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Bowling alley, shopping center plans postponed

A company proposing a new bowling alley off Ga. Highway 74 south near Rockaway Road in Peachtree City has asked for it to be postponed from a vote at this Monday’s planning commission meeting.

The commission also is expected to table a proposal to put a shopping center at the southeast corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Planterra Way, as city staff has determined the application is incomplete.

Oasis Bowling is hoping to locate in the same commercial development as the AutoZone. The catch is that zoning restrictions adopted in September 2007 forbid a bowling alley as a use.

The final say on the matter will rest with the City Council, but the planning commission will recommend an action. The commission already has put Oasis on notice that the architecture of the building will be a crucial component of the plan.

Also are the wishes of neighbors in the nearby Wilshire Estates subdivision, who when the property was rezoned had urged the laundry list of use restrictions for the site.

The 21-acre tract was previously zoned for industrial use.

Among the neighbors’ concerns are the quality of landscaping, the peak operating hours and the current at-grade crossing on Rockaway Road for the city’s cart path system.

There are also concerns about alcohol being sold at the facility.

At a recent commission meeting, developer Mike Stephens said at Oasis’s two locations in Loganville and Buford, the company uses private security and off-duty police officers to make sure the area is safe.

Stephens said the business would employ about a dozen people full-time and another 30 or more part-time.

The building would have 24 lanes to start with, along with an arcade and a bar/restaurant. There would be enough room to add as many as six more lanes at a later date if necessary, Stephens has said.

The Planning Commission meets at City Hall at 7 p.m. Monday (May 9). Members are Patrick Staples (chairman), Horace Batiste, David Conner, Joe Frazar, Lynda Wojcik and Frank Destadio.



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Oh yes I remember the bowling alley. If the residents in Wilshire don't want to be adjacent to stuff that pops up on a state Highway they should not live there. It's like the people on McDuff pkwy complaining about traffic and demanding a solution to a problem they got themselves into. If we delve into the past it would be interesting to see why the city would let a developer stipulate conditions for annexation instead of the city being in the drivers seat. Also the arguments are lame such as not wanting a fast food corridor. Now really Terry where did you come up with that? Can you have it both ways? It seems to me it's either zoned for fast food or not. There's a Zaxbys there so it must be zoned for that.  If there's an agreement to limit it to just one establishment it must be a matter of public record.  Where would I find that? On the face of it if you let one guy open a chicken place and then stop the next guy from opening a burger place you have some explaining to do. I don’t think it being inconvenient to the neighboring high end nursing home is enough.

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