2/3 drinks, then 26,800 X 2/3 again equals about 18,000 guzzlers.

Add a 1000 teenagers an we have 19,000 guzzlers.

28,452 divided by 19,000 equals something over a fifth per person per week!

There are about 20 good shots in a fifth, so it would appear that they drink about 20 shots a week, or one a day plus four on Friday, five on Saturday and four on Sunday.

The 2o% alcoholics, who drink three fifths a week would of course bring the totals down for ordinary guzzlers! Maybe to 15 shots a week--hell, I can drink that much (two a day.)

Another way to calculate it is to get the stats from the state of the quantity wholesaled into PTC vicinity, from the tax collected, an see how many that is per inhabitant!

Beer and wine are just chasers or starters.

Also, a couple of interviews of local popular tavern owners will give you an example of their income from alcohol sales.

How much do you as an individual purchase a week for use at home and with guests? How much on five weeks vacation a year? Gifts?

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, so why not open yet another liquior store in PTC, and while you are at it let the refreshment flow not just to 3AM but all night seven days a week. Cops aren't going to check the drunks you have there leaving the restaurants and hang outs. Too funny you are all idiots.

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So why do bars have parking lots? They're not serious about don't drink and dive. They're concerned about revenue, not our safety. DMV is largest source of revenue in the state of Georgia.

Does it not bother you folks that these traffic stops are designated as “safety checks,” when in fact their sole purpose is to have a pseudolegal cause to effect a traffic stop, under the guise of protecting the general public? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Cops episode as much as the next guy; and criminals are generally stupid and have “it” coming. Wearing a cap with a marijuana leaf on it comes to mind…

However, we don't have a problem catching criminals. Our judicial system is overflowing with them. We just haven’t determined an effective punishment to either rehabilitate or deter crime.

Our problem is twofold. First, the fourth amendment protects us from illegal search and seizure. We Americans have gotten lazy, and that includes our law enforcement methods for allowing this Nazi “papers please” style of law enforcement. Second, allowing law enforcement to keep seized drug funds. I cannot think of any single policy that can lead to the abuse of police powers faster than to allow them to legally profit from their plunder activities. You’ll note in this story “unspecified amount of cash” was seized. That’s not by accident; they rarely report how much money was seized. They want us to like the idea; they cultivate it by writing on the back of the police cars, “bought by seized drug funds”. That somehow we law abiding citizens benefit from this activity, ie we didn’t have to pay additional taxes.

Every year, we Americans continue to allow the government to assume greater control over in exchange from some added degree of security. It won’t be long before we’ve granted them so much authority over us that there will not be a presumption of innocence any longer. The burden of proof shall be on you, much as it is in the administrative law courts of the IRS or Department of Revenue.

This freedom you trade for security will cost you your liberty. The very thing our soldiers die defending, you give away…

So you're saying the PTC PD is conducting illegal search and seizures? Better report this to the top right away, pothead.

Obama is on a roll right now, let him decide.

NUK_1's picture

That's OK though, Americans love that "security" a helluva lot more than freedoms any day. The sheeple long ago decided that they are way too stupid to make intelligent choices on their own and need God and Government to do it for them.

grassroots's picture

I so agree. "people willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

Don't ever spend time in PTC's Wed farce or in Senoia's version of the same. TeaBaggers talk of the Constitution but surely don't care for the persoanl freedoms other than #2. Does seem to be a lack of smarts to wear a "Leaf" hat. Did he have on his "High Times" t-shirt? Did you know that under the guise of TWD (Texting) if you give the "man" your cell phone to "prove" your innocence the state now has a device to read everything from your phone, including the GPS, & can "Map" IT. MAKE them get a warrant. GIVE them nothing. Admit to nothing.

in the court papers.

"You’ll note in this story “unspecified amount of cash” was seized."

What you failed to note were the words, "in this story".

What's wrong with letting seized drug money offset my tax dollars? If the 'dopes' get convicted for possession and/or distribution, who cares if they lose their money? Do you somehow feel that if they win in court they should get their dope back too? Hell, the parents should lose the golf cart if their spawn are convicted.

What you fail to realize is the police are only exercising the rules of engagement that local and national elected officials gave them. If you don’t like the laws quit voting into office the people that write them. So in essence, you’re to blame for these Nazi “papers please” acts. You voted the rule makers into office.

I specifically noted my comments regarding the seized funds were pertaining to this article.

You condition your comments on the premise these suspects ultimately are convicted. Whereas I submit they’re innocent until proven guilty. Suggesting it’s somehow alright for the state to seize property from a citizen, so long as it benefits that of the tax payer sounds an awful lot like a democracy or majority rules; unless you’re in the minority.

I don’t fail to recognize the problem originates with the electorate. How could I possibly have phrased it any stronger than in the title, “The very thing our soldiers die defending, you give away…” Not you specifically, but us, the citizenry, the sheeple… I am but one, however, when I see what may be another example of an injustice, I’m going to point it out.

I laughed out loud at your comment....I thought the same thing. What a doofus.

"I love a good Cops episode as much as the next guy; and criminals are generally stupid and have “it” coming. Wearing a cap with a marijuana leaf on it comes to mind…"

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You do understand that being allowed to drive golf carts throughout the city is a privilege and not a right?? They can have as many safety checks as they want.. or would you rather them just put a ban on golf carts?

The officer would have never investigated further if this moron of a person wasn't wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf... how stupid can you get?

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

BHH's picture

"The officer would have never investigated further if this moron of a person wasn't wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf... how stupid can you get?"

Brazen in your face foolishness is what happens to successful morons. That's why their success is always short lived.

As they say "a fool and his money are soon parted".

Was this also near a school?

Our drug laws need overhauling.

People don't need to go to jail for every kind of offense. It's obviously not the best form of punishment in every case.

It's not illegal to be stupid but it should be costly and not punishable only by jail time.


mjm1204's picture

Drug laws aren't for the police to decide though. If you want changes made then you would need to contact your politicians.

If you notice the charges on the main offender, you will see one for a weapon. That's what is usually found with drugs. You may think the drug itself is harmless, but there is no denying the dangerous business of it.

By seeing the ages of these kids, I would not be surprised if they were not dealing to the local high school crowd and very likely to the middle school ages too.

The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

Here, here!

Calling these "safety checks" is a farce. Illegal search and seizure. GA state law requires that all DUI checkpoints are supposed to be publicly disclosed (try to find where PTC does that)...a so-called golf cart safety check should be also.

And before anyone starts rattling off how many lives/accidents dui checkpoints may save, don't forget that if the police "inspected" private homes under the guise of a "safety check", there'd be a lot of crimes that would be prevented. However; our America requires a due process...and thousands of people have died for us to have that right.


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