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Council approves BSC warning light

With the pending widening of Ga. Highway 74 to four lanes, Peachtree City will pay just under $8,300 to install a flashing yellow warning light at the entrance to the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex.

The cost was more than halved by using solar-powered beacons instead of those powered by conventional electricity.

And the Georgia Department of Transportation will be installing the lights, at a further savings to the city.

The expenditure was unanimously approved by council at its regular meeting Thursday night. Funding for the flashing beacon will come from funds the city has set aside to move the monument signs for BSC after the road widening is complete.

The flashing light and warning signs will be installed at the northern entrance to the park, as it will have a median cut allowing motorists to go straight across the southbound lanes to go northbound. The southern entrance will be changed to a right-in, right-out only intersection.

Last year city staff raised concerns that motorists leaving the complex would face a dangerous situation after the widening of Hwy. 74 is complete. Because so many residents would be turning to go north across four lanes of traffic, the potential for a serious accident or worse would go up significantly, officials worried.

The city had previously lobbied GDOT for a fully-operational traffic light, but there was never enough traffic at the intersection to meet statistical requirements for a light, officials said.

In December, several council members personally petitioned the state’s DOT commissioner to lobby for the full traffic light. Instead, DOT agreed to the flashing yellow light, and also that it would go back and conduct an in-depth review of the intersection to see if it meets the guidelines which require a light to be installed.

Councilman Doug Sturbaum thanked DOT Commissioner Vance Smith for agreeing to help, and for taking the time to meet with the city’s contingent of elected officials and staff members.

There is a chance that after the widening the conditions might justify an exception to the statistical data requirement for traffic counts at the intersection, officials said.

The beacons will be located at the northern entrance to BSC, and the southern entrance will be made a right-in, right-out only when the road is widened, officials have said previously.



mudcat's picture

meaning the most dangerous left turn. Aberdeen Parkway and Westpark Drive are pretty bad but at least there drivers going south might be alerted that they are coming up on stop lights at a major intersection and may be thinking about slowing down.

At the Soccer Complex, they will be doing 60 on a 4-lane going around a curve, yapping on their cell phone - both north and south and it is going to be bad. Warning light is not enough. I know you have to convince DOT, but the real solution - short of a full traffic light, is right-in, right-out with a long and wide dedicated u-turn lane in the median south of the complex. Seen it up north and used them. Sounds convoluted, but it works.

As a practical matter, everyone goes to Chick-fl-A after soccer anyway, so just go to the one down south and then you are good to go. Even without the chicken stop, I'd go south and go up Holly Grove or Redwine to Peachtree Parkway and I live in Kedron. So it takes an extra 5 minutes and I'm still alive. That left-hand turn across 4 lanes really scares me.

Busy Bee's picture

That is what they did in front of the Post Office and it works great. There is enough room to get over to the wide turn lane to make a U-turn if you want to head north after leaving the post office. I feel a lot safer there now than I did before 74 was widened and I had to make a left out of the post office parking lot.

TinCan's picture

If you two keep making sense on here you'll ruin the general theme of the site.

Hoosier Fan's picture

What a waste of effort and money for a few busy hours each week at BSC.

This isn't Turner Field. It's a small town sports field complex. A full traffic signal is not justified at this time. The flashing light will provide, at best, a false sense of safety.

It would have been better to either set it up as a right in, right out with a U-turn - like the PTC Post Office - as mentioned by others, or have the sanctioning sports groups foot the bill for off-duty cops like some of the local churches do on Sundays.

What a waste!

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